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Bailliston surprises

Sometimes, even I don’t realise how long it may have been since a route change meant I don’t see some places for a while.

I had no idea I hadn’t haunted Baillieston’s Main Street for so long that there had been time to open a new shop, and do some building work.

First up was the former ice cream parlour (a short term move that didn’t stick when the venue went back to the smaller shop it lived in, in the midst of the busy section of the main street) which occupied what had been an electrical retailer for years.

Now, the place has ‘gone to the dogs’ 🙂

Baillieston Dog Grooming

Baillieston Dog Grooming

I couldn’t resist a closer look at the weird hand symbol over the door – I’m trying NOT to imagine what it means they do to the poor dogs.

Baiilieston Main Street Dog Grooming Hand

Dog Grooming Hand

While I knew the shop had been taken over ages ago and was just waiting to see what arrived, I had no idea about the following, which was completely unexpected.

I don’t think I ever saw these buildings in use, or if I did, it was so long ago I have no recollection whatsoever.

Unlike the old police station which used to lie adjacent, they have survived decades of dereliction, while the old police station only stood for few years once ‘The Force’ moved out.

The little one in the foreground just decayed quietly, but the taller one behind did feature occasional ‘For Sale’ signs, and even enjoyed the odd ‘For Sale by Auction’ sign over the years, but the only interest it ever seemed to get was from the pigeons which took it over, and lived there once the windows had been smashed.

I’ve always been amazed they survived from year to year, and look set to be there for years to come once the refurb is complete.

Baillieston Main Street Redevelopment

Baillieston Main Street Redevelopment


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Christmas in Baillieston

I really thought I was going to miss any shots here.

After spotting the arrival of the tree, no camera to hand, I was going to make a trip back the same night to finish the job, but decided that was silly, as I’d be passing later anyway.

Mistake! I was taken out of circulation almost the same day.

But I’ve managed back, fortunately before they tore the lights down.

Baillieston Christmas Tree

Baillieston Christmas Tree

This view has become interesting over the (recent) years, as it was one of the first that showed how much better LED lighting was compared to the old low pressure sodium that used to feature in the background, smothering this major junction at Baillieston with its yellow ‘poison’ washing over everything.

I still see naysayers arguing (amongst other things) that the monochromatic yellow is still better than white (which is actually true for a very small section of the community), but it’s hard to accept that when you can compare a scene like this with the older images of the same spot.

This was supposed to show the light along the street, but they’re not really big enough to show up well.

Baillieston Christmas Lights

Baillieston Christmas Lights

They’ve had LED lights on the tree for the past few years, but the originals weren’t particularly vivid.

The newest set seems to be much more colourful, and has a very nice blue, which avoids the weird ultraviolet oddness seen in previous versions, these are definitely getting better.

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Getting to be glad I’m stuck indoors just now

Last week I was thinking it was just as well I wasn’t wandering around as usual, as I might have been in Baillieston.

Hairdressers threatened in salon Taser raid

This week, it was somewhere I might be found a lot more regularly, but again, was glad I’m still stuck indoors.rime

Tollcross Park cordoned off as man rushed to hospital following assault

Both were daytime too.

Lots of Buckfast to be found there.

Tollcross Park Buckfast

Tollcross Park Buckfast


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Slightly irritating view of Baillieston Credit Union lit up

After the less than perfect view of Baillieston’s new Credit Union lit up at night (using a compact camera), I got a chance to reshoot with something better, slightly delayed as the rain made an appearance yesterday.

This turned out to be less of an improvement than expected.

While the final result is still better overall than the ‘mushy’ image the smaller sensor of the compact can produce, it didn’t make as much of an improvement to the overexposed or ‘blown’ area immediately around the illuminated signs. But it did still catch more detail.

I was also wrong about the colours I mentioned in the previous post, as my memory must have been playing tricks. While there is some colour, it’s very muted and watery, so catching the detail in a night pic would be hard, unless deliberately set up and aimed for  –  and ain’t nobody got time for that!

The irritating aspect arose not from the actual view itself, but my inability to remember how to find the damned exposure compensation setting on the camera. While ‘pro’ cameras differ from ‘prosumer’ cameras by having a knob for almost every function (so these can be accessed and changed quickly, you actually do pay thousands for this convenience. The rest of us peasants have to make do with functions buried away in menus, or assigned to few dials/buttons we are granted on our lesser ‘toys’.

I don’t normally have to adjust exposure thanks to the other settings I have for my usual hand-held night shots, but this illuminated sign was so bright it really needed some tweaking of the exposure to knock it back a bit – but try as I might, I just COULDN’T find the exposure compensation!

