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Kelvin Hall – an interesting little indoor vs outdoor comparison

An unplanned view, grabbed yesterday as I passed and realised it matched an earlier pic.

Kelvin Hall balcony door

Kelvin Hall balcony door

The other side of the balcony (ie the interior) over the front door was caught when I took a few pics of Glasgow’s Circus School, and happened to notice the stained-glass windows and door above the original entrance, as seen from inside the building.

The pics were just grabbed when I noticed the glazing, in case they became interesting – and they did.

The first pic was just context, to show the balcony over the entrance, and how it had the stained-glass windows and door (there’s a matching one on the right, out of sight). I’m guessing, but this was probably the original office area, overlooking the exhibition and display area of the hall below.

If you ever visited the Kelvin Hall when it was open and using the front entrance (which had numerous ticket kiosks in the area between the outer and inner doors) then you’ll have an idea of the space available for those offices on the floor above. Guesstimate up to about 10 metres overall.

The second pic is just a closer views of the balcony, and the taller glazed panels above.

The third pic looks in closer detail at the balcony glazing, door, and metal railing along the edge.

Kelvin Hall interior glazing

Kelvin Hall interior glazing

It’s nice to be able to wander into the old place once again, and see what’s left of the original interior (after it was all bashed around for the sporty types to have ANOTHER arena).

Now that it has returned to arguably more useful service, and you can just turn up and wander around most of it, temporary displays related to various museum resources can be found there, together with AV presentations about the hall’s history, and the work currently underway to rescue and restore the building.

Check the hall’s own web site for up to date information about its opening, access, and resources now available there.

You may be in for a surprise if you had written it off after it turned into (yet another) Glasgow sports venue, and the Transport Museum moved to Riverside.

Welcome to Kelvin Hall

Visit Kelvin Hall

A unique partnership between Glasgow Life, the University of Glasgow and the National Library of Scotland sees this historic and much loved venue transformed into an exciting new centre of cultural excellence providing access to collections, temporary displays, teaching and research, alongside a state-of-the-art Glasgow Club health and fitness centre. Entry to Kelvin Hall is free.


After being irritated by the lack of an actual pic indicating the distance between the internal stained-glass panels, and the external glazing, I found myself looking at that very thing today, so the grabbing of a pic became today’s job.

Kelvin Hall Entrance side view

Kelvin Hall Entrance side view

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