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So THAT’S where the Faifley bus goes

I can’t remember where the ONE bus that goes along my main road used to head for as its destination in the days when I used it regularly, but today, the destination board (or should I say LED display) reads ‘FAIFLEY’.

I’d never heard of Faifley before I saw it on that bus. Then again, I live near Auchenshoogle (there’s a joke in there somewhere).

I’d thought of taking a trip to the end of the line, but never got around to it – until I saw a couple of (obvious) tourists get on the bus one day, and ask for ‘Two tickets to Faifley’.

So, it went on my list, and recently got ticked off.

Not intending to be negative, but travelling through the area, it just looked like the annexe of Clydebank that it was, created in the 1950s with housing typical of the period. That means it wasn’t the best, and suffered build problems in later years.

Reading about it suggests the population is dwindling today, with a school being turned into a community centre, replacing one built in the 1970s (with aid from a German organisation as a gesture of friendship and reconciliation after the Clydebank Blitz) but since demolished.

If you know Glasgow (housing) schemes of that period, you’ll appreciate there’s little to photograph.

However, there is a ‘Friendship Park’ with has a pair of sculptures, one of which lies near the terminus.

Produced by Andy Scott, and known as Faifley Family. That’s not an info plaque at the bottom, just a light fitting.

Faifley Family sculpture by Andy Scott

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