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New Sauchiehall Avenue Scheme STILL blocked

As some be aware, the new ‘Avenue’ scheme was completed through Sauchiehall Street last week.

Unsurprisingly, rather than see any sort of happiness being reported on the various so-called ‘Social Media sites, most of what I saw was miserable people with nothing better to do than spend their time complaining and naysaying.

I believe that, over the past week, I could have collected a huge gallery of images showing every out of alignment paving block, every crack, every repair, fix, or piece of road work which can be found on the Avenue.

But – I’d be hard pressed to find ANY ‘Social Media’ offering from people who are actually PLEASED to see the Avenue completed and in place.


Why the heck should I be any different, and NOT join the mindless masses and their whining?

After all, when I went for a ride along the new cycle path along Sauchiehall Street, as you can see from the pic below, it was STILL BLOCKED!

Sauchiehall Avenue Blocked

Sauchiehall Avenue Blocked

All I can say is that I hope the morons are enjoying themselves – with their response, I wouldn’t blame Glasgow City Council and its transport partners if they withdrew all the cycling and pedestrian improvement plans.

So, in the strange and isolated world where there is such a thing as Good News…

This was the view past the o2abc, where I recently mentioned the last section of road works was being completed.

Sauchiehall Avenue No Works

Sauchiehall Avenue No Works

It was quite interesting to travel along this.

And mildly hazardous – thanks to the cyclists stopping on it to take pics with their phones!

You will note I wasn’t standing on the path when I took my pics.

Maybe a few deranged people will be able to cycle along here, and NOT find reason to complain.

And, I wonder when the first fight/assault will be reported, as the cycle path seems to be a magnet for groups of pedestrians to walk along, beside the footpath, so I’m sure it won’t be long before some ‘ANGRY ACTIVIST CAMPAIGNING CYCLIST’ decides to ‘EDUCATE’ them, and clear ‘their’ path.

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Looks like work is done on Sauchiehall Streets ‘Avenue’

It will be a few days until I’m back in Sauchiehall Street and I’ll finally get to see the completed ‘Avenue’.

When I was last there, I noted the final piece of work was being completed in front of the unfortunate o2abc venue, so it still wasn’t possible cycle along the entire length. It will be interesting.


If I was one of Glasgow’s miserable ‘Naysayers’ I’d already be joining that happy band and complaining about the new Avenue.

I’ve already seen local news feeds carrying pics of spots where there have been road works, and people have made complaints about the layout, about who has, and has not, got priority, and who is wandering on whose ‘space’.

Barely complete for just ONE DAY!

I’m surprised there isn’t a meeting of the angry old bike hating men of Glasgow being held there, in the middle of the cycle lane!

IN Pictures — The Sauchiehall Street ‘Avenue’

SAUCHIEHALL Street, between Charing Cross and Rose Street, has been turned into the first of Glasgow City Centre’s new people-friendly Avenues…

I hope ReGlasgow won’t grudge one little pic until I get there again.

Sauchiehall Street Avenue pic Credit ReGlasgow

Sauchiehall Street Avenue pic Credit ReGlasgow

I’m intrigued by the location of the camera.

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Taxi logic – Love it!

Years ago (lot of them), I used to spend part of my Saturday morning at a friend’s business, just learning stuff by watching.

While he hadn’t been the most qualified person (yes, he did leave school the moment he could) he was mechanically smart, and had spent a lot of time in the family taxi business, and set up a little taxi repair and service business that just grew and grew, as he was good, and cheap (by which I mean low cost).

So much so, he added another little specialist business after a few years, tuning German performance cars, and ultimately sold up, moved to the US – and ended up running a BMW dealership.

I learned a lot just hanging around the original shed, and picked up some great anecdotes.

Taxi drivers are great professionals – until you hit their bottom line (profits).

One day we were having lunch when one driver pulled in and spent about 20 minutes letting us know his opinion of the taxi inspectors that drove around in little white vans then, and did random on the spot inspections of black cabs, checking for non-compliance with the regulations.

He’d been put off the road that morning for driving an unsafe cab – and he WASN’T HAPPY!

He’d been stopped as the inspector spotted something odd from behind – the wheels didn’t look right as he’d been following the cab.

The cab had been pulled over and given a spot inspection of the wheels, and ordered off the road immediately.


The wrong studs had been fitted, and the wheels were only being held on by about three turns of the thread, or about the quarter of an inch of the thread.

The driver couldn’t understand what was wrong – in his opinion the wheels were fitted just fine, as the studs had been tightened OK.

He didn’t stop complaining all the time he was in the works, and went to everyone that arrived while the correct items were being fitted – we were glad to see him go, and while he might not have been happy, the rest of us were relieved that he’d been spotted.

I was reminded of that while I read this one…

Glasgow taxi drivers criticise council’s Avenue Project reducing space on roads

I’m not really picking on the taxi driver’s short-sighted vision of the Avenue Project (it was just the latest to be reported). There are others.

I find it more intriguing that if you’ve watched this project develop, and listened to the endless whining, then you’ll notice that NOBODY who considers they didn’t get 100% of what they wanted from this project is distinctly unhappy about it, and doesn’t miss an opportunity to whine and complain, and let everyone know how useless it is.

If we could actually return Sauchiehall Street to the busy and congested form it had some years (think decades) ago, just for them, I think that would a great idea.

While the rest of us got to have the Avenue Project now being put in place.

Just us, not any of the whiners, they’d be forced to stay with the old road!

Sauchiehall Street Avenue

Sauchiehall Street Avenue

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