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Carnegie Community Gallery cleared of Dippy story too

Sadly, as noted in a previous post, Kelvingrove’s ‘Community Gallery’ space had the back story to Andrew Carnegie’s reason for creating the Dippy dinosaur skeleton casts – as a means of making contact with world leaders of the day, as part of a world peace initiative.

I (somehow) remembered to go take a look at this space.

Not too surprising – it had been cleared of most of the display, and was being prepared for reorganization.

A bit of a pity in some ways, as much of the material consisted of print, pics, and video. That could have been copied/retained.

The objects on display were relevant, but not really essential for telling the story of Carnegie’s peace initiative, and the part played by the dinosaur skeleton casts.

I think it was also a shame that this informative display was so remote from the skeleton cast, rather than being located adjacent, where the connection/reason could have been more immediately apparent.

I’m pretty sure most visitors will have missed it.

And, given the size of this display space, I doubt if many, or any, of the school parties that made the trip to see Dippy saw it.

But they did usually swarm beneath the skeleton for the all essential group pic of their day out.

Carnegie Dippy Community Gallery

Carnegie Dippy Community Gallery



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And the final Dippy visitor number was – 635,000

I wondered how long it would take for someone to release the final Dippy visitor number.

‘Not long’ was the answer!

At least 635,000 saw the exhibit in Kelvingrove.

Since opening to an enthusiastic Scottish audience in Kelvingrove Museum on January 22 more than 635,000 people have marvelled at the impressive 21.3 meter long diplodocus cast, setting a record for the highest number of visitors to a temporary exhibition to date.

This is more than double the number of people in any other city on the tour so far.

Following a record-breaking stop in Glasgow, Dippy is being dismantled and packed away, ready to head to Great North Museum: Hancock, opening there on the May 18.

Newcastle upon Tyne is the fifth destination to host  Dippy on Tour: A Natural History Adventure,  which is being brought to visitors across the UK.

Glasgow bids farewell to Dippy the dinosaur after record-breaking tour

Kelvingrove was the fourth of an eight stop tour.

It was also the venue which saw the total number pass 1 million.

While this is great, and I’m by no means complaining, I am a little sad that the man behind the cast of the diplodocus skeleton didn’t receive much publicity as part of the show, nor did the reason for its creation, which was a mission of world peace.

A reminder that I tried to give it a little exposure here:

The Dippy story nobody seems to have mentioned or noticed

and here:

The eleven storey dinosaur

Time for a close-up.

Do I see a smile on that cute little face? 🙂

Dippy Close-up Smile

Dippy Close-up Smile

Yes, of course I placed Kelvingrove’s magnificent organ as the backdrop!

Dippy with organ

Dippy with organ

Maybe I’m too fussy, but it can take a bit of effort to get the right pic, and this was better in terms of the arch, but not the placement of the head/skeleton.

Dippy with organ

Dippy with organ

Pity it wasn’t one of the days when half (or sometimes all) those light were off too, as their brightness makes the darker areas darker.

But I’m not in control of that, so have to take what I can get on the day.

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