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Bargain of week – Global Positioning System only £16.99

Quite a bargain, a Global Positioning System for only £16.99.

And that was actually reduced from the original £19.99 which would have been pretty good too.

This is currently on offer in one of my local ‘Cash Generator’ shops, occasionally (but not very often) the source of a bargain.

Considering that a Global Positioning System needs at least thirty satellites in medium Earth orbit, plus ground stations, staff, and other support, that they can fit it all such a small box AND sell it for the reduced price of £16.99 is remarkable.

I’m not sure if the real system cost millions or billions, originally being shrouded in the budget secrecy of the Cold War probably nobody really knows, but I think a single, large satellite launch is around $4 million, not counting the hardware. Multiply that by 30, double (or treble it) for losses and replacement, then do the same again for the hardware, and just keep going – let’s just say, it’s not cheap. More than £16.99.s

In fact, I mention this as it illustrates one of the major failing of Cash Generator shops everywhere, in that their labelling and descriptions are often very poor, making it hard to identify items accurately, or at all, in many instances. Stuff sits in the window for weeks.

I was looking for a number of laptops recently (which I bought ‘off the shelf’ elsewhere, based on full label descriptions) and just gave up looking in Cash Generator, as there was no clue as to processor, memory, disk, or operating system of items in their displays. You could have two identical laptops sitting beside one another, with one at £200 and one at £400, and the only way to find out the difference would be to go inside and ask about them – with staff who aren’t computer-literate. Sorry, not taking that sort of chance.

As for smartphones and tablets – heck, they already all look the same.

And it’s basically the same with most of their tech – if you know your part numbers (and they don’t have vast differences under the skin), fine, otherwise, oh dear.

Hence my look at the Global Positioning System box, which I was curious about.

The box in question was sitting on the top shelf in the window, so all I could see was the label, the price, and the words ‘Global Positioning System’ on the box. The logo wasn’t familiar to me, so didn’t help.

Time for a trick since I couldn’t see the top of the box – I thought it might have had more detail.

I held my camera up, and took a pic from above…

GPS Bargain

GPS Bargain

That worked well -NOT!

Still don’t have a clue.


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