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Lobey Dosser

It’s hard to believe the bronze statue of Lobey Dosser was erected way back in 1992, in Woodside Road.

It commemorates Lobey Dosser, a cartoon character from the 1940s and 1950s, astride his two-legged horse El Fidelo, with another character behind, his nemesis, Rank Bajin.

Lobey Dosser was the sheriff of Calton Creek, a fictitious place in Arizona full of Scottish immigrants. He and his two-legged horse El Fideldo (Elfie) protect Calton Creek from the wrongdoings of Rank Bajin.

Their adventures were published in Glasgow’s Evening Times and the Sunday Mail from 1949 to 1956. ‘Voiced’ entirely in Glasgow dialect, the cartoon was probably beyond the understanding of anyone outside Scotland – yet was said to be known around the world

The trio of characters was created by William “Bud” Neill, who turned to cartoon work after being injured during World War II.

Thanks to the cartoon’s cult status, after Neill died in 1970, public funds were raised to erect a statue to his memory. The work was created by Tony Morrow and Nick Gillan, two art students. Erected in 1992, it is believed to be the world’s only statue of a two-legged horse.

I guess I forgot about it, even though I was around nearby Great Western Road fairly often, but tended to pass through any surrounding streets fairly quickly. The statue is not a large one, and easy to miss if you’re not paying attention.

I grabbed a couple of pics when I passed along the road a while ago.

I’m not sure when the plinth seen below was added, but pics I’ve seen taken prior to (approximately) 2015 show the statue and plinth mounted on the ground, as opposed to the raised (and more noticeable) setting.

Lobey Dosser

Lobey Dosser

The plaque was less successful, and almost unreadable until I took the time to process it to extract the lettering carved into it.

It looked fine to the eye, but as seen by the camera, the lettering just faded into the background.

Statue erected by public subscription

on May 1, 1992, to the memory of




Creator of Lobey Dosser, Sheriff of Calton Creek, his

sturdy steed El Fideldo, resident villain Rank Bajin,

and many other characters

Lobey Dosser Plaque

Lobey Dosser Plaque

While I think I’ll have to go back and reshoot the plaque (from the side next time, with light being reflected from the polished surface to make the matt carved lettering clearer), I found I could improve the statue pic by raising the shadow detail, which revealed more detail.

Lobey Dosser corrected

Lobey Dosser corrected

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