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So, what happened to THIS year’s promised midge plague?

As I noted earlier this year, the ‘experts’ promised us YET ANOTHER bumper year of midges.

And, as I predicted, once again it FAILED to materialise.

These ‘experts’ are becoming something of a sad joke, ever since the first ACTUAL bumper years, any number of them have popped up the news with the same claim year after year.

One might be forgiven for making a couple of deductions based on their failed predictions…

  1. They are fake researchers jumping on the grant bandwagon, looking to get funding for a year or two’s easy living on handout money they know they don’t have to deliver on.
  2. They are sellers of midge-busting machines, which retail for silly money (in other words under a scandalous level of mark-up), and they are desperate to recover their investment, since they won’t make any money if they don’t persuade people to buy their fabulous devices.

It’s a pity this business has clearly attracted a number of cowboys, as recent research has, at last, managed to uncover some of the secrets as to how/why the little monsters are attracted to humans, and produced some effective devices to deal with them.

I’m not sure what kept them away this year (possibly the slightly odd cycles of hot/cold weather we enjoyed this year), but I was expecting my usual batch of bites when the first ones appeared a few weeks ago, but…

After the first four (I can’t usually even keep count over the weeks they usually appear over), that was all.

Not that I’m complaining. Those four hung around and became really itchy/irritating/inflamed, and I wouldn’t have been happy had the more usual average of around thirty at any given time arrived. As I’ve observed before, I seem to suffer increasing reactions to these bites than I used to, but whether that is down to me changing, or the damned Scottish midge evolving, I have no idea.

Repellents seem to do little to keep them away, and I’d have to say the same for most anti-itch treatments. Although I’ve found that plain, over the counter creams seem to work if used properly, unlike most ‘commercial’ or ‘promoted’ ‘magic’ products.

Sadly, not my pic, but interesting to see. No idea where the pic was taken though, as it was just bundled along with a load on one of my feeds.

Dead Midge Broker

Dead Midge Broker

Crazy midge

Crazy midge

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