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Cuningar Park boardwalk sign spoiled

It’s nice that football fans can use the facilities of Cuningar Park Woodland Park.

And it was really nice of the Forestry Commission to put up signs that the morons could find somewhere to put their various insulting stickers, which they seem to enjoy sticking on anything around Parkhead – and are now spreading into the surrounding areas with. Our lampposts and street electrical/broadband/comms boxes are now being decorated.

Unfortunately, being cheap paper they’re harder to get rid of than the more expensive vinyl type – the paper fragments and leaves the adhesive and scraps behind

I’d been trying to get a ‘clean’ catch of the sign while wandering down to the boardwalk occasionally, but I never manage to get there when it’s clear of this sort of vandalism.

I’ll just have to make do with this one, caught after it seems there might have been some ground staff down there, and had removed quite a lot of the rubbish from its face.

Cuningar Boardwalk Sign

Cuningar Boardwalk Sign

Getting back on subject, the sign, it’s a pity it’s felt to be needed, together with the restrictions it brings.

The boardwalk’s more than few metres long, and reasonably narrow – that said, it’s as wide as quite a few shared path routes, where cyclists and pedestrians co-exist.

Having this sign immediately leads to the potential for confrontation between any cyclist who doesn’t obey, and meets one of the “GET OFF THE PAVEMENT” brigade.

On the other hand, having been along the boardwalk by bike (BEFORE the park was fully open and the signs appeared), it’s not really the most pleasant of surfaces to travel over.

The other aspect is the lower part of the sign, which presumably means ‘STAY ON THE BOARDWALK’.

It’s a pity this seems to suggest ‘they’ don’t want people exploring the wilder areas of the land.

I know those more interested in the place used to walk the unrestored land, and conversation with other visitors suggests they still like to go over the existing boundary fence – a significant are of the original area of Cuningar Loop is still to be developed formally for the park – and is said to me more interesting than the new parts, for those interested.

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