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Lost cat is mute in Pollokshields

Another in the unfortunately undated ‘Lost Cat’ poster series, seen last night, but no idea how long it has been up.

Guess from its (the poster’s) condition.

No name for the cat either (he’s mute, not deaf).

The folk that used to live at the bottom of the garden a few years ago seemed to be able to attract cats, and always had one or two. Lucky they’re not there any more – the way the cats around here mostly won’t let anyone near them means they’d probably have been out of luck.

But we did get a call from once, asking if we’d unlock our garage and leave the door open a bit…

Seems they’d lost their current cat over the weekend, and had eventually tracked her down by following meowing coming from our garage.

We opened the door and had a look, but nothing seen – but the neebs seemed happy enough when we saw them later.

Lost Cat Poster Pollockshields Shawlands

Lost Cat Poster Pollokshields Shawlands


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There goes the Britannia Panopticon charity shop

It’s been some time since I walked the bottom end of High Street, specifically the last hundred metres at Glasgow Cross.

I usually try to have a look in the charity shop for the Britannia Panopticon, even though I always seem to arrived there when it closed.

No worries over that happening any more – it’s now permanently closed, shut, and gone for good.


It is with great sadness that we have to let you know that oor wee shop at 49 High Street will be shutting on 21st April 2018.

Thank you for all of your support and kind comments over the years.

Come in and grab a bargain while you can!

This is, unfortunately, the price of success, not for the shop owners, but the city (or Glasgow), as its real estate becomes more desirable, and the costs associated go up accordingly.

I wrote a while back, about plans to upgrade the area (sorry, I can’t lay hand on the info quickly – it may have been an aside on a related issue), which those residing there claim has been forgotten and neglected.

Good job folks, somebody noticed – and here comes the price of success as a result.

I took a wider shot of the sadly empty shop after spotting it.

This shows the vintage shop signs still in existence over this, and the shop to its left.

Click for the larger view.

Britannia Panopticon Charity Shop Closed

Britannia Panopticon Charity Shop Closed

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Renowned director is surprisingly incoherent

Repeating a thought I’ve expressed many time over the years, the views by film director Wim Wenders on mobile phone cameras don’t actually seem to reflect the proposed idea that mobile phones, and their cameras, have led to the death of photography.

From what he says, it sounds more like he is bemoaning the fact the mobile phones have given everyone the opportunity to take photographs, and the ‘art’ is no longer the preserve of a few privileged people such as himself, who could afford to take photographs when it was confined to film and chemical processing, and needed the knowledge and skill to handle those materials. His own preferred medium of Polaroid was/is even more expensive, so open to even fewer.

My own specific complaint has not been aimed so much at ‘mobile phone photography’, but the fact that so many morons just take utterly worthless pics and can post them online. I have, for example, come across galleries in hosts such as Flickr, where someone has uploaded a hundreds of pics taken while they were on holiday. What’s wrong with that? Probably nothing if the pics were of interesting subjects they saw, and were just a little over-enthusiastic. But, the galleries I have in mind only seem to contain hundreds of badly taken pics of drunken youths partying. Seriously? ONE pic would have been more than enough.

I’m afraid WordPress won’t allow BBC video embeds, so you’ll have to view the clip at source:

Renowned director Wim Wenders hits out at phone ‘photography’

I’m sorry not to be agreeing with what he says, I wish I could, sadly I can’t.

But, to me, he just sound like someone unhappy about something which was once the reserve of a privileged few having become something that the many can now enjoy.

Just look at any of the ‘Your Pictures’ weekly galleries published by the BBC every week, such as:

Your pictures of Scotland: 21 – 27 July

Photography is far from ‘dead’, and we DON’T need a new word to describe it – the existing word is just fine.

On the other hand, all he says about most of it being rubbish can’t be argued with.

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Oscar is missing in Oatlands

Another of the ‘professional’ quality missing cat posters was seen on my wanderings yesterday, this time in part of Richmond Park being redeveloped in the midst of new build houses in Oatlands.

I always plead for people to include dates on these, so we know if we are looking at a recent poster, or one that has been left up for ages.

See also Oscar is Missing

He’s 3 years old, and while he has a chip, it seems he doesn’t have his tail!

Oscar Missing Cat

Oscar Missing Cat

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I’ve no idea what a St Mungo’s Academy Q Card is.

A quick look online left me none the wiser either.

What I DO know is I left it for somebody else to find and hand in (or ignore if they’re smart).

It’s far too much hassle.

I had to almost fight my way out of a police station after handing a found item in.

Then I found another ‘shiny object’ lying in the street, and was almost knocked flying as some woman came running out of nowhere screaming ‘THAT’s MINE! THAT’s MINE!’

Q Card

Q Card

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Wylie is missing from Tullis Street Bridgeton

Another missing cat poster spotted, and with a date, so we know it’s not ancient (the poster, not the cat).

I’ve been here quite often recently, and missed this every time, until now.

Missing Cat Wylie

Missing Cat Wylie

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Found cat – Bridgeton or Glasgow Green

Spotted this slightly different poster for a ‘Lost’ cat yesterday, hope it is a genuine one.

Not the usual ‘Lost Cat’ poster, but a ‘Found Cat’ this time.

