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If it’s stopped, it’s parked XIII and XIV – Baillieston bonus

Being in Baillieston can (or could) be a gold mine for collecting pictures of bad, dreadful, or just plain lazy or selfish parking.

I’m sure if the police were ever short of their ticket quota, then they’d only have to go for walk from the local station and they’ve be able finish a book most days/evenings. And I generally don’t bother looking, or even deliberately leave the camera at home, or I’d have to start another blog dedicated to the abysmal parking often seen there.

But some are so bad, and unnecessary, that it’s worth the effort of recording them.

It’s worth noting the possible offences:

  1. no vehicle should stop on the crossing;
  2. no vehicle should overtake in the “controlled area” of the crossing (usually indicated by zig-zag lines); and
  3. no vehicle should park in the “controlled area” of the crossing.

Offences can earn a fine up to £1,000, 3 penalty points, and discretionary disqualification from driving.

So, is getting a hot meal justification for this:

Baillieston Crossing Parking

Baillieston Crossing Parking

I make that TWO of the three possible offences:

  • STOPPED on the crossing;
  • PARKED in the “controlled area” of the crossing.

Worth noting that these are ‘offences’ and not just parking tickets or PCNs (Penalty Charge Notices).

One way ignorance

There are two notable one-way streets in Baillieston, and I’m not sure if the regular offenders in them are strangers who don’t notice the signs, or arrogant locals who just ignore them. See Dyke Street and Martin Crescent.

Two narrow side streets were made one-way years ago, both feeding INTO the main street. This means they LOOK like two-way side streets from the main street, and the high mounted ‘No Entry’ signs are not the most visible due to their location.

In the past, I have been forced to run out of the way of angry drivers mistakenly turning from the main street into these side streets while I have been crossing them, and in their opinion ‘NOT PAYING ATTENTION’ – yet they were the ones committing the offence by turning into a one-way street AGAINST the direction of travel, and either driving or parking in them facing the wrong way.

If you think I’m exaggerating or just making this up, here’s just one example from my collection – a car parked facing the wrong way in Dyke Street at Baillieston Library:

Baillieston One-way Parking

Baillieston One-way Parking

In some respects I don’t really even blame the driver – the sign is poorly placed due to the wide and angled nature of the street, even if there are other clues to alert drivers, it’s position and the direction it faces does not help. I’ve also been gestured at by angry drivers here, as they turn into the street and I am crossing and apparently ‘In their way’.

I could probably collect stuff like this every day/evening I walk along the main street.

If  only I got a cut of the fines issued – it could be a nice little earner.

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Where did the little old Austin go?

I wonder what happened to this little old car?

Baillieston Old Austin 01

Baillieston Old Austin 01

It was back in 2014 that I noticed its profile over a wall, and after that I got so used to seeing it that I forgot all about it as stopped registering with me.

So, since I wasn’t really looking or paying attention, I don’t have any idea when it disappeared, but I think it must have been a while ago.

As you can see, it’s definitely gone.

Baillieston Missing Austin

Baillieston Missing Austin

Wonder what happened to it.

While I only saw it from a distance, it did look solid enough to be restored, so I guess somebody probably made an offer and took it home to restore it.

They’re not worth a mint, so it wouldn’t be an expensive project, and the part aren’t going to cost an arm and a leg.

If you know about, drop a comment below.

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Just a gate – all that’s left of Loancroft

It was pure chance that I learned these gates were the only remains of a big house (mansion or villa) in Baillieston.

These pillars and some wrought iron fencing are all that remains of Loancroft House, which is now the site of the present Loancroft Care Home.

Loancroft Gates

Loancroft Gates

I can’t remember where I found this note about Loancroft, and searching online is futile since all the property and estate agents have their useless house sales web sites forced to the top any searches for a house, so ruin the usefulness of search tools.

That’s not helped by Loancroft House not being mentioned in the most common historic online references, since it’s long gone, nor does it appear in an old book which lists many of those that are gone, but has pictures and prints of many.

So, other than the name, and the gates, there’s not much I can add regarding the history of the old house.

If you anything, you could do worse than share it in the Comments below.

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If it’s stopped, it’s parked XI

It’s unfortunate that those who seek fame on the scourge that is ‘Social Media’ and try to create ‘viral’ content have found popularity by making the most trivial of parking errors into something to be seen as some sort of Mortal Sin or major crime. Instead of using it to log serious offenders, they have succeeded in making any parking transgression a matter that needs vigilantes to ‘key’ or otherwise vandalise offender’s cars, or take some other action against them, even though all they may have done is park over a line in a car park – usually where there are many empty spaces to be seen in the background, so nobody has been inconvenienced or troubled.

