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Weekly round-up: 04 November 2018

Sad news for anyone who got in touch to let me know they like the Weekly round-up idea I recently trialled for a while.

I’ve had time to analyse and think about how it worked, and concluded it wasn’t really achieving its intended purpose.

Rather than providing a ‘quick and easy’ way to note interesting stories that I might have wanted to make a full post about, but didn’t have the time to create, it became a bit of a monster that diverted my attention, and ended up taking more time than it should have.

Since the trial ended, I found an even greater disadvantage in that having made short entries into the Round-up, my poor old memory could recall making the entry but could not differentiate between that and a full post on the subject. Consequently, I could spend ages trying to find non-existent posts, as it’s a lot harder to find an item buried in a Round-up (which does not have an easy to find title for each entry), than a proper post, which usually has a decent title, making it easy to find later.

So, I’m afraid the fact that it eventually provided more problems than solutions, and eventually ate more time than it was supposed to save, means it is now being consigned to history.

I still like the concept, but haven’t seen any workable alternatives on other sites that don’t show similar problems, so can’t see anything similar returning.

I did see one site where the owner just maintained an ever-growing list of ‘Interesting or Related Links’, but, while that may be fast, it has also become useless, being both too long, and also hard to search if seeking a past item you know was mentioned. They also put all the links on one page (to avoid having to manage pages of them), but now the page is almost unusable as it is so long it takes MINUTES to load! It can even stall browsers!!

I’ll just have to go back to Ye Olde Post Writing, with a post per item, and just forget those sightings I like, but don’t have time for.

(And ‘Tough’, for the one person who TOLD me to make only ONE post per day, I’ll post as I please, thank you.)


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Weekly Round-up: 07 October 2018

(Time to experiment, might as well dive back in and see what’s happening with a revised glance.)

My kind of house (you really DON’T want to wander into Apollo Towers without an invitation.

FBI agent dodges killer hot tub but is shot by booby-trapped wheelchair

Seriously? One might wonder why our prisons are not even FULLER than they already are. I don’t even uncover the lens on my bike cameras unless not pointing at me or Apollo Towers.

Drone gang filmed themselves flying drugs into prison

I remember seeing the video of this, and not realising it was genuine at the time. Wasn’t out for long for all that effort!

Rédoine Faïd: French helicopter jailbreak gangster captured

On a similar note, it looks as if I shouldn’t have ditched geocaching as a terrifically boring hobby, and waste of a good day out.

Geocaching enthusiasts discover hidden drugs in Angus

I’m almost (note, only ALMOST) tempted to run numbers. No mention of light TYPE! Since I changed everything to LED a few years ago, my lighting has gone from 500 W to 10 W on average. Can’t even see the effect of leaving a light on now. Some are less than 1 W, many are 3.5 W. If I’m being reckless, some are even a shocking 5 W!

Scots waste £1.8m a year by leaving their lights on

Got to be honest – I’m hopelessly out of touch with space exploration nowadays.

But at least that means I can be REALLY impressed when I trip over this sort of achievement ON AN ASTEROID!

Hayabusa 2 rovers send new images from Ryugu surface

There’s some real scum floating around out there.

76 years old, Stockwell Street, busy at 1 pm on a weekday, and it STILL took THREE WOMEN (and a baby in a pram) to rob the elderly lady of her purse.

Pensioner attacked and robbed by women in city centre

“Equal Pay or we Walk Away!”

Really? I’m not going to hold my breath waiting to see the first one that actually does.

Thousands to strike over equal pay dispute in Glasgow

Nice. Used to think the screw only worked as a mover, then saw my first generator a few years ago. Good to have options for different sites.

Archimedes Screw hydro scheme proposed for Inverness

A quick observation on the differing reporting styles used by two media sources on the same story.

First the BBC, which accurately reported how a rapidly flowing tide caught the Skye ferry while it was taking on passengers and vehicles, causing it to be left aground on the slip as the water level fell.

