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Aberdeen joins Glasgow as ‘special’ Soviet era target

Striking me as slightly pointless if we are/were to believe the anti-nuclear loonies, Glasgow was mapped in detail by the Soviets back in the days of the Cold War.

Purpose unclear, since the anti-nuclear brigade was assuring everyone that Glasgow would be amongst the first places to be wiped off the face of the Earth, because… Holy Loch nuclear sub base!

Had they not turned it into a big hole, they might have moved their dachas here, we are on the same latitude as Moscow.

Now it seems that Aberdeen was treated to a similar mapping exercise.

A Soviet map of Aberdeen compiled by undercover operatives in 1981 showing strategic locations for invasion has come to light after cash-starved employees sought revenge against their former paymasters after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The map is revealed in a new book examining 500 years of military mapping in Scotland.

The detailed map of Aberdeen, a city which suffered severe bombing during the Second World War, gives precise measurements of many features, including the widths and lengths of the Victoria Bridge and Wellington Suspension Bridge over the River Dee.

The mapmakers colour-coded buildings by function – green for military, purple for civil administration, black for industrial and brown for residential. This is accompanied by a ‘spravka’ essay of more than 1,800 words focusing on 58 important objects, which notes the coastal area north of the city is “suitable for amphibious landing” and the impressive “harbour dockage facilities can provide complete overhaul of vessels, including destroyers”.

The spravka included details such as the land around the city being “dissected by deep river valleys that are the major obstacles for non-road mobile machinery”, that its quarries could be used for shelters and that “Aberdeen seaport is the major maintenance base for oil deposits in the North Sea”.

Scotland: Defending The Nation – Mapping A Military Landscape by Carolyn Anderson and Christopher Fleet includes military maps from the 15th century.

Revealed – Soviet spies’ secret map of Aberdeen, a city ripe for invasion

Maybe somebody realised they’d made a mistake by mapping Glasgow, that it would become a smoking, glowing, wasteland after the few minutes it would take for World War III to be completed, and that they’d better have a nice wee bolthole for their masters to retire to, before they ‘disappeared’.

It’s a long time since those Glasgow maps were revealed, and unless my memory is really bad (possible) there was some amusement to be had by the media back then, as the tired old hacks tried to raise a laugh by pointing out mistakes or misunderstandings on the Russian map.

I don’t see anything similar in the Aberdeen article – maybe the workers that made those mistakes… ‘disappeared’.


Viewing Russian maps

I’m not sure if there are other resources (online), but since the first Russian maps of Glasgow appeared many years ago, I have relied on Old-Maps for my regular viewing of the material.

For my purposes, all the material is free. (there are some conditions, but not usually relevant).

I had a quick look, and confirmed that they also have Russian maps of Aberdeen available.

Find them here…


Serious Cat

Serious Cat



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Protest against the ban on Button the cat as Aberdeen University rector candidate

Given that rectors are really titular positions, not achieved through holding jobs that develop a career leading to promotion to the post – and you need only look at some of the utter numpties that have been handed the post – there seems no reason NOT to hand the title to one of our feline overlords, especially since it seems Buttons lives on the campus, and has spent more time mingling with the students there than any ‘parachuted in’ outsider who may also have dubious intentions.

On Thursday the 8th of February 2018, sixty-two students signed a rectorial nomination form requesting that Buttons, the white cat that lives on campus, be allowed to run as candidate in the upcoming elections for the position of rector to the University of Aberdeen. The elections committee could not validate the nomination as Buttons did not meet requirements under the OSCR Guidelines to being a charity trustee (as outlined in the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005) as is required under Section 2.2 of the Rules.

We have been given 24 hours to make an appeal to the elections committee and have decided to open this petition in the hope of getting enough students engaged to prove that it is necessary for Buttons to be nominated as candidate for the sake of student interest, democracy and fluffy feline friendliness.

Vote for cats not bureaucrats. Vote for Buttons.

The petition can be signed here:

Let Buttons be Nominated for Rector of the University of Aberdeen

STV News: Bid to elect Buttons the cat rector of Aberdeen University

The Herald: Hundreds protest ban on Buttons the cat as Aberdeen University Rector candidate

Cats Not Bureaucrats

Cats Not Bureaucrats

Maybe that should  be Bureaucats NOT Bureaucrats 🙂

First: Bureaucats: The felines with official positions

Second: Whiskers in the workplace: More cats with careers

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More Inversnecky cat fun

I’ve mentioned my once regular breakfast stop on Aberdeen’s beach front before, after spotting its board out front, and it seems the witty cat word play has not ended.

I spotted this pic online.

Inversnecky Cat Treat

Inversnecky Cat Treat

Neighbour’s cats?

