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My hero, the sparrowhawk

I don’t get many chances to catch ‘nature’ pics.

The cats no longer wander around or through my garden (when I’m there), and if I do see one, then as soon as it sees me, it turns into a furry blur and the best I get is a quick look at ‘catbutt’.

A few magpies appear, but they’re as fast as the cats when it comes to disappearing, and if you move in their eyeline, they’re gone.

The only things that hang around are the stinking flying rats (pigeons), and these fat b******s just taunt you, strutting around, pretending to ignore you until you get near them. or sitting on eaves/chimneys/aerials/gutters just far enough away to laugh at you – unless you throw stones at them.

However, I can report that their number is now down by at least one, as it provided lunch for a passing sparrowhawk 🙂

I spotted the feast before opening the door, and scaring anybody away – but I still got a ‘look’.

Sparrowhawk pigeon dinner

Sparrowhawk pigeon dinner

A few more ‘revenge’ pics:

Pigeon Dinner

Pigeon Dinner

Although my ‘guest’ had decided I wasn’t a threat, I decided not to disturb the scene further, and left the couple together.

When I popped back about half an hour later – the only evidence remaining was a few feathers.

Sparrowhawk version a clean plate

Sparrowhawk version a clean plate

With so many being hoodwinked by cat-haters to support a cat cull, I find it interesting that I KNOW exactly what led to this vicious bird murder scene, and that it WAS NOT a cat.

I find this sort of feather collection on the grass fairly regularly, and have always, it seems mistakenly, assumed it to be evidence of a wandering cat and an unlucky bird.

But, IF the cat-haters are to be believed (and I don’t), then our fluffy overlords are killing birds just for fun, not to eat.

Sorry haters, but if you’re right about that – then why don’t I ever find a dead bird?

All I ever find is feathers.

If our fat and lazy felines are killing birds because they’re evil, where are their victims’ bodies?

Moral of the story?

NEVER accept (any) campaigner’s or activist’s stories at face value/

ALWAYS look for an agenda (possibly hidden).

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Today is Skyscraper Day

03 September is Skyscraper Day.

There’s also Skyscraper Appreciation Day

Well, no point in writing another post – see the above.

Skyscraper Architects

Skyscraper Architects

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Today is Welsh Rarebit Day

03 September is Welsh Rarebit Day.

I think one of the reason I like Welsh Rarebit, apart from the taste, is the way it demonstrates the apparently magical effect of adding just one ingredient, and how that can transform the end result.

In my case, the recipe starts with a simple cheese and egg mix (not too much cheese) to have either with, or on, toast.

The variation we have is the addition of a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Again, not too much as you don’t want to overpower the egg/cheese.

And that’s it.

Simple, yet delicious.

I have to be honest and say that this pic is only of cheese and egg on toast, with no Worcestershire sauce.

All the pics of supposedly ‘proper’ Welsh Rarebit looked almost disgusting, mostly showing some thin and runny stuff running off the toast, or alternatively burnt on to it from being under the grill for too long (to my eyes at least).

When I make mine, I get a decent meal out of it.

Cheese Egg Worcestershire Sauce Toast

Cheese Egg Worcestershire Sauce Toast

So, I found Lidl had their own Worcestershire Sauce recently, and gave it a try.

I’m not biased by it being considerably cheaper than the normal standard for this (L&P), and it does taste different, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I did see someone moaning about the taste online, but I really just wonder why they were using it if they didn’t like it?

I haven’t come across it, but it looks as if Aldi has their own version, but as far as I can see, it has made it up here, but I’ll be watching.

Maybe a new comment next year 🙂

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