Equally strangely, those same vigilantes seem to see such parking as a major offence – yet seem to think they are justified if they (deliberately and knowingly) park one – or more – of their vehicles to block the first vehicle in, or block the driver’s access to it.

Strange logic – unless you are a bully, thug, or someone out to win ‘likes’ or create a viral pic or video.

Meanwhile, in the real world, they seem unable to see genuine offences on the road and footpath.

For example, this doesn’t look to bad at first glance, but look closer at the kerb:

Barrachnie Parking Vauxhall 01

If it’s stopped it’s parked

Seen from the other side, the problem becomes more obvious:

Barrachnie Parking Vauxhall 02

If it’s stopped it’s parked and not legit

Sadly, this is the sort of thing that is leading some people (not me, I just take pics in public places) to seek new laws to make it easier to fine those who park like this.

I don’t agree incidentally, since this is already an offence – vehicles may not drive on the footpath, other than to cross it for access.

But this law is seldom enforced – yet we supposedly need another!

A little further along the road, we had a more blatant example.

I suspect the driver thinks this makes them immune from the double yellow lines on the road, since they are off the road and on the footpath.

Not so!

Check the law and you will find that the enforcement area of the yellow lines extends to EITHER SIDE of them – so parking on the footpath does not escape their enforcement, and ADDS a further offence, of driving on the footpath.

Baillieston Tesco parking

If it’s stopped it’s parked

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My past is being erased – 01

One of the sad things I remember my mother saying one day was something along the lines of “I’m done. There’s nothing left in this world that I recognise“.

It was an understandable outburst from anyone who lived through the Glasgow of the 1960s and saw how the streets that they once saw teeming with life and people had become little more than vast empty spaces. The family home (and grandfather’s newsagent’s shop) was gone, having been razed to make way for London Rd Police Station.

While we may now reside in area where that’s unlikely to be repeated, I doubt I could find any shops in the city centre that mattered to me, let alone my parents. This was brought home some years ago when I decided to go collect some pics of ‘old surviving shops’ in the city (identified from books that were not that old), only to find that 90% had gone, making the task a quick one, and with little to show for the effort.

This has also been brought home to me recently, by chance, as I happened to trip over some places that I once saw frequently.

I happened to look across Baillieston Cross last week, not somewhere I see often since I was priced off the road.

It took a moment for the scene to sink in, and I realised that the road I once travelled on a daily basis to get to Coatbridge was GONE!

It was the area now being filled in behind the comes on the left.

Baillieston Cross

Baillieston Cross

I was obliged to travel that way to get to school (actually schools since I had to transfer after 4 years), unless I had to use the train.

In more recent years I’ve killed the odd spare hour by taking a walk to Bargeddie – at least I can still do that.

Here’s a closer look at the ‘erasure’ of part of my past, or infill of the former road.

Baillieston Coatbridge Rd Dead

Baillieston Coatbridge Rd dead

However, there is at least good reason for the change: M8 Missing Link Opens

Seeing this gave me a feeling something like nails being hammered into my coffin.

I’ll have to dig out some previous pics I collected a while ago.

These came from an earlier, but similar ‘shock’ – when I discovered not one, but BOTH of the schools I had attended in Coatbridge had been demolished.

The first I was prepared for (a few years ago), and actually made the trip to take a look after I couldn’t find it on Google Earth, and went to see why.

The second was more of a shock, as I had no idea it had just been demolished not long before I made the trip last year, and actually thought I had got off the train at the wrong station!

I hadn’t, and count myself lucky to have gone back in earlier days just for some pics – on film, which indicates how long ago that was.

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Christmas 2016 – Baillieston

Last of the set, and it turned out to be the hardest to catch, almost being missed.

This should have been easy, but a change in habit meant hardly being in Baillieston at all over the season, and when I did get there… found the layout was hard to catch in simple pics.

Always placed at the cross, the tree is quite far from the main street, and while all the lampposts carry lights, they are quite slim, so hard to show in a pic if not facing straight on to them.

In the end, I kept three pics, but the street decorations look better than in their pics, and the tree was lying at an angle (due to the ground) so I had to try to straighten it, just a little.




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Missed me – again

I still find it intriguing that my varied walking routes, which I change every few weeks to stop becoming bored, mean I see changes I would not see happening gradually.

They also mean I see some significant changes, not least of which is the way road barriers are trashed when I go back to a route, indicating vehicles went onto the footpath at speed.

I noted one in Baillieston a while back.

They didn’t replace the barrier, but it looks as if they later added a more substantial bollard to the corner.

Guess what?

Yup… when I went back to this route, the bollard had been flattened too.

Clearly needs MORE foundation!