Cat Royalty

Cat Royalty

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Source of wisdom – The Inversnecky on Aberdeen’s beach front

A little while ago I was ‘gifted’ a view that I recognised as being from the area of The Inversnecky on the front, or esplanade, of Aberdeen’s beach.

See The secret inside hoMEOWner

A chance find this morning means I can not only add to that, and have not only found the source, but also a huge archive of earlier wisdom from the café.

See VinnieASL submitted images on imgur

Looks like someone there has been busy.

Good job they don’t have one of my old bosses there too…

Anybody with the time to make up and create those signs would have found themselves with a broom stuck up their backside to keep them busy, or walking the streets.

Oh wait… maybe Vinnie IS the boss!

Inversnecky Irony

Inversnecky Irony

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The secret inside hoMEOWner

In what I now think of as ‘The Good Old Days’ I used to have a certain degree of responsibility for a small office we ran in Aberdeen, which meant the occasional drive up there to make sure the staff were following procedures.

With a trip time of 2-3 hours depending on what sort of loonies might be encountered on the early morning roads, I generally timed this run so as to arrive at Aberdeen beach in time for The Inversnecky café to be open, and the cooker to be nicely warmed up so I could enjoy a nice cooked breakfast before falling in the office door.

I spotted the words of wisdom seen below in a big photo-sharing site, and recognised not only the name, but the pavement and road – these being the same ones found on the beach road in front of The Inversnecky.

The sandwich board didn’t exist in the days when I was visiting, but seems to have become a regular feature and can be found elsewhere – but this cat-themed one is (obviously) going to be the one I mention

Inversencky Inversnecky Homeowner MeowMeow

Inversnecky Homeowner Meow

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Find wartime bombing sites in Aberdeenshire

Two Google maps showing areas where raids were carried out during World War II have been created using records from the time.

One map shows areas where bombing raids caused damage and can be found here, and shows all the known attacks from 26 June 1940, until the last raid on 21 April 1943.

Some of the areas affected are quite small, so it’s best to zoom in on any area of interest as the marker may not be visible when he map is zoomed out to cover a wide area.

The other shows areas where enemy aircraft carried out attacks, and can be found here, and shows those recorded in the Aberdeen County Register of Air Raids and Alarms from 1940 – 1944.

Via: Map charts WW2 bombing of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

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Help catch the scum that threw a cat out of a car in Aberdeen

The Scottish SPCA has launched an appeal for help in identifying those responsible for throwing a cat from a red hatchback car travelling on Cairngorm Drive, Kincorth, on Tuesday morning at approximately 7:45 am.

Witnesses to the incident saw a following car run over the cat, after which the cat tumbled to the side of the road before darting away through gardens and settling on a window ledge.

Remarkably, the grey and white female tabby cat escaped with minor injuries and is now recovering at the Scottish SPCA’s Aberdeenshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre at Drumoak, where staff have named her Delilah.

I suppose it’s relatively unlikely anyone will be held to account for this act of animal cruelty, but it is right that efforts should be made to find those behind it.

I recall reading a number of papers published some years ago, where it was found that people who carry out such acts were likely to carry on and become child abusers, and that this sort of activity with people’s pets was merely practice for more serious form of abuse.

Animal Rescue Officer Karen Hogg said: “Understandably Delilah was absolutely petrified when I came to collect her and she just wanted to coory into me for comfort.

“I took her straight to the vet to be examined but amazingly she has survived her terrifying ordeal with only scuffing to the pads of her feet and a small scrape on her nose, although we’ll continue to monitor her condition in our care.

“The couple who witnessed the incident said they saw something being thrown from the car before it sped off and then they saw the cat lying on the road. Unfortunately they said the car travelling closely behind ran right over the top of her and she tumbled to the side of the road before darting away through gardens and settling on a window ledge.

“Delilah has used up at least two of her nine lives in what appears to have been an incredibly cruel act.

“Although this was a fairly quiet, residential street, it is just off a busy main road so someone may have seen the car in the area and may have noticed the occupants acting suspiciously.

“We are very keen to trace the person or persons responsible for Delilah’s abandonment so we are asking anyone who recognises the cat or witnessed the incident to contact our Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999.”

Via Cat in care after being thrown from car in Kincorth area of Aberdeen | Aberdeen & North | News | STV

Delilah Car Throw Cat

Delilah, thrown from car. Pic via Scottish SPCA

I can’t lay hands on it again, but just a few weeks ago, had a video from Russia which actually caught someone doing this in the centre of a road junction – the driver threw the kitten out as he crossed the junction. I don’t know what happened, as this was only a short clips only showing this action.

