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Today is a Ask A Stupid Question Day

30 September 2019 is Ask A Stupid Question Day.

And, the first ‘Stupid Question’ has to be: “Why does the date of this day wander around the calendar”?

Apparently set for 28 September, it is usually observed on the last school day of September.

At least, that’s IF you are in the US – but this day has now made it across the pond, so just gets even more… ‘stupid’.

I’d say this day suffers from being poorly defined.

Beginning with the honourable intent of encouraging people to overcome their fear of sounding uneducated, it’s meant to opening opportunities for learning by asking the stupidest of questions.

I get the idea, I support the idea, but – in a world where genuinely stupid questions are allowed (by which I mean questions that really are stupid, as opposed to enquiring or searching), I can’t help but feel that the day could have been better named.

After all, it’s probably not too hard to label any day ‘Stupid Question Day’ if you consider many of the questions you may be asked – NONE of which are original, educational, informative, or enquiring.

Stupid Question Price List

Stupid Question Price List

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