Unfortunately, like many ‘lost cat’ posters, this one has no date, so there’s no way to tell if it’s new, recent, or old – other than by making a guess based on its condition under out lovely Scottish weather. But with the recent dry spell, it could still be weeks old.

Still, it can’t be that old, as this guessing came of age is often harder of the page is properly plastic laminated.

Some are put in plastic sleeves, but as these are really just unsealed plastic bags, they make things worse since they fill with rain water, which can’t then evaporate, and destroy the paper/print even faster as it never dries once it gets wet.

Assuming this is legit, hope the little tuxedo cat gets home.

Found Cat - Bridgeton or Glasgow Green

Found Cat – Bridgeton or Glasgow Green

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Parkhead bus garage

Sometimes, pics just don’t work.

I wasn’t going to use this pic, but that would have been wrong.

Parkhead bus garage wasn’t particularly noticeable. It certainly wasn’t busy, and I seldom met a bus going in or out, but to be fair, it did seem busier inside.

Being so quiet, it took a while for me to realise it was shut PERMANENTLY, and not just closed when I happened to pass.

Looking through the locked gates, all that could be seen was a wide yard with some fairly anonymous early 20th century industrial buildings – big enough for buses to drive in and out of.

Little to see through the viewfinder, as everything had been cleared away, and without any buses lying around, it could have been anywhere.

In the end, I took the pic below, just to mark the existence of the place.

Just as well.

Not long after this, the demolition experts moved in, and the place was razed, leaving no trace or evidence of the old place.

One of my route changes followed, so I haven’t seen the site for a while, but it looked as if the land was going to be developed. It looked as new access roads/routes were being laid towards it the last time I passed.

Parkhead Bus Garage

Parkhead Bus Garage

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Lost and Found – Glasgow’s mortuary

Hidden behind a sign for the Police ‘Lost & Found Property’ office in Glasgow’s Saltmarket is the building that once served as Glasgow’s mortuary, and the original carved ‘MORTUARY’ sign as well.

I noticed the white sign while passing some time ago, and realised I’d lost my chance of getting a pic with the ‘MORTUARY’ sign over the door visible.

I did some digging, and it seems I was just a little too late to manage this.

I note that one of our fine, upstanding, and highly reputable rags managed to jump up and down a few years ago, and criticise the police for spending £350,000 to convert the former mortuary into a lost property store.

The place has a grim history.

In its day, post mortems of victims of notorious serial killers Bible John and Peter Manuel would have been carried out there.

Facing Glasgow’s Saltmarket and Glasgow Green, it was also once the scene of public hangings.

The new lost property office seems to date from around 2014, after the old mortuary has been mothballed and replaced by a new facility located at the Southern General Hospital.

I found an ‘Equality Impact Assessment’ document online, and this stated that mortuary services moved to the Southern in 2012, and noted that there was storage there for 300 bodies.

It also noted that three entrances are provided, one for paediatric cases, one for adult cases, and one for fiscal cases.

Glasgow Lost And Found Property Mortuary

Glasgow Lost And Found Property Mortuary

This is another catch that reminds me I probably have some earlier views of the same building locked away in my pre-digital film collection, and is yet another hint that I really must sit down and digitise it one day.

The Manuel Murders

Mentioned above, the victims of Peter Manuel.

Such mentions always give me a chill – my mother once walked along the road beside Manuel, fortunately just two people passing by chance, and not when he was out hunting.

If you visit the Glasgow Police Museum in Bell Street, or have a look at its web site, you will find they have an exhibit featuring Manuel’s death warrant, and the story.

The Glasgow Police Historical Exhibition contains artefacts and text boards which provide a historical insight into the people, events and other factors which contributed to the founding, development and progress of Britain’s first Police force, the City of Glasgow Police from 1779-1975.

The Glasgow Police Museum, First Floor, 30 Bell Street.

Click the pic below to make it a bot bigger.

The Manuel Murders

The Manuel Murders

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Welcome To Scotland Orange Moron

I found the person who prepared these placards being ‘Shouted Down’ by Trump shills trying to swamp the owners’ comment area with praise, propaganda (sorry, I should say ‘Alternative Facts’, shouldn’t I?), and hero worship for their paymaster.


In the interests of balance, I thought I’d just copy them here, and turn comments off.

And enjoy the feeling of satisfaction I can maybe share – with the image of those shills’ fuming with frustration at something they can do NOTHING about.

Trump Welcome Placards

Trump Welcome Placards

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Harlan Ellison is gone

I was slightly surprised to receive an alert informing me that science fiction author Harlan Ellison had passed away.

I used think I was quite well-informed about what was happening in science fiction some years ago (then I went to Cons and realised I knew NOTHING), but somehow drifted away from it. I thought all the good authors I could recognise the name of had all died. Guess I was wrong.

I think I found reading too slow, and fell back on TV versions of stories, or radio adaptations.

Ellison was probably one writer I recognised fairly often, but not from reading his books (although I suspect I must have read a number of short works by him, in the days when the large format ‘Science Fiction Monthly’ was being published). I tended to note his name appeared in the credits of TV and films as a consultant.

Time is catching up with me – I’m having to tick off too many names I know nowadays!

Obituary: Harlan Ellison, science fiction author

It’s not that long since the complete run of Babylon 5 ended, and I happened to come across this ‘tribute’ while poking around for related gems.

There’s some good advice here.

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