Compare and contrast with the STV coverage, which not only incorrectly asserts that the ferry ‘ran aground’, but also sensationalised their slur on the crew by using that as their headline.

Yet there are those who insist the BBC fails to report Scottish stories properly.

Falling tide leaves historic Skye ferry high and dry

Ferry with vehicles on board runs aground in rapid tide

Aaaaaaaand then…

(Never give a sucker an even break! I’ve had to abandon this again, as I suffer MORE silly hassles and disasters. And I thought last week was ‘busy’. Oh well. The stories also seem to back up at a horrendous rate all of a sudden. Half way through this week, when I wasn’t even really paying attention, and the pile had more than 70 in it, demanding review. I don’t think the feeds are actually coming up with genuinely interesting or relevant items now. In fact, when I look at them their main claim seem to be that they are steadily becoming more and more moronic, and feature people who need/deserve a good slap to bring them to their senses.

The idea of the Round-up had been to avoid writing longer posts, but that is being thwarted by sheer volume, which is taking longer to disperse. I might just go back to having only a few posts, but of consistent quality. The amount of moron material is just getting to be too much, and I worry about it ‘rubbing off’!

If you don’t know what I mean, just take a look at the moron comment section after most articles which have this option in The Scotsman.

I seriously wonder about the mental state of the regulars who seem to spend all day posting comments after nearly every article, or trading insults with one another.)

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Weekly round-up: 30 September 2018

Well, there’s a surprise. I though this lot had all died and gone away. I wonder if they (or one of their pals) still claim they have ‘trained experts’ who can be trusted to gain access to the base one day, and safely smash the place up with no danger of causing some sort of ‘nuclear incident’ for the surrounding area?

They really do scare me more than the base (which doesn’t, despite their attempts)!

Anti-nuclear campaigners stage peace walk at Faslane

On the theme of ‘Why we can’t have nice things’ – because thieves will steal them and sell them!

Scientists’ concern as space rock from Skye put on eBay

It’s a pity there seems to have been so much delusion regarding the claimed advantages of diesel as a car fuel over the years – and that much of the fantasy has become ‘Fact by Lore’. I used to wonder what was wrong with my scientific education/training, as my own analysis of diesel’s claimed advantages never agreed with what I was being told (and all I got was abuse for “Being stupid”). Even the simple claim of 10% greater mileage than petrol failed (for me) as it cost 10% more than petrol at the pumps!

That said, I had been impressed by the (apparent) performance gradually being extracted from diesel engines in some cars, and had been looking forward to seeing if they could rival or pass petrol. Guess we’ll never know. Especially since fossil fuel car engines will simply die out over the next few decades.

Porsche stops making diesel cars after VW emissions scandal

Nice. Run to the media, use the word ‘Horrified’ and hope you can embarrass Aldi into upping their £40 comp. Personally, I find their habits more disgusting than the frog in the bag, if they were eating a 40 p bag of rocket over TWO days, and didn’t look in it, or even wash the contents. I’d pass if they offered me anything ‘fresh’ to munch on.

Couple ‘horrified’ after finding live frog in bag of salad

Despite trying, I really can’t see any reason to object to this sponsor – in fact, I see taking their money to sponsor bikes as an ideal combination. I suspect the author has some other agenda against someone.

Stephen Jardine: Fast food sponsor for Edinburgh cycle hire is madness

Sad Cat Lemons

Sad Cat Lemons

I don’t like just dropping or ending a feature, but after the various hassles of the past 2-3 weeks (computer, hard drive, and then total loss of favourite browser with all its customisation to suit my workflow), the Round-up is so far out of sync with events that it has become unworkable.

The last look at the feed that brings potential items of interest ended up with something like 50-60 items AFTER review, which is just insane.

Not sure if really so many potential items, or I just lost the plot, either way, that’s just not sustainable as it’s more like work than fun.

Pity, it had been working reasonably well, until recently.

