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Today is White Chocolate Day

22 September is White Chocolate Day.

First mention for this day, which I seem to have missed so far.

It seems that during the process of making chocolate, there’s a point when two options are available, the rich dark of traditional chocolate, or the pure white of White Chocolate.

Chocolate has been around for quite a while, as a beverage dating back to 1900 BCE by the Mesoamericans, and considered sacred to Quetzocoatl. Its value was such that during the Aztec empire it was used as a form of currency, and was even the expected form of payment for taxes levied on its people. It wasn’t until Christopher Columbus visited the New World for the 4th time in 1502 that chocolate was brought back to the UK, and things began to change.

In the time between then and 1930, the rich, dark chocolate was all that was generally known and used.

That changed in 1930 when Nestlé invented the Milkybar.

White Chocolate was produced by separating the dark solids from the rich fat of the bean known as cocoa butter, a natural part of the manufacturing process, but instead of recombining them, the cocoa butter was left alone.

And that, it turns out, was just fine.

Unlike certain luxury cars, taking something out doesn’t even attract a premium charge or extra cost, and you can enjoy white chocolate for a pound (that a GBP or £) courtesy of your nearest Poundland.

The only problem is all the options they have now, so while ONE bar may cost only £1 (and is well worth it as their chocolate is very good, as in VERY VERY GOOD), that £1 bar of white chocolate may end up causing you to spend a lot more 🙂

This bar of white chocolate ‘cost’ me £6!

Poundland Twin Peaks Chocolate updated

Poundland Twin Peaks Chocolate updated

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