It was really infuriating, since I could see the setting in the camera display (in other words, it was not disabled due to my other settings, or it would have been dimmed), but none of the buttons, or the setting dial, or combinations would alter it.

Oh well…

Maybe next time.

Bailliieston Credit Union Night

Baillieston Credit Union Night

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Another Baillieston surprise

Will the surprises never end?

Although I was in Baillieston only a few night ago, I didn’t spot this new, and somewhat disgusting (to me at least) optician.

There’s a perfectly good optician’s in Baillieston already, which has been there for years, and only a few metres away on the other side of the road.

It seems to have managed quite nicely without all those revolting brand names plastered all over its façade.

I wouldn’t touch this place with the proverbial pole, with all those brand names being pushed – this place is only good for the sheeple who feel some sort of need to have these ‘badges of honour’ on display for all to see, to show the world they are ‘kewl’.

Not sure if I would even rate it ‘better’ than the betting shop it replaces.

It’s hard to miss, being white and brightly lit, so either I need to visit the other optician across the road, or this place wasn’t up and running, with it lights on like this, when I passed the same spot before.

If I did that sort of thing, I’d make a jibe about that being the owner’s BMW parked in front, paid for by the sheeple who pay for ‘branded’ gear, but I don’t, so I won’t.

OH!  😉

Baillieston JLL Eywear Ltd

Baillieston JLL Eyewear Ltd

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I went to Baillieston, and all I got

Was two rubbish pics.

I usually dump rotten pics and reshoot at the next opportunity, but at the moment, I really don’t know when I’m going to get to (or get back to) some places at the moment, so I just have to make do with what I get, good or bad.

Passing through Baillieston in the dark last night, I thought I’d got lucky and managed to collect a couple of views.

Instead, when I got home and looked at them properly… oh well, maybe next time.

First up was the new Baillieston Credit Union office, sporting a nice, brightly lit sign, with a splash of colour.

Unfortunately, you need a ‘real’ camera to catch this at night, and the bright areas have just blown out into white, with no real evidence of their colour.

I’m a little surprised, as I;m sure this camera was doing better with Christmas lights last year, so maybe I’ve changed something, and need to play around with the settings.

Baillieston Credit Union Lit Night

Baillieston Credit Union Lit Night

Next up was a surprise at The Clachan (yes, this is really Garrowhill or Barrachnie, depending on where you like the line to be drawn, but it was a Baillieston trip, so this is getting lumped in). Thinking back, we always refer to the road junction and traffic lights there as the Barrachnie Lights, but looking at my books with pics of the same spot, they always refer to the shops here as the Garrowhill Shops, so I’m lost. I should look at map, but who has time for that?

It’s so long since I’ve been here, they’ve had time to install a ramp for access to the front doors.

Didn’t see that coming.

The pics not all that bad, but really lacks any shadow detail.

Clachan Ramp

Clachan Ramp

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Baillieston Dog Hut shutter mural

I never seem to pass this shutter mural when the conditions are good for a pic AND it’s down.

I give up – this catch will just have to do.

It’s probably one of the simplest I’ve ever collected, if not the simplest, yet actually works in that simplicity.

I’ve collected others that have few elements, but unlike this one, they seem to have depended on being abstract, and look almost unrelated to the business behind them.

The Dog Hut Shutter Mural

The Dog Hut Shutter Mural

I should maybe add, the bit under the paw print is NOT part of the mural, but a shadow cast by a nearby red post box thanks to a street light.

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Baillieston barber

I should dip into the shutter collection more often.

This from Baillieston.

I shouldn’t really analyse these, but sometimes the temptation is just too much to resist.

Note the apostrophe – even with the correctly formatted example above, the signwriter couldn’t get it right in the mural.

What are we to make of the head on the door shutter?

Neither option is reassuring.

It’s either a guy wearing something that has his head poking through a VERY unusual collar.

Or a disembodied head presented on a pile of leaves.

Baillieston Main Street Roberts Barbers

Baillieston Main Street Robert’s Barbers

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The lost lampposts of Muirhead Road

I’ve had some pics of the realignment of Muirhead Road (at the back of Baillieston) made to accommodate all the new houses being built there ever since the zoo was closed and things like were swept away to clear the land.

It used to be a nice walk along there. There was even what appeared to be a small area of managed forest planted there, and looked as if it was intended to restore or manage trees in the area.

Somehow, even that was razed, destroying all the relatively new trees that had been growing there, together with the much older originals which had surrounded the fenced off and managed area.

