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A couple of interesting vehicles

Wandering around the neighbourhood of Glasgow University was slightly hazardous a while ago, as the place was one huge building site.

Almost everywhere you tried to walk, you would eventually come up against some sort of perimeter fencing or wall thrown up across a road you were trying to walk along, or a piece of pavement or footpath beneath scaffolding and overhead works.

I came across this pair while being diverted out of the back streets near University Avenue, and gave up and just headed along the main road on my way to Byres Road.

First up was this Red Bull Mini, not only a rolling advert for whatever this deadly gloop is, but apparently also on offer – for some reason I didn’t quite catch enough of the sign behind the windscreen to be able to read.

Make the best of this unusual view – I usually don’t let people in, but this guy made this one a bit more interesting, so he survived the crop.

Mini Red Bull

Mini Red Bull

Just a short walk away, the second was almost inviting, but I wasn’t in the mood for a snack, so no luck for them this time.

Mortons Rolls Trailer

Mortons Rolls Trailer

I imagine the building in the first pic is very likely completed by now.

As for the trailer, I might have read about it being closed because of the coronavirus lockdown, but it was just a chance news item somewhere, and I can’t find anything now, so don’t quote me!

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