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Black Cat Support Group

Black Cat Support Group


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Black kitty is still black under yellow light

A terrible pic (you’re seeing what was left after the shake and blur were suppressed), but I can’t let a cat pic I actually managed to get before the cat disappeared go to waste.

(I thought I got lucky earlier in the day when one shot across a busy road and turned to survey its escape from death from a wall in front of some flats – but as I reached for the camera… the little so-and-so just jumped through the half-open window it had sat below, and vanished).

I reckon this is a tiny black cat I’m sometimes lucky enough to spot in a window.

I’d describe it as a kitten but I seem to have been catching glimpses for months turning into years now, so it must just be small kitty is smol.

Spotted the black furball appear as I walked past, and when it settled for a moment – I couldn’t let the opportunity pass, since it had nowhere to go, and transform into catbutt!

Almost STILL managed to escape since the flat wall and even flatter old yellow sodium light in this street all but defeated the autofocus, and I had to trick it into kicking in, since the camera locks out if not focused, and it was too dark to switch to manual.

Pretending to ignore me… and giving away the secret behind the nickname ‘toothless’ for black cats.

Black Kitty

Black Kitty

Though I’d try a B&W version – is it any better?

I don’t know. Maybe.

Black And White Kitty

Black And White Kitty

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On Friday the 13th never forget that…

Groucho Marx Black Cat

Groucho Marx Black Cat


If that’s too subtle, then…


Friday The 13th Black Cat Awareness

Friday The 13th Black Cat Awareness

Black Cat Alarmed

Black Cat Alarmed

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Almost a sneaky escape

At least I had the right camera to hand (quick, doesn’t need to be switched on) so I was able to thwart this cat’s effort to get out of sight before I could grab a pic as it made the mistake of walking rather than running out of the scene.

Maybe it did not recognise me, or hadn’t seen any of the local ‘Cat Bulletins’ telling them who do avoid.

Still, it was too far away and too close to cover for me to zoom in, so I had to make to with a long shot – but I got it.

Not really too hard to spot in the original, I pulled a closer crop just to make sure.

Black Cat Almost Escapes

Black Cat Almost Escapes

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International Cat Day, 8 August – Go discover LoveMeow

Funny how the simplest of jobs can defeat you, and after starting this post on the 8th, ended up finishing it a day late and having to backdate it. Not my fault, just my usual luck and unable to get it finished on the day.

Established in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, I may be wrong, but it doesn’t seem to have a dedicated web page, so no link, just the date, 8 August.

The delay did at least let me look in my collection for a magnificent cat pic, and was also a little sad, as the examples all seem to be from some years ago. I used to get the occasional visitor, some of which wandered in the door as if they lived here, or owned the place, sometimes even curling up on a seat. But not for years now, and even those I do see are so nervous I seldom get near. As for touching them? I don’t even try now for fear that as soon as I (slowly) move a hand towards them they will take off across the road and get run over, and it will have been my fault.

No such problem with past visitor, once a regular, and happy to roll around in the dust and dirt on the ground so I could never get a velvety smooth clean pic of this little black panther.

Black Cat Relaxes

Black Cat Relaxes

Go visit LoveMeow

I have to give a mention to a cat site I came across recently:

LoveMeow Logo

In their own words:

About Love Meow: is cat lovers’ site dedicated to spreading the meowsage of love for our furry friends. We often help local shelters and rescue groups get their word out and encourage more hoomans to consider adoption. Giving a little kitty a second chance at life is incredibly rewarding.

There are some great rescue stories in there, but one warning: If it takes little to bring a tear to your eye, I suggest you go buy some boxes of tissues, or fetch a towel BEFORE diving into this one!

Sadly, our media, even in Scotland, is full of stories about people abusing and killing cats for nothing more than their warped sense of personal pleasure.

Equally sadly, the chances of their being caught are slim, as they are cowards and hide their activities carefully (and may even be organised criminals involved in illegal gambling centred on animal fights).

I should say ‘Perverse activities’ as it seems there are a number of studies published which suggest their activities are not just aimed at small defenceless animals, but are likely to be practice for their real interest, as child molesters in later life.

Seriously, if you someone who harms animals for pleasure or ‘fun’…


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At last – a cat pic!

It’s been a bad summer for cat pics, just not sunny or warm enough to tempt them away from the nice, dry, indoors.

