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So, this old bank building WAS saved after all

Remember the old building I mention in Remember this Argyle Street building?

Seems it finally managed to go from an irreparable ruin that couldn’t be saved to Glasgow latest conversion to flats.

While the good old naysayers generally make their usual chant of ‘No No No’ regardless, I suspect only the most stubborn wouldn’t break the habit for this.

PLANNERS have agreed that a B-listed Glasgow City Centre building — once assessed by structural engineers as “incapable of repair” — can be converted into flats.

Four years ago plans were lodged to knock down the former commercial premises on Argyle Street at Miller Street and build student accommodation; it was only after the building was used as a giant advertising space that it was realised it could be saved.

A document submitted to Glasgow City Council by ZM Architecture explaining the new development stated: “In 2015, the previous owners proposed to demolish the building and the justification for this was based on detailed findings and a structural /economic assessment of the repair works needed to deal with a corroded structural frame.

“The scaffold that has been erected around the building for advertising…has allowed our conservation team with engineers David Narro Associates, to make a detailed independent assessment of the issues highlighted and the conclusion we are reaching is more favourable and that the building can be saved.

“Scaffold access has allowed tests to be carried out, a full stone fabric condition survey and structural frame opening up. This work is ongoing and a detailed stone enabling contract is to be organised so that full refurbishment of the façade can be undertaken with known risks and methods for stone replacement and treatment for frame conversion.”

FLATS Conversion Approved For Historic Glasgow Building That Was Under Threat Of Demolition

Retail space will continue in the ground floor and basement, while three flats will be created on each of the remaining levels.


If you ever follow my advice and “Look Up!” while walking around the city centre, you might have noticed a trend where many existing buildings have gained an extra floor, added to their roofs.

This is often grey, set back from the edge, and sometimes has sloping sides, all factors apparently intended to make the addition relatively invisible from the ground (unless you’re looking for it).

This conversion is no exception to this apparent ‘rule’, and explains why this is a common feature…

Remodelling of the roof profile is proposed under the new scheme. This involves a raised single storey element being added at the eighth floor for equipment space, and an extended upper level to create a ‘penthouse residential unit’. The front section of roof would become a private terrace “framed by a new formal elevation giving the building a new terminating storey.”

So, now we know – we’re not imagining it.

They’ll even be fixing the back of the place, which is currently visibly deteriorating.

A new element in a contemporary style would replace the existing brick rear section which is in poor structural condition.

The old place…

50 Argyle Street And Miller Street

50 Argyle Street And Miller Street

Now that the plans have been given the go-ahead, we’ll be spared the sight of disgusting sights like this…

eBay Glasgow Weegie Advert Howler

eBay Glasgow Weegie Advert Howler

Find some BETTER views than that thing in this old post about the building…

50 Argyle Street – Derelict Bank of Scotland plus more murals

50 Argyle Street Panel 1

50 Argyle Street Panel 1

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