I’ll leave it for a while, which may serve as a ‘Reset’ for my head, and perhaps let it restart in a few weeks, better tuned to pick up only relevant or fun items of interest, and not something more like ‘work’.

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Weekly round-up: 23 September 2018

No Round-up possible this week – I have little or no idea what has been happening after wasting days on a possible failure of a computer didn’t materialise, but all my browsers did decide to go into meltdown. I keep four different versions in use (each of differing complexity) since an update can render one unusable if it changes something important, but something took three of them out completely, while the fourth still worked, but lost all locally stored settings and data.

Never seen anything like that before, and it took most of the week to fix, leaving no time to look at any news.

Biggest surprise was that when I tried to make the change to another browser (actually two, as I keep at least two different browsers simmering in the background as alternates for emergencies), neither of them could replicate the effectiveness of my browser of choice.

And the add-ons/extensions were shockingly poor performers, failing to achieve the same ‘tricks’ I normally enjoy, or performing poorly.

I will never complain or grumble about the incumbent again.



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Weekly round-up: 16 September 2018

Interesting comment on a new bypass in Aberdeen, which seems to have forgotten about cyclists. Bad idea nowadays. A bit like Lidl, which has completed new or revamped shops around Glasgow recently, yet has provided no bike stands in these new works . Morrison’s has also failed in this respect. But Aldi and Tesco have provided stands.

Cyclists protest over dedicated Aberdeen bypass paths

This appeared at the same time, and shows the problem of advocates for EITHER side, as Nick Freeman demand top much legislation to control cyclists, and Jodi Gordon demand all bias to be in favour of cyclists. Hopefully, less biased heads (either way) will make more balanced changes.

Jodi Gordon: Road traffic law tinkering doesn’t go far enough

A lot of words, but not much is actually said in this article about a subject I’m pleasantly surprised to see becoming reality. Sadly, the usual moron appears in the comments, and just HAS to be a miserable naysayer who wants to see this venture fail… or maybe not even get off the ground.

Lauren Payne: Feet on the ground before launching space satellites

So, Scotland has the ‘Highest Hedge in the World’, yet a private individual is expected to foot a £90 k bill to maintain a tourist attraction they cannot generate funds from? Time to pop into the local garden centre and buy a chain saw and wood chipper.

Owner of the world’s highest hedge facing £90,000 bill for getting it trimmed

NOPE! Rengelov is NO Scottish Elon Musk. This carefully written propaganda piece for hydrogen attempts to paint it as ‘better’ than electricity for vehicles, concentrating the reader on its environmental credentials (which are good) but neglecting to provide the full story by considering the (non-existent and costly) hydrogen infrastructure needed to support it. I suggest anyone interested ready up.

Glasgow’s ‘Elon Musk’ hoping to revolutionise passenger transport

Glasgow’s iconic gasworks at Provanmill and Temple have had their listed status confirmed. Provan was built in 1904, and Temple in 1871. Scottish Gas Networks had labelled the decision to grant two gasworks listed status ‘illogical’, claiming the status would have a massive economic impact on potential use of the sites.

Listed status secured for Glasgow’s two iconic gasworks

is it just my hearing, or has anyone ever heard the word ‘Responsibilities’ uttered by creeps like this as they whine about their rights and ‘Free Speech’ as they spew their bile over the rest of us?

Man fined for Nazi pug video invited to speak at European Parliament

Never comfortable with publishing details (esp with pics) like this so prominently before evidence reviewed, or conviction confirmed, but since I noted this appear last week.

HMS Queen Elizabeth: Police reveal why six British sailors were arrested

For a moment, I really thought someone would throw a spanner in this nice little cinema project – but it’s made it.

Cromarty cinema plan gets go-ahead

I see Glasgow is on the 200% list – guess I better move the luxury flats (two big cardboard boxes) I left near the road!

