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This Ayr barber has a mouse problem

Almost didn’t get this pic – while backing up to catch the full height of the shopfront, backed into a damned bus stop. You ca see it reflected in the window.

As it was, I spent way too much time editing in the bits I missed.

But the window display was worth catching.

Levano's Barber Shop in Ayr's Sandgate

Levano’s Barber Shop in Ayr’s Sandgate

Let’s look a little closer and do the scene justice – have you looked in the bottom left corner?

Levano's Barber Shop Tableau

Levano’s Barber Shop Tableau

Yep, looks like there’s a problem here, and it’s not really a little problem either.

Going by that tail (and the fact that some comedian threw one of those into my garden a few years ago, it had red eyes), I’m going to say that mouse is really a rat!

Levano's Barber Shop Mousetrap

Levano’s Barber Shop Mousetrap

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An attempt was made

It;s funny how you don’t notice some things until (much) later.

I did grab this pic as nothing more than another find for the shutter mural collection, but then found it was more interesting when I came to straighten it up.

Can you spot the fun before reading below?

Ian's Gents Barber

Ian’s Gents Barber

Yes, I’m afraid it’s “Laugh (Ior cry) at the signmaker’s grammar” time once again.

It looks as if this one did at least make an attempt, and knew that apostrophes existed – but didn’t quite know how to use it, or them in this case.

Things started well, with “Ian’s” in the first line.

But then panic must have set in, and signmaker decided that having tried one, two was just too much to risk, and “Gents” lost out.

Possibly it wasn’t just the thought of having an apostrophe that was the problem, but the sheer overload of deciding whether the correct usage was “Gent’s” OR “Gents'” in this case.

What do you think?

Bonus note

I couldn’t decide on this one using my usual rules, there seemed to be something ‘wrong’, so took a look online – and found something interesting.

Gents is taken to be an informal British word which refers to the men’s restroom or public toilets.

Gents not generally accepted as an abbreviation or short form of gentlemen, but only to refer to the male public convenience.

So, I’m afraid it looks as if this sign actually belongs to a “Gentleman’s public toilet hairdresser”.

Some days… it just doesn’t pay to look too closely!

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Baillieston barber

I should dip into the shutter collection more often.

This from Baillieston.

I shouldn’t really analyse these, but sometimes the temptation is just too much to resist.

Note the apostrophe – even with the correctly formatted example above, the signwriter couldn’t get it right in the mural.

What are we to make of the head on the door shutter?

Neither option is reassuring.

It’s either a guy wearing something that has his head poking through a VERY unusual collar.

Or a disembodied head presented on a pile of leaves.

Baillieston Main Street Roberts Barbers

Baillieston Main Street Robert’s Barbers

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Don’t upset a Glasgow barber

I really have to try to make time to burn through the collection of shutter murals I seem to have collected, it’s not getting any smaller on it own, and I keep adding to it.

This cutie has been nudging me for a while, so it gets bumped to the front of the queue even though it is fairly recent.

I assume this is a barber’s shop, although I have to confess, to my shame, that I can’t really make out the name, even though it is spelt out in ‘neon’, but the stylised lettering is just too stylised for its own good.

Miller St Mural

Miller St Mural

Although I didn’t get a chance to collect it, the previous mural was more appropriate, and a better clue to the name: ‘Safehands’.


Maybe this would be good for one of those factory safety posters: ‘NEVER RUN WITH SCISSORS!’

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