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They DRIVE… They WALK… And… They even CYCLE

What are they?

Smartphone Zombies!

Walk the streets and you have to play dodgems as you get out their way. Fixated on their phones. they’ve no idea where they’re going until they end up on YouTube, walking into poles, tripping over stuff, falling down stairs, or into fountains.

Get on a bus and look down into passing cars, and you’ll see that regardless of the law and reports of fines, people drive with smartphones in their laps, in their hands, propped up in the centre of their steering wheels, and grabbed at every set of traffic lights when they stop.

Try watching for how often you hear horns blaring as drivers behind have to alert the car at the front that the light has changed from red to green (or even more sneakily, is a filter lane that’s gone green), and they’d like to get through the junction before the lights go back to red.

Seems you can add cycling to that list.

I almost had a head on crash with one of these morons (or smartphone zombies) on the cycle path along Berkley Street.

You would think this was relatively safe, with a two-way path segregated from the general road traffic.

This is just about the scene I saw as I looked along the road recently, complete with a cyclist in the same place too.

Berkley Street Cycle Path

Berkley Street Cycle Path

There’s only one small difference – that cyclist is travelling in the same direction as me, on the left of the path.

Turns out the one I saw was travelling AGAINST me, on the WRONG side of the path.

And has his face buried in his smartphone, which he was holding in his hand, and had forgotten he was on a bike.

When I looked again and realised I was on the same piece of road as an utter moron, it was too late to do much – the speeds may be slower than cars, but closing speeds are still TWICE that of a single bike’s speed.

Things happen surprisingly fast…

I thought of veering onto the ‘wrong’ side of the path – but if the moron looked up and realised he was on the wrong side, he’d probably instinctively correct, head over the correct lane, and then wonder why there was in idiot there, in front of him.

I could stay where I was, shout and try ringing the silly little bell bikes have nowadays – but then what? If that even broke his focus on his phone, what will he do when he wakes up? Panic? Carry straight on? Change lanes? Or not even notice?

As it was, there wasn’t really time for any of that.

I did get his attention with the bell, but he just ploughed straight on.

I veered off to the right, and although I didn’t look back, kind of hoped he rode into the kerb and fell off – maybe that would teach him to look where he’s going as he cycles amidst other people, rather than stick his face in his phone.

So, it’s true:

Smartphone Zombies

This sign needs to be updated!

There are a lot of riders with phones in Glasgow, but most of them have them in weatherproof mounts on their bikes, and are delivery cyclists who may have questionable ‘Red Light’ ethics, but at least seem to care enough not to endanger themselves.

Then there’s…

Cyclist and phone

Cyclist and phone

I’m NOT having a poke at this guy, who I just happened to spot a little later in the day (and is completely unrelated to the events described above)..

I just wondered how the law might see this, given that it is an offence for a driver to pick up their mobile phone while stationary at traffic lights, as it was here. He may not be in a car, but I’ve found some sheriffs/courts can be worryingly imaginative in their interpretation of the words used in the intent of some laws.

And finally…

Let’s be careful out there, because there are:

Zombies Everywhere

And, perhaps not quite on topic, but I have to add this – those last few seconds  🙂

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