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From the missing cat poster archive – Wee Cait

Found this forgotten in the archives – I wonder if the owners got lucky?

Not entirely sure exactly where this one was spotted, but it was near Shettleston.

Have to comment…

LACK of detail!

Wee Cait Missing Cat

Wee Cait Missing Cat


I’ve said coincidences follow me, and one was waiting for me as I neared home after ‘collecting’ the above poster.

I saw two, maybe three, black and white kitten running around a front garden as I walked along the road, and when I reached the house concerned was greet by a pair of curious eye watching carefully through the hedge.

Of course, the other(s) had retreated to cover, and this one was just waiting to follow but was just a tad braver, so the pic had to be grabbed, and no option for focus selection, as the autofocus always defaults to the nearest objects, and my intended subject was actually behind. Still better than nothing though.

Spy Kitten

Spy Kitten


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Oh dear – Another Friday the 13th

Friday 13th Black Cat

Friday 13th Black Cat

Sad, isn’t ?

2018 and there still seems to be a need to warn about some people and their nasty beliefs.

Friday 13th Cat Safety

Friday 13th Cat Safety

Advice for hoomins.

13th Rules

13th Rules

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Another boost for the Maid of the Loch

Looks as if I will have to start saving for a ticket, as another boost for the final stages of restoring the Maid of the Loch to sailing the loch was reported in the news.

Funding boost for moored paddle steamer Maid of the Loch

All I have to do is keep shuffling along for a few more years, and I can maybe recreate the sailing I managed just before she fell out of service.

John Beveridge, chairman of the charity that owns the Maid, said: “The Paddle Steamer Preservation Society has supported us from the beginning, and to now give us £50,000 shows the faith they have in us to get the Maid sailing once again.

“Their support takes us yet another step closer to our goal, and it is a huge boost to have the country’s leading preservation organisation demonstrating this commitment.

“We are most grateful, and look forward, with confidence, to the Maid’s first sail.”

Paul Semple, PSPS national chairman, said: “I am absolutely delighted that the PSPS is able to offer this level of support to help ensure that the Maid of the Loch returns to service.

Maid of the Loch 2017

Maid of the Loch 2017

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Nala – another sad tale from the old collection of missing cat posters

Another post inspired by the proposals to brighten the area up, or maybe I should say ‘reminded’, since it comes from the right area.

Yet another from my collection of missing cat posters from years ago.

This one was probably collected somewhere near Glasgow Green, but I’m not sure where exactly, but before I reached Saltmarket.

There’s no year on the poster, but I can say that this was a find from 2015.

Missing Cat Nala

Missing Cat Nala

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The amazing disappearing lockbox

Well  THAT was surprise.

After two posts about an odd lockbox spotted clamped to a lamppost a few days ago – it DISAPPEARED!

Thanks to an unplanned detour resulting from some unexpected snow that joined the increasingly chilly wind last night, I ended up passing the same spot.

I thought I was in the wrong place after a passing glance at the relevant lamppost failed to show the expected silhouette in the dark, but when I checked the lamppost, it was the same one – but the box had gone, completely, including the hefty clamp that fixed it to the pole.

It didn’t even seem to leave a mark where it had been, suggesting it hadn’t been there very long.

Lockbox Lamppost - No Lockbox

Lockbox Lamppost – No Lockbox

Compare this with the previous view from only a few nights ago.

Between the pics, you should be able to match the clear tape at the bottom of the view, and the little reflective survey marker at the top.

Daytime Lock Box

Daytime Lock Box

So that’s that.

No chance of catching it ‘In Use’ some day.

But now I’ll have to be even more alert, to see if it turns up somewhere else.

Unless YOU know better.

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Daytime view of the mystery box

Oops, sorry.

Didn’t intend to make two similar posts on following days, but forgot we had suddenly reached that time of year when ‘tomorrow’ is probably not going to be stormy, snowy, windy, and wet, so I can pop out for another pic without waiting for a week or more.

So, the odd lockbox I noticed a couple of nights ago gets its own daylight pics for a closer look, and no delay.

As can be seen, no indication of purpose or owner, and no sticker or labels.

Only other observation might be that it is mounted just above head height, so you have to reach up to it.

And, it IS locked.

Daytime Lock Box

Daytime Lock Box

There’s a reflective survey target on the pole, but this is unlikely to be related.

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Recognise this lock box bolted to a lamppost?

Time for a mystery post.

Spotted last night, on a lamppost I have been passing for years, but never looked at.

It’s just too far away to be noticed as the footpath here is widened by a couple of metres of grass, separating the walking part from the road, and the lampposts installed next to the gutter.

I only spotted the box shown below when it was caught in the headlights of an approaching vehicle, otherwise I’d still never have noticed it.

I’ve looked at some old pics of the road, and these show there was nothing attached to the lamppost back in 2015, so it’s been added fairly recently. And a little more substantially mounted than by a couple of cable-ties, it’s not going to fall off any time soon.

