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Good news about the PS Waverley boiler appeal could also be slightly worrying

While there’s undeniably good news regarding the appeal trying to raise £2.3 million to pay for a major refit of boilers in the paddle steamer Waverley, I’m a little concerned about the numbers.

Waverley paddle steamer appeal given £1m from Scottish government

That said, I have to say I’ve never looked closely at funding rates (how quickly such appeals brought in funds over time), so this could be progressing at a perfectly normal rate for such an appeal for such an amount.

Bear in mind the Maid of the Loch has been working at its restoration for many years now, and there was even a fairly recent suggestion that the project, which had come so far, was in danger of folding.

I was a little surprised to see news that the Scottish Government was stepping in so quickly with a pledge of £1 million for the fund, but recalled that it had earlier promised to support the work.

I was just a little concerned to see the numbers, as the £1 million brought the fund to £1.9 million, with £0.4 million to go.

It’s probably safe to say that the project would have taken a long time to complete without that, as the rate of donation would be expected to slow down as time passes – unless a ‘wealthy benefactor’ stepped in.

This isn’t meant to be negative, rather just reflect on how the Maid almost foundered, and note that we also have the TS Queen Mary back on the Clyde, also looking for help.

That’s a lot, all at once

But, we seem to be managing.

And that’s worth mentioning.

PS Waverley Science Centre Glasgow Tower TS Queen Mary

PS Waverley Science Centre Glasgow Tower TS Queen Mary

Better include a pic of the Maid too.

Maid of the Loch - undergoing slipping

Maid of the Loch

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  1. Very kind of our government to donate 1million of the taxpayers money to this worthy cause.


    Comment by Brian Goodwin | 23/09/2019

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