I wonder if that was even legal?

To access the new houses built on the stolen sorry ‘reclaimed’ land, new roads had to be laid, and the old Muirhead Road was realigned and given a roundabout to join up with them.

One of the odd things that happened was the remodelling of the area which the old road had been on, converting it from tarmac to grass.

While this was completed and hid the route of the old road under new ‘greenness’, nobody bothered to remove the old lampposts which lit that original road.

The still stand there to this day, but now look as if they were planted in a field since the road they lit is no more.

I wasn’t happy with the pics I took, it’s just not possible to get high enough to show them, but this pic is not so bad.

You can see the new road and lighting to the left and centre of the pic, but if you look to the right you’ll see one of the abandoned lampposts. No longer lit, so not likely to act like the “wrecker’s lights” of old, and lure drivers into the field. Wreckers would plant false lights on clifftops to confuse sailing ships, taking the place of signal lights in the area, and intended to make the ships founder on rocks, after which they could steal the cargo as it washed ashore.

I wonder if they’ll ever remover them?

I don’t go there very often. Once an interesting walk on a Sunday morning, the road is just another bland, uninteresting, and featureless housing estate now.

Apart from these lampposts of course.

Click on the pic for a bigger version.

Baillieston Muirhead Road Realignment Lost Lamppost

Baillieston Muirhead Road Realignment Lost Lamppost

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Forgotten Baillieston ice-cream pic

Remember I mentioned the return of Soaves ice-cream to the busier part of Baillieston Main Street after moving to its own ice-cream parlour on the outskirts, after it closed?

While I did manage to get a shot of the shop one day, I forgot to catch the sign on the footpath.

Then I forgot I had caught it on a miserable, dark, wet night (wonder why I forgot that?)

Since I have the pic, I might as well use it.

Soaves Baillieston Return

Soaves Baillieston Return

Incidentally (and completely unrelated to this), it seems Glasgow may be set to outlaw this sort of temporary sign, and many other objects which are scattered on pavements and footpaths nowadays.

The number has become ridiculous in some places, with a number of traders also permanently abandoning (and even chaining/locking) their commercial waste wheeled bins to street lamp and sign posts. The accumulation is reducing the available space, and disabled people, wheelchair users, and even parents with prams can find their way barred. The council has indicated traders will be fined if they block  or obstruct the footpath, and there will restrictions on when their bins can be left out for collection, with penalties if these are not followed.

I recall something similar happened a few years back (might have been Largs, or similar coastal resort) when shops started to fill the footpath with signs, and things like trees and bushes to make ‘their’ premises look better than the competition. Complaints grew – and regulation followed.

I don’t know what happened – I had to give up watching news from the resorts… it all got too miserable, and loaded with crime and violence!

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Still busy in Baillieston

There only a few day left before Lidl comes back to Baillieston – while this shop isn’t essential (for me) I’m surprised at how handy it was even though I have three others to choose from. It will be handy to have back.

With 6 days to go there’s little to see, although all the external signs of work have gone, the fencing, plant and machinery, scaffolding, material etc, and the shop is almost ready, if apparently empty.

Along the road, Baillieston Credit Union’s new home in the old Chamber’s clothes shop is nearing completion, and has ‘revealed’ itself.

Almost hidden behind the building is more work, as the former garden/yard is converted into access, with the now obligatory disabled access provisions being finalised.

I had to move from the usual spot to take the pic, and make sure the lamppost didn’t spoil the nice new sign.

BCU Progress

BCU Progress

Just for fun, I thought I’d play with the perspective of this shot, to pretend it was taken from in front…



It doesn’t look as weird as I thought it would.

A little further along, the nice weather brought out the outdoor seating promised at… whatever this place is.

This reminds me of cartoons that used to appear in motoring magazines, poking fun at the British tourist.

The view would be of a family apparently enjoying a nice cup of tea (from vacuum flasks) or a family picnic spread out on the grass, with a caption along the lines of “Lovely place for a picnic”…

But the wider view would show them in a lay-by or grassy verge at the side of the M1 🙂

This looks like a similarly romantic spot (the patch of greenery looks good, but is actually weeds taking over a patch of earth that used to have shrubbery, and small bushes, until it was all cut down) just along from a set of traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing on Baillieston Road, heading to/from the M8 and M73/74 junctions, on a bus route too.

Baillieston Road Tables And Chairs Seating Area 1

Baillieston Road Tables And Chairs Seating Area 1

The plans showed a second seating area in the space to the side street on the right.

Still yo come? We’ll see.


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