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Slightly unpopular Loch Lomond Flamingo Land proposal withdrawn

Some say…

It wasn’t very popular, although it only managed to attract a mere 56,000 objections.

And was later described as the “most unpopular planning application in Scottish history“.

Now, the Flamingo Land planning application to build a £30 million tourist resort on Loch Lomond has been officially withdrawn (but, keep watching).

The move comes after officials for the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Authority recommended its board reject the bid earlier this month.

More than 55,000 objections were lodged against the Lomond Banks development between April and May.

But the team behind the project have not ruled out submitting a fresh application at a later date.

Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer, who led the campaign against the plans, tweeted: “We’ve won this battle but it’s not over.

“They will resubmit, in a transparent attempt to cancel the 57,000 objections lodged against them this time.”

Flamingo Land withdraw Loch Lomond resort bid

Have to love the Green Loony response.

Not sure which one makes me smile more, that, or the idea that someone thought this plan would happen in their lifetime.

Flamingo Land withdraws planning application to build tourist resort in Loch Lomond

Flamingo Land withdraws £30m Loch Lomond resort bid

I think those behind it must have been delusional, and spent too much time locked up in the same room talking to one another, and not listening to people outside, in the real world.

Flamingo Land Ltd and Scottish Enterprise confirmed that they had informed the National Park Authority they collectively wished to withdraw the live planning application.

Andy Miller, director of Lomond Banks, said: “We’ve been working hard with all parties, including the National Park Authority, for more than two years to ensure all information relating to the proposed development was made readily available.

“We know the national park recognises that the majority of what we propose fits in with the LDP [local development plan].

“It is therefore surprising and disappointing that their recommendation report raises previously unidentified concerns and highlights the need for new additional information.”

You can try TOO hard, and things like two years of advance work suggest they knew there would be problems, but still tried to push ahead.

There’s probably another clue they knew parts of their plan that would be highly unpopular once it was scrutinised by all concerned, and that’s the part where they say:

“We know the national park recognises that the majority of what we propose fits in with the LDP [local development plan].”

When you’re dealing with someone who emphasises the parts of their plan they want you to know fit in with your demand, you want to go look for the parts that DON’T!

Maybe they went on a ‘Fact Finding Junket’ – and tried this ride while looking for goodies to install in their Loch Lomondside venture, BEFORE the wrote the plan 😉

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