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Finally recovered this interesting little car pic


I have to confess this is a slightly old pic I’ve had ferreted away while I tried to fix or recover it.

The car was noticed in the corner of a bigger pic, so is cropped from it, or them to be accurate since more than one was needed.

The car was originally obscured by a gate, and not being a millionaire I don’t have Photoshop (which I believe has a tool for doing this sort of fix), and I didn’t know how to use my freebies to achieve the same function – then I realised how to trick it and make it do this.

The result’s not too bad, and obviously a lot better than the same view with a wrought iron gate crossing over it.

While the subject (car) is clean, I see that some artefacts remain in the background, so you can hunt for them.

It was worth the effort, as I can probably use the same technique for more important pics in future, and look at rich Photoshop licensees with a little less envy.

The car is interesting, and probably is (or was) a bit of a rarity to spot in Scotland (or even the UK) as it is an Aixam micro car, notable for being licence-free in its native Continental Europe – some of the smaller models are restricted to 45 kph (28 mph) and can be driven without a driving licence in some European countries (including Belgium, Estonia, France, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, and Slovenia, but NOT the UK).

In the UK they are classified as a category L7e quadricycle (quad bike) because of their weight and power output, so need only a category B1 licence to be driven legally. The law changed in January 2013, permitting special restricted low power versions of the car (Aixam 400) to be driven by full AM licence holders in the UK.

While the badge on the right is the official factory fit OEM item…

I suspect there is a 4.0 Litre Jeep Cherokee somewhere feeling a little naked and embarrassed following the modification and attachment of the badge the left 😉

Petrol and diesel engines were similar, and displaced something around 500 cc to produce almost 20 or 12 BHP respectively.

Micro Car AIXAM 1999

Micro Car AIXAM 1999


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