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Know this street? Have you walked along it?

Now, ask yourself it the photographer saw this before taking the pic – or if the interesting part was only seen when it was reviewed 😉

Interesting street

Interesting street

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Have fun with the tourists on Dumbarton Road

I don’t live there, so I don’t know if the locals have fun with tourists in Partrick, on Dumbarton Road.

However, when I saw this, I couldn’t help but remember a documentary made in Dunoon a few years ago, which was made mostly of clips of an interviewer talking to locals – in one section, he spoke to some local kids, and asked them what they had to do there (“Nothing”, according to them), and when he asked them how they passed their time, they told him that they liked to be asked for direction, to which they’d give completely random answers, and enjoy the fun as the lost traveller went and got even more lost!

Tut tut.

Subway or subway?

Subway Subway Dumbarton Road

Subway Subway Dumbarton Road

As a slight aside and comment on design…

It’s interesting to note that the ‘fake’ subway sign on the left is actually a better representation of the transport option than the ‘genuine’ article on the right.

For one, it’s clearer, stands out more distinctly from its background, and easier to read.

And those arrows at each end of the word – I’d say they provide a clearer hint to the idea of transport than some overpriced sandwich filling.

Remember, if you patronise this place you’re not only paying for the sandwich, but providing a cut to keep the person behind the franchise rich just for sitting in their mansion, and collecting their cut from EVERY franchisee, year after year. Go get your sandwich from the little shop next door, an honest small business which deserves your support.

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