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The neglected car themed bike racks of Cambuslang

Technically, this is an old pic, but a recent wander that went through the main street of Cambuslang showed that sadly, things look just the same now as the did some time ago.

While these look like some sort of interesting street art, it seems these actually fall under the category of ‘street furniture’, and are bike racks.

I’ve never seen a bike chained to one in any of my visits. But I have seen the large commercial bins leaning against them, one per side and hiding the rack entirely.

The sad thing notable in evening visits is that while these racks once sported a pair of up-lighters to highlight their appearance, these have been neglected, and of the five racks (ten lights) only ONE is still working today.

Guess I’ll just have to keep watching, and see if the last light goes out, never to to be lit again, or if they’re ever renewed – some nice long-lasting low power LEDs would do the job nicely now, and need little or no maintenance for years.

Cambuslang bike racks

Cambuslang bike racks

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The illegals – LE13 GHG

Having seen the zeal with which the English Police Interceptors (seen on TV) seem to pull over illegally formed registrations/number plates, it seems very much to a casual observer that Police Scotland don’t see this as an offence worth dealing with on this side of the border.

I have a little collection of such plates, so might as well share.

Vauxhall Adam Jam – I have to confess I’d never even heard of this until I checked the correct format of the registration number.

Illegal spacing:

Vauxhall Adam Jam

Vauxhall Adam Jam [LE13 GHG]

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How to collect TWO personalised registrations at once

I don’t always trust my eyes, and there’s little point in me claiming any great abilities as regards my memory.

But I thought both had joined forces one day, and were conspiring to make sure I lost whatever little faith I might place in them.

I’d wandered past some road works and noticed the number plates on one of the lorries, and made a mental note to catch a pic on my way back.

On my way back…

Well, I’ll let the pics tell the story, and explain why I thought my eye/memory were playing tricks.

Looking good on the approach, and an interesting number:

Daldowie Trailer EEZ 2227

Daldowie Trailer

A little further on:

Daldowie Lorry RHZ 1622

Daldowie Lorry


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Diesel diver

Given what we have learnt about the cover-up of diesel emissions by Volkswagen, and the now-foolish government backed promotion of small diesels in Europe, I’d be wishing my Volkswagen diesel would turn into a sub and dive out of sight.

But then again, again from driving company diesels, I never understood the attraction, even on an economic basis.

The cars were (so I was told back in the day) priced above the same petrol car, since the diesel engine had to be engineered to take the extra stresses imposed by diesel operation.

And there seemed to be no saving in fuel costs, as diesel fuel came to be priced at least 10% more than petrol, so the legendary 10% mileage advantage seemed to be yet another fantasy, or lie.

Regardless, I spotted a nice registration number recently, and one that didn’t ring any bells either, so is rare on my wanderings. A 2016  Volkswagen Tiguan Match.

Volkswagen Tiguan Match 2016

Volkswagen Tiguan Match 2016

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The JOY of reg

I’ve no idea why, but even though I know better I’m always surprised at how old the Aston Martin body shape is.

I don’t mean old as in ‘ancient’, more that when I check an actual model and find it is not something from 3 or 4 years ago at most, it just surprises me.

It happened recently (again!) when I checked the detail behind this recent catch, and it turned out to be a 2004 Aston Martin DB9 Auto.

13 years old and it looks like it just rolled out of the showroom… as this year’s model.

I’ve got a DBS V12 living along the road at the moment, it may be 5 years newer, from 2009, but this older one looks little better.

Aston Martin DB9 Auto 2004

Aston Martin DB9 Auto 2004

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Social media trivialises real issues

It’s a pity that social media lets mindless morons gripe about trivia.

At the moment, it appears to be ‘kewl’ to post pics of supposedly bad parking, and for certain news outlets to publicise those same pics and claim they are ‘viral sensations’. In reality, I suspect many are posed, and their trivial shots of things such as cars with a wheel touching the white line of a parking space in an otherwise empty car park are designed to attracts clicks and ‘likes’ because they are so ridiculous.

I seldom see any that matter, such as the example below.

I only notice as I first saw a woman with a pram and two kids in tow walking down the middle of the road because she could pass this van on the pavement.

Not only is it blocking passage on the footpath for a pram or wheelchair user, nobody can even walk past it thank to the inconsiderate parking blocking even that option with a huge door mirror.

Unlike ‘activists’, I have no problem with cars parking partially on the footpath where streets are narrow – drivers and pedestrian can share some inconvenience. But a little consideration can go a long way to help others.

Oh, my mistake…

The REAL villain of the piece is the homeowner on the right, and that massive hedge they have grown.

Obstructive parking

Obstructive parking

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After the ‘incident’

So, after coming across last night’s road incident, I did actually manage to tip myself out of my bed early (for me at least) and have a wander along in the light of day, to see if any clues remained.

Murphy (or Sod’s) Law applied, and while it had been dry when I got up, while breakfast was on its way down, some rain decided to join in, and came down as well, washing away any surface features or details that might have been seen.

Everything had, of course, been cleaned up and the car removed. The vehicle recovery folk must be on a good number, as I’ve yet to see a dead car lie for more than a few hours around here.

Incident area

Incident area

There was nothing to be found or seen on the road, nor were there any marks on the kerb or footpath. The recovery vehicle had also manoeuvred over most of that area anyway, and its large tyres had obscured anything else.

The only clear evidence was the clear damage to the border of the grassy area.

It looks like this confirms my sighting of the broken front nearside suspension of the car, as it has smashed the concrete border where it hit. This damage, and what I can now be sure was the front wheel pushed back toward the passenger footwell, suggest the front tyre was flat, not buried in the earth as it appeared in the dark. It probably burst when it hit the kerb (hence no mark evident) , then the wheel hit the edging on the grass and was pushed back.

