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Scare stories about the dangers of vaping don’t help raise awareness about the dangers

Surprising as it may seem to some, I don’t think any of the current nonsense being spouted in the media about the recent deaths of some who indulge in vaping are in any way helpful in raising the level of awareness of the ticking time bomb that is the REAL hazard of this habit. I’m not even going to venture into various myths being created, such as lists including claims that ‘Second-hand vape is as dangerous as second-hand tobacco smoke’. Um… vape is NOT smoke. As I said, nonsense is NOT helpful! These stupid lists and claims just obscure serious issues.

Most of the stories being spread by the media fail to address the key issue of those deaths, in that they tend NOT to involve over-the-counter products, but vaping with substances which are sourced and added by some users. Those substances are neither reliable in their source, content, or concentration, or have been subject to any proper evaluation as to their effects on the body, and the results are, sadly, all to evident.

The timing couldn’t be worse for real world, responsible research into this habit, which is still too new for anyone to know if it, or is not damaging to health.

Good old tobacco was around for decades, with the medical evidence suppressed and ignored for years, in days when doctors would happily endorse brands as being ‘healthy’ in return for sponsorship (money).

Nowadays, people are not so dumb, but are subject to bombardment by Conspiracy Theorists, free to peddle all sorts of nonsense as if it were true thanks to Freedom of Speech, yet with no research or facts behind them, just assertion – and, of course, claims that they are the only source of ‘The Truth, since it is being suppressed.

I’m afraid you don’t really have to think too hard to work out that vaping, especially in extreme, just isn’t going to be healthy.

I’ve never come across tales of people come out of ANY place filled with fumes and being fine.

But, vape appears to be magic, and not have any bad effects.

That’s remarkable – I wonder if it has anything to do with tobacco companies being behind many vaping systems and their materials, and of course, nicotine additives. The more of that they sell, the more their revenues rise.

Here’s MY conspiracy theory – ‘they’ are pushing the ‘No health issues’ now, so they can do the same as they did with tobacco, and keep the lawsuits etc at bay for as long as possible.

Or, to put it another way – how long do you think a company (like, say, Amazon or Apple) would be able to make its employees work in vape-filled factories before the workers, and their unions, would be submitting multi-billions dollar lawsuits against them for “Damaging and ruining their health”?

Here’s a few of the stories that have appeared recently.

The media favourites first…

Vaping deaths: 6 people have died from an unknown illness ‘linked to e-cigarettes’ – but no one is sure why

What’s behind a vaping illness outbreak in the US?

And now the ones that are probably serious, but were overshadowed by the more sensational ones above.

Convenient? A fan of Conspiracy Theories might think so 😉

Scientists still don’t know the full health risks of vaping

Menthol e-cigarettes ‘pose bigger health risk than previously thought’

Vaping could harm fertility and delay conception, study on mice finds

While these quote the deaths, its underlying message is a serious one.

UK criticised for policy on flavoured vaping that could recruit children to smoking

Vaping deaths: ‘A new generation of nicotine addicts’



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