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The illegals – A10 ATS

It’s not often I spot a plate that risks A £1,000 fine if a grump traffic cop spots it, and think it might be worth it, but this one’s kind of nice. At least it doesn’t need an over-active imagination to ‘read’ it.

This one’s a little intriguing as the pic was actually taken in Ayr a few weeks ago, but when I was coming along Argyle Street a few days ago, I had a distinct feeling of déjà vu as I passed an Audi S5, and saw A1 0ATS.

Audi S5 [A10 ATS]

Audi S5 [A10 ATS]

Looking at the spec makes feel a little glum.

When I got my first car with more than 300 bhp it was relatively rare, and it was tested as a ‘super car’ by the motoring magazines, with the observation that it was one of (then) only a handful of cars that could cruise at more than twice the maximum UK speed limit.

Now, it’s easy to find and buy a car with well over that power (S5 has 333 bhp according to the standard specs), usually limited to ‘only’ 155 mph. They’ll go about 25% further for each gallon of petrol too.


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