Even without the car, things look quite different in the light and the wet. No wonder police and forensics hate the dark and the rain!

Incident detail

Incident detail

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Lucky Mercedes spot

It always pays to stay alert and watch out for interesting cars in odd places, and for once I passed this with camera in hand.

The main catch was a classic Mercedes 230SL from 1966. I’m not sure if this one was on the classic circuit when I was part of it and attending shows, mainly because there were a few with single ‘R’ registrations, and my memory isn’t up to recalling the ones I knew back then, it was quite a few years ago.

There’s a nice little collection of cherished registration to be found here sometimes, and on this occasion the van showed a clear connection with the business, flooring if you didn’t notice the sign, and the van’s registration being F10 OOR.

That’s the kind of registration I like.

I definitely don’t like the recent trend I see where you need a ‘Code Book’ in order to work out the sad attempts to equate numbers and letters to make up names and words which frankly, they DON’T, unless you are delusional.

1966 Mercedes 230SL Van F10 OOR

1966 Mercedes 230SL Van F10 OOR

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Odd car incident spotted on the run

Given that I now walk (or even run) everywhere, the amount of time I spend outside yields remarkably few ‘incidents.

Mind you, since I missed the most recent on my almost daily walk, a double-stabbing in a pub considered ‘nice and quiet’ a couple of evenings ago, I’m not really complaining.

This evening’s run came across the slightly ‘odd’ scene with a car having apparently left the road, crossed the pavement, and come to a stop in the grass border below some flats. There seemed to be no other vehicles involved. The other car parked on the footpath appeared to be simply ‘standing by.

The police car in attendance arrived later.

Although I walked past a few times, I didn’t feel like stopping and taking a proper look as the parked car was occupied.

Under the street lighting (still nasty yellow sodium rather than LED) I couldn’t see any marks on the road or kerb.

I couldn’t be sure since I couldn’t take a proper look, but the front nearside suspension of the incident vehicle may have been damaged or even collapsed, but the poor lighting and distance made it hard to tell. The ground is soft and wet at the moment, so the tyres/wheel had dug in, making it impossible for a passing glance to show if they tyres were deflated.

It had come to rest in the position seen – and had NOT reached the flats or the wall to the right. The front was undamaged and had not hit anything.

The front underside may have impacted the kerb or the raided concrete border of the grassed area.

There was a strong chemical smell surrounding the vehicle, which could have been engine coolant, leaking from a damaged radiator, hose, or tank. I’m surprised at how vulnerable these seem to have become in recent cars, and the number of times I find them damage/leaking even if not directly impacted in some way.

If it was a suspension failure, it was a ‘good’ place to happen, as this is just after a fairly short but steep hill following traffic lights and corners, so most vehicles are not even travelling at 30 mph when they reach this spot.

Have to try to wake up and get motivated to have another look in the morning.

MV Av incident


This was almost a failure.

I’ve been using a short lens for so long, and perfected my hand-held non-flash night shot to the extent that I have arrived at camera settings I barely have to think about now. And a cracking dSLR sensor has also rendered my long lenses almost redundant, since I can crop and zoom into original images to an almost silly degree.

After a moment of panic, and a clutch of useless fuzzy shaky shots I managed to tweak the settings, and apart from the sodium yellow, managed to shoot a 300 mm lens hand-held under street lighting.

As someone else has already said…

We live in wonderful times.

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The Illegals – EG06 ONE

Having seen the zeal with which the English Police Interceptors (seen on TV) seem to pull over illegally formed registrations/number plates, it seems very much to a casual observer that Police Scotland don’t see this as an offence worth dealing with on this side of the border.

I have a little collection of such plates, so might as well share.

BMW 640d M Sport Auto convertible.

Illegal spacing:

BMW 640d M Sport Auto Convertible [EG06 ONE]

BMW 640d M Sport Auto Convertible [EG06 ONE]

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Porsche and bonus Porsche

Getting into Glasgow a bit more often is helping compensate for my neighbour’s new fascination with Q-cars and aversion to buying ‘interesting’ cars, and I can still collect some more attractive vehicles, and their registrations.

Also, a word of appreciation for the LED street-lighting conversion program instigated by Glasgow City Council. It’s like wandering about taking pics in daylight, even in the dead of night. And all my pics are hand-held. What a change from only a few years back, when everything was dissolved in a yellow sodium monochrome mush, and hand-held shots meant blurry shots.

I managed to collect a pair of Porches as I left the city centre bound for home, both sporting ‘2-number 2-letter’ plates.

I’ll never really have any love for the ‘shed-on-wheels’, SUV, 4×4, or Chelsea Tractor, but unlike those who slate Porsche (and others) for having them in their range, I DO appreciate that these things bring in the money for the more exotic end of range.

This one came first. Devoid of badges, a quick dig revealed a 2013 Porsche Cayenne V6 D Tiptronic.

What can I say? I had been becoming impressed by diesel development until… Dieselgate! The VW testing cheat scandal. Oh dear.

Porsche Cayenne [63 BB]

Porsche Cayenne [63 BB]

Then I spotted the second, just across the road, while trying to catch the front view of the first (no go, due to bad lighting).

A 2016 Panamera 4S D S-A. Oops… another diesel.

Porsche Panamera {77 HK]

Porsche Panamera [77 HK]

While I don’t have much to say about the Cayenne, I think I do have to speak up for the Panamera.

I’m tired of so-called ‘Car Reviewers’, usually grossly overpaid TV celebrity types, who despise the Panamera.

All I can think of is that Porsche is refusing to give into them with sufficient freebies and handouts.

Rather like a former BBC TV host who was forever slating the Vauxhall Vectra – yet it really was pretty good, and undeserving of his hate campaign.

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