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This is still Glasgow’s coat of arms in plain sight

This may have been ‘rectified’ by the time this post gets around to appearing, but I have noted the existence of one or two websites dedicated to the worship of Glasgow’s coat of arms.

Which is fine, and I’m NOT being critical of them in any way, lest I be misrepresented.

I’m just making the observation that, so far, I think they have all concentrated on historic examples, where the subject is carved in stone/wood, cast in metal, or printed in the form of a crest (I’m not sure of the correct term).

I can’t recall seeing any listing showing the elements of the coat of arms being presented as separate items, without some sort of background which draws them together.

There is a point to this rambling, and is just something I noticed when passing some of our bus shelters – they carry the elements of the coat of arms, laid out as modern graphics.

I thought I should give this version a mention, just in case it’s an example of something ‘hidden in plain sight’ that the vast majority of people don’t even notice.

Glasgow Coat of Arms Bus Stop

Glasgow Coat of Arms Bus Stop

These were noted to be fairly well-defined graphics – I notice some of these are very faded on some shelters.

Glasgow Bus Shelter

Glasgow Bus Shelter

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