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Time for a little embedding test

One of the (many) irritations I’ve come up against in recent years with WordPress is the roll-out of various ‘improvements’.

Improvement which their propaganda machine tells me make things ‘better’, as does their ‘Happiness Team’ when I dare to complain comment.

I’ve given up on the latter, after it proved futile when I joined those who moaned when they removed the spelling and grammar checker – without warning (so we floundered around until we reported the bug, and got told it was a new feature, since we could go find our own, better checkers online).

But one of the long-standing irritations (for me at least) was the disappearance of various embedding option, as I used to drop in links to goodies found in imgur, and also BBC video features. These worked fine for a while, then the blog just started deleting them when I tried to include as I had been doing before.

However, I recently noticed that tweets with image or video content seems to work OK when they’re embedded, so I might be able to get around the ‘ban’ by blogging a tweet with the content I want to embed.

This is slightly silly of course, since WordPress also automatically sends a tweet for every blog post I make, so now I’ll be guilty of double-tweeting – unless I jump in and delete the second tweet.

But then I lose the tweet about the blog post, which will be different from the tweet I made previously just be able to get the embeddeable image.

I can’t win, can I1?

Well, it SEEMS to work.

Although, I DO have to go back and delete a bit of useless javascript that appears.


Looks as if I DON’T need to bother about double-tweeting.

While the tweet I make just to get the embeddable tweet with the image actually shows the image, the tweet that WordPress makes automatically when the post with image is published doesn’t – it just shows the post title, and a text extract. No image!

Looks like this is worth playing with, and may be of help to anyone else who got ticked off by WordPress’s ‘ban’ on imgur images and BBC embeds.

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