Delilah was very lucky, as these two videos show, and also highlight the difference between animal care in the US and the UK, where we have organisations such as the Scottish SPCA:

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Appeal (successful) over blind arthritic cat found in Aberdeen

(Good news since the appeal went out, as Opal – Daphne’s real name – was reunited with her family only a day after the publicity given by the media.

Via Lost blind arthritic Aberdeen cat reclaimed by family)

No let up in news of lost cats appeals, and this is particularly sad.

The Scottish SPCA has ask for help to find the owner of a lost blind pet cat which was found bumping into things in Aberdeen:

A resident of Greenbrae Crescent in the Bridge of Don area spotted the white and black female struggling last Friday.

It is thought the cat – aged about eight – also has arthritis.

She has been named Daphne and is being cared from (sic) at the charity’s Drumoak rescue centre.

Centre assistant manager Debbie Innes said: “The person who contacted us about Daphne was worried as she kept bumping into things.

“A vet has confirmed that she is blind and possibly has arthritis in her back legs.

“She was wearing a collar with a cat flap sensor but, unfortunately, has no microchip or identification.”

Via Appeal over blind arthritic cat found in Aberdeen

Scottish SPCA

Aberdeenshire rehoming centre – Drumoak

Daphne blind cat

Daphne blind cat
pic from Scottish SPCA

Just in passing…

I noticed another cat story from the north (well, they’re all north of me) – with a good ending…

Cat rescued after getting stuck up Blairgowrie tree for three days | Dundee & Tayside | News | STV


If anyone is wondering how a blind cat gets on, then the answer is “Just fine with the right hoomins”.

This example comes from Oskar’s collection: Oskar the Blind Cat & Klaus – YouTube

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A cat called Tigger breaks our run of ‘Lost Cat’ posts

Making a welcome change from our usual reposting of ‘Lost Cat’ stories and appeals for information, a cat called Tigger was quickly reunited with his owner after his 130 miles trip to Aberdeen from the  Deldrige area of Livingston, after wandering into the back of a van while it was being loaded.

Fortunately, Tigger was both microchipped and recorded, so his owners were able to be traced.

After a meal and night in the cages at Aberdeen’s Drumoak Scottish SPCA rescue centre, Tigger was sent home:

The adventurous moggy hitched a ride to Aberdeen in the back of the vehicle from Livingston.

Two-year-old Tigger was handed in to the Scottish SPCA’s Aberdeenshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre after he was found by the driver following the trip.

Iain Binnie, 35, had been clearing furniture out of a relative’s home in the Dedridge area when Tigger jumped into the back of his hired van.

He returned to his home in Aberdeen but only discovered Tigger the following morning when he opened the van to find the cat sitting at the door meowing.

Mr Binnie took the feline stowaway to the rescue centre at Drumoak where staff were able to trace Tigger’s owner through his identity microchip.

via Stowaway cat Tigger hitches ride from Livingston to Aberdeen | Aberdeen & North | News | STV.

At least this one was fairly safe, unlike those that manage to jam themselves somewhere under the bonnet, close to the engine for some heat, something still quite likely during the ‘lovely’ weather we are enjoying at the moment…

Good advice to save a hidden cat

What a nice change to be showing one of the SPCA’s appeal pics as a happy ending, instead of appealing for help to find a lost cat’s owners:

Tigger found

Tigger found – pic by the Scottish SPCA

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Why Scotland should have kept at least one asylum mothballed

Golf mad

If you or I pursued a single aim with the same single-minded zealousness with which American (ie not someone who even lives in Scotland) billionaire Donald Trump has made preventing the construction of a small (11 turbine i think) wind farm out in the North Sea, folk responsible for “Care in the Community” would be wrapping us up in blankets, sitting us in wheelchairs, and taking us to the nearest hospital with psychiatric department – for our own protection, and of those who may come into contact with us.

You can probably get a pretty good idea of his mental state by considering that he sees wind turbines as windmills… and most of us know what was in Don Quixote’s head – Don Quixote has selective vision of the real world. Windmills are giant brutes, sheep are attacking armies, and slaves are oppressed gentlemen.

That description reminds me of someone… now who might it be? Give me a moment, I’m sure the answer will come to me.

Back in the real world, he sin committed by those responsible for this particular offshore wind farm was to allow the turbines to be visible to someone who (probably) may have stood on a box, or a ladder, and got a pair of binoculars or a telescope, and looked out to sea – there’s a chance that they might see the turbines. And Trump doesn’t want their view spoiled.

I would have thought the chances of them seeing turbines miles out to sea were slight, assuming they were actually there to enjoy a game of golf, or stand slack-jawed in awe at the sight of the wondrous course Trump built on the land he “acquired”.

Or maybe he thinks they’ll be blinded, or turned into pillars of salt, or maybe even die of shock at the sight (and not pay their bill!)

