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The lost lampposts of Muirhead Road

I’ve had some pics of the realignment of Muirhead Road (at the back of Baillieston) made to accommodate all the new houses being built there ever since the zoo was closed and things like were swept away to clear the land.

It used to be a nice walk along there. There was even what appeared to be a small area of managed forest planted there, and looked as if it was intended to restore or manage trees in the area.

Somehow, even that was razed, destroying all the relatively new trees that had been growing there, together with the much older originals which had surrounded the fenced off and managed area.

I wonder if that was even legal?

To access the new houses built on the stolen sorry ‘reclaimed’ land, new roads had to be laid, and the old Muirhead Road was realigned and given a roundabout to join up with them.

One of the odd things that happened was the remodelling of the area which the old road had been on, converting it from tarmac to grass.

While this was completed and hid the route of the old road under new ‘greenness’, nobody bothered to remove the old lampposts which lit that original road.

The still stand there to this day, but now look as if they were planted in a field since the road they lit is no more.

I wasn’t happy with the pics I took, it’s just not possible to get high enough to show them, but this pic is not so bad.

You can see the new road and lighting to the left and centre of the pic, but if you look to the right you’ll see one of the abandoned lampposts. No longer lit, so not likely to act like the “wrecker’s lights” of old, and lure drivers into the field. Wreckers would plant false lights on clifftops to confuse sailing ships, taking the place of signal lights in the area, and intended to make the ships founder on rocks, after which they could steal the cargo as it washed ashore.

I wonder if they’ll ever remover them?

I don’t go there very often. Once an interesting walk on a Sunday morning, the road is just another bland, uninteresting, and featureless housing estate now.

Apart from these lampposts of course.

Click on the pic for a bigger version.

Baillieston Muirhead Road Realignment Lost Lamppost

Baillieston Muirhead Road Realignment Lost Lamppost


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Riverside – at last!

No explanation behind this one, merely a pic I had to take to confirm arrival at Riverside last night (18 July for reference).

Why (take the pic)?

Let’s just say I started the trip on 05 June, but never arrived (with a following wind, I might have managed to throw a stone at the place).

And this was the first day I was able to complete the trip.



European Championships 2018?

Apparently ANOTHER excuse for people who want to beg for handouts (aka sponsorship) to pay for them to play – while the good folk of Glasgow are further inconvenienced like we were during the dopey 2014 Commonwealth Games nonsense.

I can’t find any background – apparently this is the inaugural event for this sporting fiasco – as I’d like to know who pays!

In 2014, Glasgow had to find over £300 million to pay for the ‘privilege’ of hosting the Commonwealth Games – those lucky spongers behind it don’t have to pay the host for all the preparations, building, staffing, policing, etc, and just turn up and have all the venues and accommodation handed to them.

I really wish I hadn’t seen that sign nailed on front of Riverside.

At least I don’t seem to have heard anybody trying to tell me Glaswegian will benefit as this sort of event makes people take up sports, exercise, and get healthy.

That’s a lie – look at the record of similar events (and claims) around the world. Especially the Olympics – which could possibly be one of the greatest examples of corruption around. Search for abandoned venues, places now lying abandoned and derelict after being claimed ‘essential’. Those behind them like to tell you otherwise, but the figures recorded years later dispel the exercise myth.

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Polmadie Footbridge Update 5

Sad to say, this the first opportunity I’ve had to go for a look at work on this bridge since the last update.

As can be seen, the deck is done, and they’re dealing with details such as the guard rails, and dealing with the bridge approaches.

There still seems to be activity around the piers as well, but I’ve never actually seen any of the work being done down there, so can’t add anything.

Unfortunately, the period of absence let them do whatever it was they needed to do with the big triangulated supports I mentioned in an earlier update, and had me puzzled about where they fitted into the bigger picture.

They’re all gone now, and obviously weren’t part of the bridge, so I can only guess that they were for use as temporary supports, installed when needed, then removed when the relevant work was done.

Pity, I was really curious about them.

Although not obvious, the site is much tidier/clearer now.

Seen from each bank – there’s also a lot more plant life around now.

Polmadie Footbridge work

Polmadie Footbridge work


Polmadie Footbridge work

Polmadie Footbridge work

When I went back and crossed over to the south bank, when I arrived back at the bridge I found the fencing had been vandalised and torn down – this had not simply fallen, as the loosened clamps that hold the fence sections together were all lying discarded on the footpath.

Not being one to miss an opportunity, and had to negotiate the downed fence anyway, I climbed up the approach banking (normally behind the fence) and grabbed an extra pic. You can see the fence on the path below.