Double council tax for 15,000 empty homes


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Weekly round-up: 09 September 2018

Slightly weird, but makes more sense when the source is reviewed and reveals the real story here is that old wrinklies (who will soon die and not be included) don’t care, while the growing number is coming from the fact that more young people are arriving and being included as time passes. Oh, the spelling mistake below is The Scotsman’s, as quoted from the article title.

Growing number of Scots belive climate change is ‘urgent problem’

Interesting bit of nationalistic hysteria, but until somebody has the haggis given ‘Protected Status’, branding is uncontrolled. The Cornish pasty people cared enough, but apparently not the haggis folk. Maybe they should see this as a wake-up call, and get busy.

Anger over Union Jack branding on haggis

While I don’t care what happens to an overpaid kid who kicks (kicked?) a ball around a field, I do find it disappointing that this story centres on competent lawyer Nick Freeman, and fails to concentrate on the years of incompetence he’s highlighted in the police, who apparently can’t follow simple procedures.

‘Mr Loophole’ Nick Freeman to defend David Beckham

Well there’s a surprise (not), as sad old man is joined by sock puppet on Putin’s comic news outlet.

It’s a shame, as this was a great channel to watch in the early days of Freeview, when it was just a filler, and featured much non-news or propaganda content, with material which now has to be searched out in Russian people’s video blogs and similar non-state controlled outlets.

Tommy Sheridan joins ‘Russian propaganda’ outlet as presenter

Later item on the same subject, but it’s a good read on the once tanned and not-so-Teflon nobody.

Dani Garavelli: Sputnik role takes Tommy Sheridan beyond the outer fringes

I love how this reports the contempt of ‘readers’ – probably the same people who wet themselves every time they see a ‘cardboard cutout cop’, because of what they think they have just been caught doing! (I’m pretty sure I’ve read studies that show these actually DO work).

Readers brand cardboard traffic cops for Edinburgh a “Huge waste of money”

Not sure if writer is playing with words so they can say ‘first’ in, but Crieff is NOT the first place to issue fines for idling cars. Glasgow has had this in place for some years, signs warn of it, especially at school gates, and the council web site shows the number of fines issued each year. There’s not many, but it does happen.

Crieff could become first Scottish town to ban idling cars

Well, THAAR’s another big surprise – yet ANOTHER scheme promoted by celebrities (like diets, detox plans, cholesterol reducing spreads etc etc etc) is just another virtually pointless money-making scheme.

Probiotics labelled ‘quite useless’

Interesting – I’ve noticed a few folk mention that they live in places the cruise ships pass as they just can’t stop close enough to allow day trips. Might more places see the £££ possibility? And what of tiny places that can’t fund anything like a £15 million upgrade?

Plans for £15m cruise ship terminal in Greenock revealed

Nice. When so many cinemas have closed, this could be a change. (And the BBC gets to join The Scotsman with a heading typo, per the first item above).

Tiny cinema plan for Higland village of Cromarty

Sad to see yet another Scottish ‘eejit’ helping the Putin/Russian propaganda comic along, joining the sad old men who can’t get heard anywhere else (Salmond, then Sheridan).

Three people who now have no credibility (even if they had it before).

SNP MP Angus MacNeil ‘will continue to appear on RT’

Scotland on Mars!

I knew that a couple of sites on Mars had been given Scottish names, from earlier rover tales, but had no idea there were so many!

There’s at least Glenelg, St Kilda, Torridon, Siccar Point, Muck, Wick, Sandwick and Holyrood. (Pity there’s no way to shoot that disgusting £430 million skipload of rubbish at Holyrood up to Mars, it’s the ideal place to stop it making my eyes bleed!)

Scottish ‘site’ in new Martian panorama from NASA

Intriguing to see Dundee is STILL a game development centre. I was a semi-tiny at the time it saw its first computer games related ‘boom’, and wonder what would have happened if I’d not been guided to another career by sensible people who said “Grow up, games will never be a job”.

