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Don’t miss Lil BUB’s 8th birthday

Still on the theme of “Things only happen when I’m away”, I see LiL BUB turned 8 recently, and had a party.

I don’t see much of the ‘Internet cats’ these days, as the original sites that tended to focus on them have gone downhill, and I just don’t visit, so almost missed this too.

And I’m still a bit down over the loss of Grumpy. Did you realise both were girls?

But this is about smiling, and just look at the faceplant as soon as BUB get near the cake, even before it’s ready.

Couldn’t be there, but let’s not forget the sight of them together.

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Lil Bub’s 7th birthday feast

Although it’s on the disgusting Facecrook, it looks as if the video can be embedded in WordPress (pity they’ve never gotten around to allowing most of the video sources I use).

I don’t seem to come across Bub and her feline star friends very often these days, so this was a nice surprise.

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Curiosity Rover sings Happy Birthday – all alone on Mars

Just time to squeeze this little extra ‘chance’ discovery I made today.

The Curiosity Rover on Mars was programmed to play ‘Happy Birthday’ to itself on 05 August, the day it landed on Mars.

I’m not sure if it still carries out this little ceremony these days, having seen conflicting reports about its continuation, and not able to find a definitive or verifiable one to confirm this.

Aww… Somebody DOES care

Spotted to late for inclusion on the day, but still nice.


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Grumpy birthday

Has it been a year already?

The smile hasn’t been off my face since she first appeared 🙂

Poor old Pokey (her brother) – I hope he wasn’t forgotten…

Grumpy birthday

Via Grumpy Cat turns one today! H̶a̶p̶p̶y̶ Birthday! | Grumpy Cat™ – The internet’s grumpiest cat!

Happy Birthday Pokey…



Via The Daily Grump | February 25, 2013 | Grumpy Cat™ – The internet’s grumpiest cat!

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