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‘Look Up!’ – It works in Ayr too

I’m often heard suggesting that people wandering around Glasgow should ‘Look Up’ as they can easily miss a lot of building features by keeping their gaze fixed closer to the street (although I should add ‘Look Down’ can also work well).

I got a surprise the other day, when I happened to ‘Look Up’ while wandering through Ayr.

Although I’ve been wandering through the streets there for years (decades in fact), I’ve tended to stay with the low view, simply because in those days I was none the wiser.

I’m not sure if there’s much to be found overhead, but I have recently found some historic plaques with interesting info I was previously unaware of (and have yet to mention), but I did get a surprise the other day, as I arrived in Newmarket Street, and glanced upwards, away from my usual subject – Wallace Allan’s jeweller’s shop, which used to be interesting until all the original features were cleared away years ago.

I have no recollection having noticed this statue of Sir William Wallace before – and it’s hard to miss.

Sir W Wallace Statue Newmarket Street Ayr

Sir W Wallace Statue Newmarket Street Ayr

The historical record shows the tenement building in which the statue’s niche is located is dated 1886.

I also noted that the statue once bore a shield in its left hand/arm, and this feature has been lost in recent (between 5 and 10) years, based on past pics.

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