InGAME project worth £9m to research and develop video games

The comments section again reads more like a morons sections, as behaviour likely to get you or I arrested is dismissed as ‘normal behaviour for sailors in port’ which should be ignored to let the lads have some fun.

British sailors on HMS Queen Elizabeth arrested in first overseas trip

Followed by a letter that suggest morons can not only type short comments, but write longer letters too – or do their carers take pity on them, and take dictation?

I’d laugh at this and some of the comments – if they were funny. Instead, they just show how desperate those who try to make political capital out of anything are.

Letters: SNP plans for energy generation damage Scottish independence

Isn’t it wonderful how the morons who fill Comment sections these days can ALWAYS solve every problem reported in the news?

I wonder if it helps never actually having to enact their solutions, or any legal responsibilities for safety/accidents/failures etc?

Heatwave derails Harry Potter train trips at Christmas

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Weekly round-up: 02 September 2018

MV Glenachulish is almost 50 years old and serves the oldest crossing to Skye from the mainland, crossing the Kylerhea Straits between Glenelg and Kylerhea on Skye. The real story here is that Glenachulish is the world’s last sea-going, manually-operated, turntable ferry, and was NOT lost when the Skye Bridge arrived.

First female skipper of world’s last ferry of its kind

Another watery story, with a little misfortune suffered by the paddle steamer Waverley (last sea-going paddle steamer in the world, which makes regular trips across the Bristol Channel, along the Thames, and around the Isle of Wight – as well as around the Scottish coast.

Waverley Paddle Steamer back on water after breakdown

They moved it when I wasn’t around Glasgow, so I hadn’t really realised it had gone until I read this reminder – I liked it, and never understood all the negative fuss. There is some real rubbish piled up and called ‘sculpture’, yet it gets praise if a famous name is stuck beneath it.

Remembering ‘The Blob’ – the statue that divided the whole of Glasgow

Seriously? These gender claims become more ridiculous as the claimants try harder and harder to find them.

Gender row over Up Helly Aa Viking fire festival

I’m crying as I type this – but not with sympathy as this whining woman talks tripe about how TOUGH her £340,000 ‘job’ of talking for a few hours every day is.

Vanessa Feltz on the challenges of hosting two shows a day

While I remain largely apolitical, I don’t think there can be any doubt that the person who made this anonymous demand is little more than a snivelling coward – or just one of those creeps that likes to spoil things for others.

Couple told to remove Saltire that was ‘lowering the tone’ of their street

Not just thieves, but nasty thieves too.

Disabled toilet door stolen from Loch Lomond park 

Maybe the same nice people passed through Glasgow on their way to the loch.

War memorial ‘petrol bombed’ just weeks before unveiling

Again, why we can’t have nice things – MORONS!

Fears over protected wildlife disturbed by drones


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Weekly round-up: 26 August 2018

(The round-up may be in danger, While it’s just intended as a quick, light-hearted listing of items noted during the week – instead of creating a longer and more time consuming post – I’ve found that items included here are hard to find again, if wanted later, for reference.)

Odd story to start the week, “Where my car?”

Driver spent 12 hours looking for car in Edinburgh after Scottish Power move it for roadworks

Wonder what the average IQ is in Kirkintilloch? I used to think the ‘”5-second rule” was dumb, but swallowing random tablets?

Man falls ill after taking blue tablets he found in Kirkintilloch

Not as crazy as it sounds, but the story lacks both figures or even a hint at how it works. Just like the Dad’s Army episode that referred to ‘muffled oars’ – they didn’t know what they were either.

New quieter hammer for offshore wind farms tested

What a horrible ‘achievement’ for Glasgow.

Glasgow revealed to be third-most tattooed city in the UK

A little surprised to see this story claims a genuine wildcat, as the markings seem far from pure, even in the less than ideal stills, especially the tail, with apparently joined rings, which is a no-no.

Scot captures moment pine marten comes face-to-face with rare wildcat

Intriguing? Amusing? One day we’re closing bases. Then on another day we’re expanding them, and even ‘hiring’ them out.

