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Almost gone, almost forgotten… The Sauchiehall Street Centre

Anybody remember The Sauchiehall Street Centre?

While the shell of the building it occupied remains, the centre itself has gone.

As I recall, it gradually closed down as its occupants left, even after a major refurbishment of the interior mall, ultimately leading to it being closed completely, when major works were carried out to the interior, converting it to various shops accessed from street level, a car park, and (at the time of writing) a gym. I’m not really that familiar with the place, and those are just what I’ve observed from outside.

I don’t know the place now, as none of the occupants are of any interest to me, not even to cross their thresholds for a look.

I remember the original centre was pretty good (for me), while the refurbished offering seemed to more ‘trendy’ and less ‘useful’.

I was working (and studying) in Glasgow then, only a few streets away, so was always dropping in (while it had useful shops at least).

If I remember correctly, it was the first place I found Argos, when it opened with its unique offer of shopping via catalogue – you picked your purchase from the catalogue, paid at one of the checkouts, then queued at the collection point, where you purchase arrived from the warehouse, and you collected it. Then, a ‘new’ idea.

I didn’t really notice the place changing, or disappearing, as I moved out of Glasgow for full time work, so went from being there every day to occasional trips, and after a while, hardly ever, so missed some major changes.

Still, although the building isn’t exactly as it was, it’s also not that different, so these pics aren’t too far off.

I looked for pics online (of the old place), but there seems to almost nothing, and even a few I did apparently find turned out to have been trashed, thank to scummy Photobucket’s horrendous charging policy resulting in the owners deleting their once free accounts.

Sauchiehall Street Centre

Sauchiehall Street Centre


Sauchiehall Street Centre Bath Street

Sauchiehall Street Centre Bath Street

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