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NOT a useless celebrity – But this DEM 1 can bring the house down

Fortunately, the waste-of-skin celebrity that might own this plate lives across the pond, so I don’t have to pretend I never saw this one.

Going back a few weeks, I was passing through Partick and managed to get pics of St Simon’s Church (or the derelict remains, following the moronic arson attack it suffered), and the Pontecorvo Building (or rather NOT the Pontecorvo Building, since its demolition was just being finalised).

It was all just a little spooky/creepy, as this Range Rover (hopefully purely coincidentally) followed me the whole time I walked around the church remains (now with a fenced perimeter and warning signs raised by the demolition company in charge of the remains).

Once I was done, I turned around and returned the favour, following DEM 1 until I got a decent pic.

2016 Range Rover [DEM 1]

2016 Range Rover [DEM 1]

While I would have loved to have St Simon’s as the background, that was never really a possibility, as the aforementioned fencing, and road layout, means vehicles have to be on the opposite side of the street, so the view just doesn’t happen.

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