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Karen gets a refund AND award winning, perfect, customer service

I’ve never understood people who expect to keep rejected items when they’ve made some sort of complaint, AND received a refund.

(Clarification – I’m NOT referring to genuine claims resulting from failed/faulty goods or services.)

I was lucky – my time in ‘retail’, or facing the public, was spent supplying electronic items/parts (not assembled items), so there was virtually no chance of issues arising.

That was followed by working in industrial/commercial electronics – which meant anything I had to deal with that was broken… was broken by them.

In fact, over the years I only ever had ONE complaint, and even though I wasn’t ‘The Boss’ at that time, the client got his kit dumped back on his doorstep, in bits, after complaining.

He’d sent an item in for test, but we found it was dead. When opened for inspection, it was ‘plated’. That’s a term we use when a piece of electrical equipment has been connected to a mains supply and shorted internally – the result is that wiring and components inside vaporise, plating the interior with the vaporised metal. This can be burnt black or, like the one in question, have a nice mirror finish.

We saw this more often than we’d have liked to, and the usual sequence was to phone the customer and tell them what we found, there would be a shocked/surprised response, and then a follow-up call where ‘Wee Jimmy’ would apologise for neglecting to mention the unit had stopped working (for some unknown reason) just before it was sent to our lab.

Not so this time.

When we called the owner, the instant response was to blame us for ‘Blowing up his equipment’, and ‘His staff would NEVER damage kit, he didn’t even have to ask them – so it MUST have been us’.

Then, he got REALLY upset when I pointed out that as a test lab, the equipment we used was incapable of delivering anything even close to the power needed to vaporise components, and it was IMPOSSIBLE for us to have caused the extent of damage seen inside his unit.

And that was literally the end of the discussion. He didn’t want to come and inspect it (‘Pointless since YOU wrecked it’), or even want a formal report detailing its condition.

All he wanted was a brand-new instrument delivered tomorrow or his ‘Lawyers would be in touch’, and he’d be charging us for all his lost production until the replacement was delivered.

THAT wasn’t happening – so we took pics, assembled everything, and it all went back on the next delivery run.

Never heard from him again, or his lawyers.

Which was no real surprise to us – his immediate denial of any fault at his end, and complete refusal to even talk to, or consider his staff might have blown the unit up told he knew all about it, and had been waiting for our phonecall, with his demands and accusations all lined up and ready to go.

I was never really in a job where anyone could misuse, or misquote the phrase ‘The customer is always right’ (it does NOT mean what those who usually use it think it means – look it up online if you’re not familiar with its origin), but if I had been, I would love to have been able to respond the way this lucky fitter was able to.

Love her face at the end.

Did she really think he was going to fit the screen, then just hand her back the money for the parts and labour…

And drive off with the fitted screen?

Here’s the translation:

Man: Look ma am, I will take a video, to have proof that I’m returning the money. so that way y0u can’t say I didn’t return the money, ok?

Woman: Im not that kind of person

Man: me neither… I remember y0u saying “I don’t want my address to be out there because I fear the reprisals”… Funny how y0u are allowed to not trust me but I can’t not trust y0u …

Man to camera man: hey! film a video of me giving the money back to the lady…

Man: here y0u go. are we good? good, y0u can go now… the windshield is mine, right?

Man: Everythings good, ok… (man goes off camera)

Man: *SMASH* Ok, it’s done, y0u can go now.

Woman: “Hey”

Man: “Its done, y0u can go now ma am, have a nice day”

Woman: “Mister, y0u owe me a…”

Man: “If i remove it, i would have to break it anyway,”

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