Actually, the real shame that we are returning to the level of activity we saw in the Cold War, but are missing the idealistic but stable heads behind the formality of that ‘conflict’, and have instead allowed huge egos/morons to have their fingers on ‘The Button’ nowadays.

US sub hunters to operate from RAF station in Scotland

Funny thing, how the ‘sighting’ claims came back after the media noted the number had fallen in recent times – and it looks as if the phrase “Look! A UFO/Nessie. Hurry and get the wost camera you can find!” still applies too.

Is that you Nessie? Potential new sighting by 12-year-old

Nice thought sir – But if you want your hobby to continue, you’ll have to raise the cash, not hold your hand out for other people’s.

Campaigners seek to keep Scotland’s canals ‘usable’

The old craft are pretty reliable, and we don’t see stories like this often. At least they’re not crossing the Atlantic!

Passengers stranded as paddle steamer Waverley breaks down


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Weekly round-up: 19 August 2018

So, I made a mistake and didn’t become an architect (seriously), but still keep an eye on related matters, and found this story intriguing. It seems ‘New Russia’ is ramping up the ‘fake news’ (almost like the Cold War era) with claims such as this. Be interesting to see if this is resolved (and reported where I can spot it).

Architect hits back in row over Russian tower

What a shame for the poor horse. I thought this had been settled long ago, but the woman has abused the appeal system and managed an impressive, yet pointless, delay. She clearly never had the means to look after it properly.

Council in process of selling pony kept in living room

For about 8+ years I’ve followed a (serious) discussion group that considers all forms of EV, and the development of ‘magic’ batteries. So far, NONE of these have appeared. All the media sources have jumped on this story, and all regurgitated the same waffle, and failed to mention the absence of a practical demonstrator. Even so, the comment moron section after this article is full of the usual nonsensical ‘expert’ analysis (of something none of them have any actual knowledge or experience of) and conspiracy theories (of suppression of things like the 100 mpg carburettor, and patents being buried by… Big Oil).

Scots scientists’ battery breakthrough could revolutionise electric cars

OOPS! Pretty sure someone has made a mistake publishing this – if this is a typical poor Edinburgh student, I’m too embarrassed and ashamed to say how little I live on as an adult in Glasgow. He’s got it made in my eyes.

How I live on £1,725 a month as a student in Edinburgh

It’s a pity ‘poverty’ no longer means “The state of having little or no money and few or no material possessions”, but is now a politically useful formula/definition. If your income is below a given percentage of the average wage, you’re in poverty. Attach the word ‘child’ in front, and you can shame anyone who says what I just said. Just change the notional percentage, and you can move the number in poverty up and down to suit your agenda.

Gordon Brown warns of growing child poverty crisis

No doubt living in ‘child poverty’ these bored children make their own entertainment.

Heartless vandals urinate and set fire to school’s sensory garden

Forget the daft story – Bridgeton on the telly! (Pity I won’t see it, I wouldn’t soil my eyes by looking at ANY so-called ‘Reality TV’, which appears t be anything but.)

Is it just me, or are the negative critics the ones at fault here? Making all this fuss, all those claims, and kicking the Mones over a programme that has apparently not even been seen yet, or by them? Maybe they had a wee meeting, and decided that they’d found a great way to get some free publicity, by hanging on to the Mone name, knowing the media would feature it.

Michelle Mone blasts ‘SNP moron’ MP after criticism of daughter’s reality TV stint

Born Famous: Poverty safari or positive experience?

This may not be a Scottish story as such, but I was looking at something similar locally, so looked back at this one.

It looks to me as if Sefton Council is just using ignorance (of the law) to scare residents into paying it for work.

From my notes a few years ago, I’ve made bold the relevant part that came to mind:

Wilkinson’s Road Traffic Offences, the standard online textbook, explains about the driving and cycling carry throughs from the 1835 Act.

