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Hope there isn’t a fire at the Coats Observatory refurb

Being from Glasgow, known by some as Tinderbox City, and mindful of the Mackintosh Building’s fate (not to mention a number of other Sauchiehall Street buildings in recent times), I couldn’t really ignore this photo opportunity that developed in Paisley, as I was taking pics of the old Coats Observatory building, currently being refurbished.

The van driver just pulled up, locked the van, and disappeared into the flats on the left.

Oakshaw Street Fire Path

Oakshaw Street West Fire Path

I’m not going to pass any comment, just zoom into the sign on the left.

Oakshaw Street West Sign

Oakshaw Street West Sign

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Today is Sponge Cake Day

23 August is Sponge Cake Day.

Often attributed to the Victorians thanks to the Victorian Sponge Cake, sponge cake actually finds its roots in Italy. Sometime in the early 18th century, a respected and wealthy member of the Pallavicini family in Genoa commissioned a cake that was to be as light and delicate as sea foam. The result was an airy and delectable confection originally known as Pâte Génoise.

What set this creation apart was its creation without any yeast or leavening agent, instead, it took advantage of the properties of whipped egg whites to add air to the texture of the cake.

It would survive to become to be known as a ‘sponge cake’.

Despite my technical abilities, I’ve always been a simple soul, and really love simple treats such as sponge cake and its variations. While they’re very nice, more complex cakes can have so many ingredients that it become easy for them to be spoiled by a bad choice of just one.

With so little to choose from with a sponge cake, you have to try really hard to waste it.

Seriously simple. Seriously good.

Just plain sponge, plain cream, plain jam. That’s all, thank you.

Sponge Cake

Sponge Cake

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