Secret Scotland

If it's secret, and in Scotland…

Butt… is it politically correct?

I think I’m going to avoid getting into trouble for this, and just state the circumstance.

Arriving at my local charity shop, which had recently had a sort of ‘Art and Collector’s Day (I missed it, probably just as well since the goodies on offer may have been bargains, but weren’t cheap), and was clearing items that hadn’t moved on the day.

In the middle of the main window was…

Wooden Carving window view

Window view

You might not believe it, but the pic is actually clearer than the view from street was, at first, and I innocently wandered inside to see if the apparently ‘abstract’ carving was based on anything identifiable.

I’d been there earlier in the week, just after the sale, and saw a round lump sitting in the same place, and when I took a closer look inside, turned out to be a stylised sleeping cat. No, it’s not sleeping on my table – nice as it was, £15 was too rich for me.

This time, looking closer from a different angle…

Wooden Carving

Wooden Carving

I’m sure some PC nutjob(s) will be going ballistic by now, and having a fit over this.

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