Polmadie Footbridge work

Polmadie Footbridge work

After passing this, I stopped a little further along to take one of the pics shown above.

As I did this, I heard an alarm, followed by a verbal warning about tampering with the plant & machinery being announced – clearly the machinery (out of sight from where I was) had been fitted with detectors and annunciators (and communications to base) to alert security services or police if anyone tampered with the machines.

That was enough for me, and I was off, not really wanting to meet anyone whose idea of evening fun and games was vandalising a construction site and its equipment.

Just as well I decided to move – I heard someone shouting after me as made my way along the path, and didn’t look back.

Not sure if locals wanting me to join in the fun, or perhaps the arrival of the security that the annunciator had warned it was calling automatically. Either way, I wasn’t interested in stopping. I had nothing to do with any damage that may have been caused, and I wasn’t there when it was, so had no desire to be ‘detained’ by police or security to ‘assist’, or explain why I was there.

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Scottish Aviation Ltd Twin Pioneer ‘saved’

While it may not be the museum class restoration some would want to see, it’s still nice to see that an example of a Scottish Aviation Ltd Twin Pioneer aircraft will not be left to rot, or broken up.

Built at the Prestwick factory almost 60 years ago (coincidentally in the 1960s too), G-APRS, or ‘Primrose’, retired from her last job in pilot training due to ageing wing struts after 59 years in service.

The airframe will serve as accommodation (beside a Sea King helicopter that took on a similar job a few years ago) with a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom fitted inside to replace 14 seats – but the cockpit will remain.

Vintage plane’s new lease of life as holiday home for high-flyers

The very same aircraft can be seen below, preparing to taxi at RAF Abingdon in 2004.

G-APRS Twin Pioneer RAF Abingdon 2004

G-APRS Twin Pioneer RAF Abingdon 2004

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The illegals – J70 NHY

I guess a look at J70 NHY gives a clue as to why someone might take the chance on the possible £1,000 fine for illegal character spacing.

And for once, I don’t have to wonder what the plate might be supposed to read.

I pass this one quite often, so often, I was so used to seeing it I almost forgot to stop for pic – and ended up stopping for two (back in 2017), and noticing something else.

It’s a 2007 Honda Civic Type-R GT I-VTEC, and is one of those cars I’d like to have as it’s not only distinctive and practical, but also fun, with the 2-litre V-TEC engine delivering just under 200 BHP, able to reach silly revs, and run to 60 in around 6.5 seconds. I even went after the original incarnation back in the 90s, but had to yield to other criteria and get a ‘sensible’ car.

I ended up with two pics, some months apart.

You can play ‘Spot The Difference’.

There’s at least seven, or eight if you count two examples of the same thing separately.

2007 Honda Civic Type-R [J70 NHY] March

2007 Honda Civic Type-R [J70 NHY] March

2007 Honda Civic Type-R [J70 NHY] October

2007 Honda Civic Type-R [J70 NHY] October

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Camera test spotted in Rutherglen

Hard to miss this one.

Bright yellow poles holding cameras for test purposes on Rutherglen’s Glasgow Road.

Sadly, although we can see it’s a test – there’s nothing to tell us what is actually being tested.

I suppose being only a single camera looking in each direction limits the options, but it would still be nice to know. After all, others have been noted which do have notices or labels to indicate their purpose.

Video/image processing is becoming so complex these days, while it was once possible to make a guess based on the number of cameras, software is becoming so fast and clever now, making a guess just isn’t an option.

I tried having a very brief look online, but with nothing identifying the owner of these cameras, the search was really too general to come up with anything worthwhile.

I was intrigued by the artistic symbol formed by the reinforcement at the elbow formed at the top of the pole, where the camera is mounted. I don’t know if it is just a chance form, or if it is a logo of some sort. I don’t recognise it, but it seems to be a deliberate shape.

Rutherglen Test Camera

Rutherglen Test Camera

I almost missed the one across the road, only spotting it when I turned around to look back along the road after crossing.

Rutherglen Test Cameras

Rutherglen Test Cameras

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Baltic Street update (still good)

Last time I wandered around Dalmarnock, I was a little glum to see that a little garage might have closed – or at least never seemed to be open whenever I was there.

There goes Dalmarnock

There’s better news after the most recent bit of wandering, and I can say it is still on the go.

And there’s a decent number of cars scattered around that are being worked on. Nice.

Now that Google has expanded its historic imagery, I can also add that the sign has been up there, just the same, since at least 2009.