Under the Highways Act 1835, s.72, it is an offence wilfully to ride or drive on the footway, even though the driving may last only for a few seconds (McArthur v Jack 1950 S.C.(J.) 29). The offence will apply to pedal and motor cyclists.

Section 72 of the Highways Act 1835 is used in the current Highway Code. Rule 145 states:

“You MUST NOT drive on or over a pavement, footpath or bridleway except to gain lawful access to property, or in the case of an emergency.”

I don’t see any compulsion to have a drop kerb in that.

Southport woman ‘breaks the law’ by parking on her drive


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Weekly round-up: 12 August 2018

Good old Edinburgh Festival and Fringe – brings out the best in people (and the Trump shills must be raking it in from their master, given the number of negative and upset comments about this great idea. Funny how the comment morons seem to think it is OK to insult the seller and his business(es), but complain about supposed abuse of the Orange Moron.

Man selling Donald Trump toilet paper shifting ‘250 sheets a day’ at Edinburgh Festival

Am I missing something? Does this serial offender’s brother think we should be sorry for him, and be bringing him home to avoid Dubai’s courts? He’s NOT ‘stuck’ – he’s been prevented from absconding after committing a series of offences.

Welsh tourist ‘stuck in Dubai’ over £36k speeding fine

If this should, by chance, perhaps turn out to be four tourists from Dubai, here having ‘fun’- does ‘brother’ think they should not be detained when caught, or be allowed to just go home?

Dashcam footage sought of ‘speeding convoy’ of cars

It’s great that Project Bluebird chose Loch Fad on the Isle of Bute for its testing, that they’ve not sunk, and that they’ve made it to 100 mph. The story about the canopy failure is a sobering reminder (in light of the original loss) that this is still a dangerous game if not approached carefully.

Donald Campbell’s restored Bluebird hits 100mph – and went on to make 131.1 mph later in the week.

Scottish woman milks mistaken identity story for all its worth – after going to Tesco to buy milk! Seriously missus, shut up and get on with your life! (And, yes, I would have been on her side if she hadn’t gone on and on and on and…

Scots grandmother ‘humiliated’ in English Tesco after being ‘thrown out for being Scottish’

Keep milkin’ it hen 🙂

OAP humiliated by Tesco staff for ‘being Scottish’ wants apology ‘not vouchers’

So, it wasn’t in Scotland, but I think this story about a baby squirrel terrorising a German has to get honourable mention – just look at those pics of the dangerous beast.

German police save man from baby squirrel terror

Interesting. I had no idea it all went so far. I only get to see the little bits in the east end of Glasgow. The come in handy when the roads are blocked by football hooligans on match days, or moronic sheeples who recently flocked in to Glasgow 2018. Or I assume they did, I just avoided all the roads disrupted by that nonsense.

National cycle network to be completed thanks to extra £3.9m funding

Well done Flora Smith… 109!

Flora Smith, Scotland’s oldest woman, dies at 109

Dear STV,

What’s the point in publishing an article announcing weekend event ComicCon at lunchtime on the SUNDAY?

Spider-Man swings into Scotland for Film and Comic Con

Do you think he’ll ever realise the mistake he made?

Pussy Riot founder slams Alex Salmond’s Russian TV hosts

I might have had more in this week’s round-up…

But it’s hard to read articles and type posts when you collapse with fits of laughter every time you see something like this.

In pictures: Hundreds protest in Glasgow against ‘BBC bias’

OH NO! Here I go again…

Me When Some Nutjob Accuses The BBC Of Bias

Me When Some Nutjob Accuses The BBC Of Bias

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Weekly round-up: 05 August 2018

Does this mean Shettleston and the east end have lost their greatest title?

Shieldhall Tunnel now operational as Scotland’s biggest sewer

Tougher firearms laws seem to be having little effect.

Never have any qualms about turning anyone like this in – studies warn there’s a good chance they’re just practicing, and people/children could be their next ‘plaything’.