Speaking to the Financial Times this week, he is reported to have stated:

“I don’t think they’ll be built,” he told the FT.

He added: “I built a masterpiece. I don’t want to see it destroyed by windmills. Windmills are going to be the death of Scotland and even England if they don’t do something about them. They are ruining the countryside.

“I’ve done a great favour to Scotland and even Great Britain… A lot of people were devastated when their houses were ruined and their values destroyed when they put up a windmill near it. But they had no voice. Now they have a voice: me.

“I’ve empowered them to fight. And people are fighting these ugly monstrosities.”

Should the “windmills” be approved, he said: “I’ll bring a lawsuit and I think it will be tied up for many years in court.”

Via Donald Trump ‘hell-bent’ on stopping Aberdeenshire wind farm | Aberdeen & North | News | STV

The developer has already been shown to employ people who will lie, and had a documentary film maker arrested on the basis of false statements about him harassing staff on Trump property.

Fortunately, that particular charge was caught on film, and shown to be nothing of the sort – in fact it was a sole Trump employee that saw the film maker off the premises in a less than friendly manner:

Documentary airs on BBC

It’s interesting to note that so appalled is Trump by the “spoiled view” from his course, that he applied to add another one:

Petition calling for Donald Trump golf public inquiry

And one had to wonder if he had anything to do with the closure of a nearby course and resort, where 25 staff have been made redundant after Inchmarlo Golf Club was placed in liquidation:

Inchmarlo Resort and Golf Club placed in provisional liquidation | Aberdeen & North | News | STV

Clearly, the only good golf course is a Trump Golf course (in at least ONE person’s mind.)

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‘You’ve Been Trumped’ wins Best Documentary prize in Kermode awards

Trump golfing

Trump golfing © jurvetson via flickr

We first mentioned “You’ve Been Trumped” back in  October 2012, when it was aired by the BBC, and revealed the shocking attitude of the megalomaniac American billionaire, whose money seems to be able to buy him anything… literally… including Scotland.

The revelations presented in the documentary, which showed an almost unbelievable scene where the film-makers were forcibly bundled into a police car and driven away while filming – on the basis of information later admitted to have been false, given to police by Trump staff – led to Trump venting his anger at the BBC for daring to show the film, and Donald Trump turned his bully-boy sights on the BBC after You’ve Been Trumped was aired.

While he has sought to use his mouthpieces to spread disinformation (lies?) and rubbish the documentary and it makers, those who still have grip on reality see the disgraceful and shameful truth it portrays of Scotland’s politics and police.

The film, already an award winner, has now won another award, and scooped Best Documentary in the annual ‘Kermode awards’.

Speaking to STV after the award, director Anthony Baxter (one of those arrested by Grampian Police) said:

There is a growing feeling of anger amongst people in Scotland about the way Scotland’s Government and Grampian Police have behaved over the Trump development.

Despite recent Freedom of Information requests by us and other journalists, Grampian Police claims it is somehow protecting the public by refusing to release further information about incidents documented in the film. We think that withholding this information is a gross distortion of the Freedom of Information Scotland Act.

Meanwhile, despite receiving over a hundred letters from concerned viewers since the film was broadcast by the BBC [in October], Alex Salmond has yet to visit the residents on the site to hear their deeply-felt concerns.”

Despite his anger, Baxter declared the success of the film was as much a testimony to the spirit shown by the Menie dwellers as it was to his own efforts behind the camera lens.

He added: “Mark Kermode [the BBC’s chief film critic] was present when we played the film alongside the great Bill Forsyth’s Local Hero at the Shetland film festival — which makes the award all the more meaningful.

This award is a real and fitting tribute to the residents of the Menie Estate and the way that they have captured the hearts and minds of people across the UK, following the film’s network television broadcast and through its cinema release, for their courage, dignity and respect for their environment.”

Via You’ve Been Trumped wins Best Documentary prize in Kermode awards | Aberdeen & North | News | STV

The shame for Scotland is, that despite all this publicity revealing Trump’s methods, his plans proceed without any hindrance from the authorities, who seem to support his claims while ignoring the voice of the locals.

It’s more like Stain’s Russia, rather than devolved Scotland, which is supposedly a nation struggling to assert its independence (according to some.)

Maybe someone should should check Trump has not already lodged a down-payment, or been buying up shares in Scotland Ltd while nobody was looking.

He has made further applications to build yet another golf course here, and clearly plans to turn Scotland into a nice little earner, once covered with greens from top to bottom.

Plans for second Donald Trump golf course in Aberdeenshire lodged


If golf courses are so good and so desirable, why isn’t someone in Scotland developing them, and keeping all the benefits here, instead of letting them fund an American billionaire?

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