No markings apparent, not in the dark of night at least, so this one needs a daylight visit to check for any details or clues.

Lock Box

Lock Box

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Today is Grammar Day

04 March is Grammar Day.

Grammar Day was established to promote awareness and understanding of proper grammar.

Given how dreadful some American version of original English are, it’s a little embarrassing to reveal that National Grammar Day was created in the US, established in 2008 by Martha Brockenbrough, founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar (SPOGG) and author of Things That Make Us [Sic].

For what it’s worth, I don’t have any problems or issues with American English (or British English), as each has its own home and reason for being.

Nor do I promote or condone any sort of language snob, who derides one at the cost of another.

Grammar may not be perfect, but then again, no language is, and the finer details of grammar serve to clarify the meaning of many words and expressions. When ignored, or abused, this is often lost, and things become truly confused.

I also have little time for those the modern trendy types who suggest we simply forget paying attention to grammar – I’ve seen some who seem to suggest we forget everything, and just write things down as they sound to us – as if others will somehow magically interpret this drivel as the writer intended. Good luck with that!

They should of tried that first (and that’s an example of one of the worst sins I see written nowadays).

Worse, I’m the one made to feel stupid when I try to explain to those who use structures such as ‘should of’ when they are trying to write “should’ve” as the contraction of ‘should have’, since they often look at me as if I am an alien, mad, or are insulted if I offer the correction in print, to their error when made online.

Correction Lesson

Correction Lesson

Enjoying Grammar Day

Surprisingly simple and easy, just make that little extra effort to get your sentences grammatically correct.

Brush up on your lessons from primary school and double-check your sentences to ensure that the message you mean to send is in fact the message you’re sending.

I wanted a ‘funny’ to end this with, but the best ones are rude, so I’ll just go with this mild example.

Commas Matter

Commas Matter

This arrived just before I had to use the standard: “Let’s Eat Grandma.”

Lets Eat Kitty

Let’s Eat Kitty

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Today is What if Cats and Dogs had Opposable Thumbs Day

03 March is What if Cats and Dogs had Opposable Thumbs Day.

Cat Thumb

Cat Thumb

Imagine a world where our feline overlords  had thumbs. Opposable thumbs like ours. Thumbs that allowed them to open their own tins of food, easily steal your possessions and generally make more trouble than they already do.

This is a day to think about how different your life would be if Mittens (or Fido) joined the ranks of the (supposedly) superior species with opposable thumbs.

How would things turn out if they didn’t need humans to turn that tin opener?

Back in 2011…

I’ll let you into a fairly well-kept secret…

Cats already have opposable thumbs, and use them when they have to, but our feline overlords have one overriding reason to keep them a secret…

Pathetic Humans

Pathetic Humans

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Protest against the ban on Button the cat as Aberdeen University rector candidate

Given that rectors are really titular positions, not achieved through holding jobs that develop a career leading to promotion to the post – and you need only look at some of the utter numpties that have been handed the post – there seems no reason NOT to hand the title to one of our feline overlords, especially since it seems Buttons lives on the campus, and has spent more time mingling with the students there than any ‘parachuted in’ outsider who may also have dubious intentions.

On Thursday the 8th of February 2018, sixty-two students signed a rectorial nomination form requesting that Buttons, the white cat that lives on campus, be allowed to run as candidate in the upcoming elections for the position of rector to the University of Aberdeen. The elections committee could not validate the nomination as Buttons did not meet requirements under the OSCR Guidelines to being a charity trustee (as outlined in the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005) as is required under Section 2.2 of the Rules.

We have been given 24 hours to make an appeal to the elections committee and have decided to open this petition in the hope of getting enough students engaged to prove that it is necessary for Buttons to be nominated as candidate for the sake of student interest, democracy and fluffy feline friendliness.

Vote for cats not bureaucrats. Vote for Buttons.

The petition can be signed here:

Let Buttons be Nominated for Rector of the University of Aberdeen

STV News: Bid to elect Buttons the cat rector of Aberdeen University

The Herald: Hundreds protest ban on Buttons the cat as Aberdeen University Rector candidate

Cats Not Bureaucrats

Cats Not Bureaucrats

Maybe that should  be Bureaucats NOT Bureaucrats 🙂

First: Bureaucats: The felines with official positions

Second: Whiskers in the workplace: More cats with careers

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Remind me, this is 2018 and we’re banning… Grid Girls!

There is something wrong with our society and what is now seen as an issue.

Then again, while a ‘Grid Girl’ might turn up making claims of sexual harassment against executives of a mega-rich global corporation and cause its share value to fall, chances of that happening with those below?

Caption that came with this clip said:

Took 8 years off her life. Should have been stopped way sooner. Cachoeira (Grey shorts) hit Shevchenko (Black shorts) 3 times in the whole fight. Shevchenko hit Cachoeira 230 TIMES…

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