Cat shot in ‘despicable’ attack in Dundee

Cat seriously injured after being shot with air rifle

This may have been an accident, but I have my doubts given the number of links I get from around the world of people deliberately throwing kittens into busy traffic from moving cars! What is wrong with some people?

Abandoned ferret dumped in box in middle of road

This is odd. I gave up the East Fortune Air Show years ago, after ticket prices reached silly levels (judged against similar shows elsewhere). This read like a decent review for the 2018 event – but according to commenters, describes displays that did not take place. Sorry I wasn’t there, so can’t mediate, but clearly someone is lying.

Crowds revel at Scotland’s National Airshow

It’s nice to know I’m in deeper poverty than a ‘Rough Sleeper’. Seriously! I can’t afford or justify the cost of a mobile phone, yet these supposedly ‘poor’ people are to be GIVEN mobile phone chargers (which cost pennies compared to a mobile phone and contract).

Misguided charity? Disgusting?

Rough sleepers in Edinburgh to get phone chargers

Rough sleepers given mobile phone chargers

No ticket price in the story, no wonder, £35 per car – so better fill it! (Take the neighbours).

Drive-in movies coming to Glasgow’s Riverside Museum

Apparently ‘Spontaneous Combustion’ struck in Glasgow, again. Fortunately Stobhill closed some time ago. I remember an unrelated ‘aunt’ received treatment there, but don’t think I was ever dragged along to visit.

Former hospital destroyed after fire rips through building

Deliberate? Surely not.

Fire at Old Stobhill hospital site started deliberately, say police

Blaze which destroyed hospital ‘started deliberately’

Love Argyll & Bute Council logic after it raised a parking charge from £1 to £8… “Charging only applies between 9am and 6pm, which equates to £1 per hour.” Hourly charging claim implies refunds for unused time, if I leave after say one hour. Does keeping my ‘unused’ £8 amount to theft by ABC? Remember Dick Turpin, he at least wore a mask 🙂

Hillwalkers furious over 800% rise in car park costs

There was a stupid story in the news recently, somehow suggesting that free bus travel for over-60s was under threat, or that the age could be raised. I couldn’t see how this sort of nonsense could be construed from news of a review, but then we have to remember that some writers just can’t help writing ‘clickbait’ rather than facts. In fact, the bus passes are staying, and the review has seen it being extended.

Over-60s to keep free bus pass privileges in Scotland

I was going to do a longer ‘counter post’ against the following story, but reckoned it would have been as pointless and stupid as the original. There’s nothing ‘clever’ about taking a few pics of messes and then making a fuss on ‘social media’. And I’d have been stupid to take pics of neat and tidy places, and make a fuss. NEITHER would be typical OR accurate, just some sad woman wanting attention, or ‘5-minutes of fame’.

‘No clean city’: One woman’s mission to clean up Glasgow

I don’t usually like the idea of using price to control something, but in the case of something disgusting like smoking, all I can say is !The Higher The Better’. I’d like to see cigarette advertising return, but only one ad allowed – showing people rolling £20 notes up like cigarettes, and burning them!

Experts call for cigarette prices to rise to £20 by 2020 to deter smokers

Interesting thoughts. I haven’t been there for years, and used to think Edinburgh was terrible to drive through, then I made the simple change of using the streets that ran parallel to Princes Street. Have a good laugh at some of the moronic thoughts in the comment area.

Edinburgh city centre could become ‘relatively traffic free zone’

A while since we’ve seen drone story in the news. This one’s interesting to read not for the drone mention, but the later claims suggesting it never happened!

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro survives drone assassination attempt

There was a great story about copyright this week, involving YouTube, the BBC, and (best not mentioned). What was more interesting than the largely non-story was the response of the morons occupying the Comments Area, who seem able to resolve the matter easily – just by ignoring the relevant parts of the Copyright Act, and making their usual cry of ‘censorship’

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