I’ve seen a few, but no chance of catching a pic.

There was the black one I saw sitting behind a gate – pitch dark night, of course.

A slinky long-furred redhead last night, which I know would bolt as soon as I moved near as it was obviously wound up like a tight spring and ready to run.

And I even saw one setting up an alibi, and had clearly just been involved in some crime, as it sped out of one house, across the road like a blur, only to reappear seconds later in the distant back garden, licking/washing its paw and looking as if it had been sat there all day, and was completely innocent.

But I got lucky and found a settled sitting in a window, and unlike most did not stand up, stretch, and walk away as I reached for a camera.

Classic black cat, two furballs stuck together with a pair of ears and a pair of eyes stuck on. If it’s a Scottish Fold you can forget the ears, and if the eyes are closed, you can leave them out too!

Hope its right eye is OK, as there is dark patch at the bottom, maybe just a recent injury.

Black Cat Odd Eye

BBC – Budhill Black Cat (Odd Eye)

There was an irritating black wire hanging across this window, which ruined it, and I couldn’t avoid.

I decided to give a semi-automated tool I picked up for dealing with such intrusions a try. I don’t usually bother as dealing with such things invisibly can burn up silly amounts of time, but for a less than careful use of this little toy, and only two minutes’ worth of effort, it seems to have done a fair job of ridding the pic of that particular distraction.

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Where have my little furry visitors gone?

For the last photo of the month, I offer a lost guilty pleasure.

It was a surprise/shock to look at the date on this pic and realise that some four years have passed since this magnificent beast deigned to share some of its time with me one day (it’s not the only day, or possibly the last of all, but is not far off).

Occasional visitors used to be a nice diversion, even if not in great numbers, and some turned up as if they lived here, or owned the place, for an hour or two at least.

But, on reflection, this just hasn’t happened at all in recent years.

Granted, I might meet one or two while walking, but usually at a distance, and if I dare try to approach them, no matter how slowly, they’re off like a shot!

I did meet one last night, but didn’t dare even look to close – for some reason it was sitting in the gutter of the road, and if I had even moved toward it, it would surely have run away from me – and into the road and traffic. I might add it was perfectly fine, a house cat with a collar just out for walk, or maybe a house escapee, given its silly location chosen to have a ‘sit’.

Anyway, enjoy my memory, and yes, it’s mucky – this one like a good roll on the ground:

Black Cat

Black Cat

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October 27 – Black Cat Day

Black Cat crossing

Apparently, this is officially Black Cat Day – October 27.

Nothing is quite as elegant as a black cat – like a miniature Amazonian jaguar, they doze atop the highest point in the area, waking for several hours daily to prowl around hunting for a tasty morsel. But black cats and kittens are often overlooked when animal shelters are looking for new homes, and can be at the shelter much longer than they should be. So why is this?

Cats in ancient Egypt were revered highly, partly due to their ability to combat vermin such as mice, rats. Cats of royalty were known to be dressed in golden jewellery and were allowed to eat right off their owners’ plates. The goddess of warfare was a woman with the head of a cat named Bastet.

However, now it is common for some people to see black cats as unlucky or mischievous, but not everyone knows why. In Celtic mythology, it was believed that fairies could take the form of black cats, and therefore their arrival to a home or village was seen as sign of good luck. Unfortunately, the Pilgrims that came after them were devoutly religious and fearful of anything remotely related to the pagan beliefs of their ancestors, and it was because of that fear that black cats went from being seen as the vessels of fairies to the vessels of witches and demons. At that time it became common practice to severely punish those who kept black cats as pets, and even kill the animals themselves.

Although these days nobody really believes black cats are witches or demons in disguise anymore, they are still often seen as signs of bad luck by many people in the West.

I have to say that one or two black cats have stayed with me, and these myths could not be further from the truth, as they were amongst the softest, most placid, and appreciative cats that I’ve come across.

If you have a cat, especially a black one, today is the day to make it feel extra special. We are all so busy with our lives that we often forget to show our pets some of the love they give us on a daily basis. So get your cat a new toy or a tasty treat and spend the afternoon playing tug-of-war or rubbing their belly – nobody knows how to enjoy the little things in life like animals do.

And if you are visiting a shelter for a new friend, bear in mind that the black cats and kittens are reported to be the ones that are often passed over – for no good reason.


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