Baillieston Bollard Down

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If it’s stopped, it’s parked VI

Not much that need to be said at this attempt.

Fully on the footpath and blocking any possibility of a wheelchair user or a pram getting past, they’d have to take to the road, which is a busy main road – and sports (worn out) double yellow lines.

To the left, and not immediately obvious from the pic (it looks as if the footpath just carries on at the same level, but it doesn’t), is a drop of more than 6-inches down into the Tesco Extra car park.

The car park fills up fairly quickly, especially since the other shop units (out of sight to the left) were occupied, but that’s still no excuse for inconsiderate or illegal parking.

I could probably collect a clutch of similar pics on a daily basis, but usually pass when it is quieter (and darker) at night, otherwise it would be like shooting fish in the proverbial barrel.

Baillieston Ford parking

Baillieston Ford parking

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Clyde Valley Community Forest joins Calderbank House in skip

It’s some years since Calderbank House, near Baillieston, was destroyed, apparently the victim of a ‘mysterious’ fire followed by a quick sale to a developer

It was listed by NHS records thus: Calderbank House Hospital near Baillieston was opened in 1919 and functioned as an annexe of Bellshill Maternity Hospital until 1964. When it joined the National Health Service in 1948, Calderbank was placed under the Board of Management for Coatbridge, Airdrie and District Hospitals.

Later, it was a Talbot Association Residential Home, their aim being “To provide care and solace for all destitute men and women in the form of accommodation including homes of rehabilitation to help individuals gain a useful place in society“.

So, no concluding dates relating to its existence. However, the building has been completely demolished and all evidence of the building removed.

Once Glasgow Zoo had also been eliminated, this laid the land open for development, a process which has slowly consumed the ground, and now seen the destruction of an area of forest that once occupied the land next to the Calderbank.

A few years ago, there used to be a gate across the path that led to the old house. It barred the way to traffic, but anyone on foot could just walk around it:

Calderbank Path

Calderbank Path

That gate disappeared a few years ago, to be replaced by one which controlled access for construction traffic and builders working on the housing behind.

A similar shot of the same spot shows the gate they installed is now of even less use than the one seen above, and how the wood behind has been removed and replaced by roads and a roundabout:

Calderbank development

Calderbank development

Another view taken from further along the road shows the extent of the change – all the area to the left of the road used to be wooded, now cleared of trees, it’s just some road and a roundabout. Note the old style lamppost on the right of this view, which shows the how the original road has been rerouted and moved to suit this new layout:

Calderbank development

Calderbank development

Looking across the area to the left, as seen above, what was once a wooded area shows only a few root stumps and wood chippings on the ground:

Calderbank razed area

Calderbank razed area

The Clyde Valley Community Forest seems to have had no protection from developers, and been a waste of time and money:

Calderbank razed area

Calderbank razed area

Now both subjects of this sign are nothing more than figments of the imagination:

Clyde Valley Community Forest Calderbank House

Clyde Valley Community Forest Calderbank House

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Coin fun in Baillieston

A few months ago I noticed some slightly odd behaviour around the pedestrian crossing in the middle of Baillieston Main Street.

People crossing the road were stopping half way across, and kicking the road, while others even got down on their knees for a moment.

Curiosity got the better of me back then, and I followed one of these groups as they crossed the road – and learned that they were all being tempted by a tiny 5 p coin embedded in the tarmac. This had been rolled flat into the surface by the traffic, so was never going to be removed by feet or fingers – a tool would be needed.

And shortly afterwards, when I crossed the road a few weeks later, the 5 p was gone.

A few days ago, I noticed the ‘game’ had started again one night, and sure enough, a wander across the road found a 1 p coin stuck in the tar surrounding one of the crossing’s road markers.

Wonder if anyone will bother about the single penny, worth so much less than a 5 p coin?

I’ll try to remember to have a look when I pass.

Baillieston pedestrian penny

Baillieston pedestrian penny

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Little old sign in Baillieston

I seem to have mentioned the ‘tidy effect’ once or twice in recent posts.

This refers to some areas finding that anything old is automatically unwanted, and considered to bring down the tone of the area, so has to be removed to clear the place up, tidy it, and make it look ‘better’, and probably show that the local councillor is ‘on the job’, so deserves a vote.

I noticed a little sign on a long surviving shop in Baillieston, and I wondered if anyone ever even noticed it.

I spotted it because I try to remember to ‘look up’ (sometimes), just in case there’s something interesting to see off the usual eye-line, or towards the upper storeys or roofs of building I’m passing.

I won’t give the exact location, so locals who may have missed this over the years can play at finding it – thought it should probably be fairly obvious for anyone that knows the place.

Baillieston Sign

Baillieston Sign

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