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Helenvale Sports Complex disappears – chimney appears

I mentioned plans to finally demolish the Helenvale Sports Complex buildings a while ago, after the site had lain derelict for years, lots of years.

The job’s done, leaving nothing but nice flat ground for some new flats or similar housing, to reuse the land.

Actually there is still a little something left – some of the fencing, and the gate, with its sign.

That will, of course, go when the site is redeveloped.

Helenvale Sports Complex Remains - Sign

Helenvale Sports Complex Remains – Sign

There was another interesting reveal as a result of the demolition.

The chimney which would have serviced the boilers of the adjacent Corporation Baths and Washhouse.

While it wasn’t completely hidden before, it was obscured.

One of the diminishing number of old chimneys still standing, it won’t have made smoke for years, since the public baths and washhouses were deserted years ago.

There used to be a small business development office in the ground floor space of the building, but that closed a few years ago, presumably rendering it abandoned and derelict too.

It can only be a matter of time until someone decides it’s an eyesore, and demands the whole lot be torn down in the name of safety, lest some innocent vandals, sorry little kids, get hurt after they break in, trash it, and set it on fire.

Maybe not – the baths and washhouse are B listed buildings, shown as part of Parkhead Library.

Although the baths look fairly narrow when seen from Tollcross Road, they extend far behind the façade, far past the library, on the left in this pic.

Helenvale Sports Complex Razed

Helenvale Sports Complex Razed

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