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The illegals – E11 NAK

Another pic that got forgotten about because of some flaws.

I’m not sure why, but when I first tried to clean it up (over five years ago) I remember it just kept getting worse, and lost all detail, and as can be seen in this reminder of the original, there wasn’t much to start with. Not sure what caused the fog effect, it certainly wasn’t foggy, and it doesn’t look like condensation on the lens – which is often a problem here. Remaining pics taken on the day were problem free.

Original View Mercedes [E11 NAK]

Original View [E11 NAK}

Don’t know what an INAK is, but that’s clearly a CLK 270.

So long since I saw it, the number’s now on a C 250.

I should have referred to this post as a ‘twofer’, since there’s a second notable registration to be seen.

Although blocked by the fence, the Audi in the background was wearing B16 JMA, a format apparently favoured by those who like to be known as BIG something or other.

Falling into the category of “Can’t be unseen once seen”, I’m cursed with seeing BIG every time I actually see B16 now 😦


That one’s also moved in the time since I caught it in this pic, and now adorns a 1995 Moto Guzzi.

Mercedes Benz CLK270 [E11 NAK]

Mercedes-Benz CLK270 [E11 NAK] Audi [B16 JMA]

The pic still looks fairly grimy, but at least there was still detail to recover, and improve the result.

Update – creepy

It’s been so long (years!) since I took the original pic above that ‘1NAK’ has been able to find me, and haunt me!

There I was innocently standing by the side of the road, minding my own business, and who do think came creeping out of a driveway behind me!


As captured from the front…

Mercedes-Benz [E1 NAK]

Mercedes-Benz [E1 NAK]

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