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You may not be impressed – I am

Impressed may not be the right word (if you know German words, and how they can express ideas in one word that don’t have equivalents in other languages, then maybe there’s a better one there), but I think this deserves at least a mention.

I was amazed the day I discovered RC helicopters (having spent years watching people with planes, boats, and cars), probably not too long after they became affordable.

Still not cheap, and needing (then still sort of rare) more than 4-channel radio (or clever mechanical mixers), and the largest common glow engines (slightly modified too), they were still developing and maturing. No automation, and even gyros were unheard of, although things were developing fast when I joined this ‘club’.

Even the history was fascinating, especially the work that went into developing the heads (the area where the servos controlled the rotor blades). Although these were based on full size systems, it took some time to scale things down and get sizes/weights/pivots/hinges etc balanced and in proportion.

A far cry from today, where a true (not toy) RC helicopter can not only fly on the smallest of engines, these have been surpassed by electric power.

After being forced to give up many years ago, when I dipped back in some years ago, I couldn’t really believe just how powerful and instantly controllable and manoeuvrable they had become.

While the experts were impressive with their stunt flying when I was attending fly-ins – the sort of RC stunt flying that had become possible would have killed a pilot if scaled up and repeated in a full size heli.

But, this is about something quite different, and although simple, couldn’t be done with an RC heli.

Not having a drone (or quadcopter), I can’t be sure how much presetting of clever controls and functions goes into this, but it does reflect the sophistication of the various sensors and system that even a fairly standard quad (this was just being eyeballed, without even using a camera) is capable of, and which an early RC helicopter flyer could only have dreamed of – or maybe said ‘Impossible’ to 🙂

I wonder how it would fare with our UK bayonet fittings?

These can barely be removed and fitted using hands!

Use a bigger one!

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