One day, I’ll work up the courage to pop my head in the door and ask if they have any electricity in there.

I kid you not, the place looks as dark inside as it looks in the pic, despite that floor to roof door being open.

Baltic Street Garage

Baltic Street Garage

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Peekaboo Pagoda

The Pagoda Mercedes began with 230 SL back around 1963, known as the W113 under the company’s system.

All given a straight six with fuel injection, these advanced cars had aluminium bonnet, boot, door skins, and tonneau cover to bring their weight down. A good idea since a roofless convertible will always be heavier thanks to chassis reinforcement needed to stiffen the body, and the short and wide wheelbase combined with excellent suspension gave it great handling.

The W 113 was the first sports car with a safety body, based on Bela Barényi’s extensive work on vehicle safety. It had a rigid passenger cell with crumple zones and impact-absorbing front and rear sections built into the vehicle structure. The interior was rounded, with all hard corners and edges removed. It was also the first Mercedes to be fitted with radial tires (as opposed to the common cross-ply type of the day).

Stay alert – you never know what’s hiding out there!

Pagoda Mercedes 230SL

Pagoda Mercedes 230SL

I caught the same car a few years earlier, but on that occasion I was testing a small camera, and the image was the subject, not the car, and I forgot all about until seeing this. I’d really just wanted something handy that I knew how it SHOULD have looked as compared to what I captured.

Obviously, not as good as my usual kit, even with filtering to try to restore some detail.

Pagoda Mercedes 230SL

Pagoda Mercedes 230SL

Not sure where this car is now, or even if it is on the road, or stored.


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Embarrassing signs are gone

HH Tyres

HH Tyres

It’s a while since I wandered down to Dalmarnock, but this time was able to confirm the removal of some really embarrassingly shoddy signs, as noted in…

Who’s to blame? The signwriter or the customer?

They really are all gone.

H&H Tyres Signs Gone

HH Tyres Signs Gone

That said, there’s a horrible giant sign on a nearby street, didn’t bother looking at it though.

They also plaster the area with disgusting stick-on signs, mostly on lampposts, making the area look really tatty, as does most illegal fly-posting.

But Glasgow District Council doesn’t seem to think it’s worth chasing and fining such defacers.

Perhaps the fines should be raised to match motoring related fines, so that it would be worth hauling those who place this rubbish on our city, and bring down its appearance with their tat.

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Parkhead bus garage

Sometimes, pics just don’t work.

I wasn’t going to use this pic, but that would have been wrong.

Parkhead bus garage wasn’t particularly noticeable. It certainly wasn’t busy, and I seldom met a bus going in or out, but to be fair, it did seem busier inside.

Being so quiet, it took a while for me to realise it was shut PERMANENTLY, and not just closed when I happened to pass.

Looking through the locked gates, all that could be seen was a wide yard with some fairly anonymous early 20th century industrial buildings – big enough for buses to drive in and out of.

Little to see through the viewfinder, as everything had been cleared away, and without any buses lying around, it could have been anywhere.

In the end, I took the pic below, just to mark the existence of the place.

Just as well.

Not long after this, the demolition experts moved in, and the place was razed, leaving no trace or evidence of the old place.

One of my route changes followed, so I haven’t seen the site for a while, but it looked as if the land was going to be developed. It looked as new access roads/routes were being laid towards it the last time I passed.

Parkhead Bus Garage

Parkhead Bus Garage

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The illegals – TW11 TTT

This would be a really nice novelty plate, but for all the naughties.

I count at least three attempts to attract a potential fine of up to £1,000 on this plate.

But there’s still a little appreciation for this white 2014 Volkswagen Golf R DSG, which produces around 300 BHP from its 2-litre engine (thankfully fuelled by petrol) and can dash to 60 in under 5 seconds. Despite more power and torque, my heavier cars would be almost 1 second behind this due to the additional weight they carry.

As for the nice plate – oh dear – illegal spacing of course, but it also carries an unapproved graphic along the left hand side of the plate, while the country flag is probably legit, it’s on the right, and the approved location is on the left, in the space occupied by the cute graphic.

If not for the fact that it gives people the opportunity to point and shout “Oh look, a TWIT!”, I’d rather like to have this registration, but I’m sure those jokes would wear thin after a while, especially if some IDIOT decided to overdo it.

2014 Volkswagen Golf R [TW11 TTT]

2014 Volkswagen Golf R [TW11 TTT]

Let’s look closer.

TW11TTT Plate

TW11TTT Plate

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