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Today is Thunderbirds Day

30 September is Thunderbirds Day.

Not noticed this before, but now I think is worth a mention just to remember the Anderson universe.

Thunderbirds Day is set on the date when the original Thunderbirds made its debut on British TV. Obviously an important date for all Thunderbirds enthusiasts and it means a lot to the people who want to recall the legacy of the show and what it means today.

The first episode was aired back in 1965 and it has reached all corners of the globe in that time. The values of bravery, selflessness and teamwork resonate with successive generations. It seems that still more people join together to celebrate the show on Thunderbirds Day with each passing year.

While I was still rather young at the time, today, I still find it odd that I was gathered up and sat in front of the TV to watch Thunderbirds as ‘something special’.

Unlike today, where there are horrible advance publicity presentations, and months of pre-publicity for shows which the networks want to shove down viewer’s throats, there was none of that back then. So, just how did the word get out prior to that first airing?

For what it’s worth, I’m NOT a fan of the later offerings tacked on to the name in recent years.

Thoroughly unsatisfying, and unoriginal, as are (for me at least) all the modern clones and reproductions of Anderson originals.

Much better have been those entirely NEW productions, made in the wake of Anderson’s methods.

The original worked brilliantly because it was made looking forward, and with the methods, of its day.

Trying to repackage that same material decades later is just a mess. Just repeat the originals if that’s all you can come up with.

Thunderbirds original

Thunderbirds original

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