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Today is System Administrator Day

27 July 2018 is System Administrator Day.

But be careful, it moves around a bit, and is said to fall on the last Friday of July.

It’s described as an international celebration of sysadmins across the globe, an official recognition of geekdom and of the time and effort your favourite device-doctors and tech-therapists sacrifice as they work their magic at all sorts of unsocial hours.

Sounds fair.

When I had to do this job, nobody cared or recognised your efforts.

If something failed or didn’t work, it was always the sysadmin’s fault. Then, it never occurred to anyone that a system may have been wrongly or poorly specified, or that, god forbid, a user might have done something wrong, or outside the capability of the system.

The sysadmin was always the cause of the problem, and had better get it fixed yesterday, or start looking for a new job,


It seems that in appreciation for their workplace contributions, sysadmins are now to be spoilt rotten on Sysadmin Day, or SAD, as they like to call it. Custom now seems to require that all sysadmins be showered with gadgets, get first dibs on the office coffee, and that their co-workers do their bidding on this most solemn day. No sysadmin should lift a finger on System Administrator Appreciation Day, unless it’s for the purpose of pointing to their co-workers where to stick their cables and which buttons they should press.

How things have changed (if this is true, or actually happens anywhere).

Do What I Told You

Do What I Told You


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Today is Ice Cream Day

19 July is Ice Cream Day.

Have some ice cream today.

I like simple.

Ice cream (vanilla), dish, spoon.


Simple Ice Cream

Simple Ice Cream

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Today is Yarn Bombing Day

11 June is Yarn Bombing Day.

Yarn Bombing Day is when fibre-freaks from around the world go on a knitting rampage to embrace the world in warm fuzzy comfort.

Ironically, Yarn Bombing Day began life as a simple gimmick at a sewing boutique. As part of their style and personality they knitted a sleeve for their door handle, and from there it spread like wildfire.

It spread to telephone poles, became socks on statues and bike racks, and even trees got warm sleeves to see them through the cold of winter.

It’s all done in the spirit of beautification and fun, and can bring a fantastically colourful display to urban areas around the world. It’s not seen as graffiti (and why would it, since it does not do any damage, or cause offence) by most people in a ‘bombed’ area, but rather as an acceptable and attractive form of urban art.

I don’t know when it appeared, but this has been in Glasgow’s London Road for some time, and who knows how long it will last.

London Road Yarn Bombed Poles

London Road Yarn Bombed Poles

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We’ve gained a friend for 2018 – The Daily Buckfast!

One of friends has been bubbling away on the back-burner for a while, but never had any reason to pull himself together and try to maintain the discipline of a daily post, despite having enough material.

The Daily Buckfast will hopefully be able to maintain an average of a post per day (maybe having to play catch-up if the ‘soup’ has been flowing a little to freely on some days) over the course of the year.

No idea if it will be witty or imaginative, or just dump pics, since it’s mainly meant to be a photo blog (and words can be too hard), but their might be days when extra effort is made to be coherent.

The Abbot’s been posting odd stuff from the media, and the old posts are worth a look, but the idea is to have fun with local finds.

The Daily Buckfast

The Daily Buckfast


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Here comes 2018

Having waved goodbye to a 2017 that was even more ‘fun’ than most years…

I can’t wait for 2018 to start delivering.

2018 Optimism

2018 Optimism

Things look so good, I’m taking advice from cats that look as if they are doing better than me.

2018 Advice

2018 Advice

Is it time for 2019 yet?

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In Glasgow’s deadly east end, not even a Smurf is safe

Some say…

Glasgow is a violent city, and the east end is not somewhere to be after dark, Parkhead being no exception.

In fact, I was appalled to learn that the manager of a small estate agents in Shettleston insisted on having his shop closed and staff on their way home before 6 pm every evening, in the belief that the place turned into some sort of ‘battle zone’ not long after that hour passed, when open gang warfare would break out on the streets, and the locals cowered in their homes waiting for the dawn.

(True story, revealed when the owner – from the affluent suburb of Newton Mearns – would apparently not even allow a shopfitter I knew to work on upgrading the premises after hours to avoid disrupting the business – he preferred just to close down for a week and have the work done during the day.)

It’s all lies, of course.

However, I was shocked to see that not even an innocent little Smurf was safe in the area.

Send the children to bed now, or at least cover their eyes, so they are spared the sight of this unfortunate Smurf I found beaten to a pulp, and left for dead in a street corner near Parkhead Cross.

I’m pretty sure it’s dead.

Dead Smurf

Dead Smurf

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