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Satellite 4 the 65th British Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow

I’m almost tempted to use the ‘Better late than never’ excuse for this event mention, but even that barely applies, or excuses, my failure to the notice the arrival of a Glasgow Eastercon.

I don’t really understand how I failed to notice or find Satellite 4, which is the 65th British Science Fiction Convention, taking place in the Crowne Plaza Hotel (next to the SECC) from the18th to 21st April 2014. It’s not all that long since I wrote (elsewhere) about the dearth of Eastercons (or any Science Fiction Conventions) in Glasgow these days, and I even had a hunt around the web for related events, and didn’t come across it. Cons are arranged well in advance of their due date, so I really should have found it. I’ve no idea how I managed to search so badly that I didn’t find this long ago.

(Hopefully I’ll do better in advance of ComicCon, due to take place in September 2014, over the weekend of the 7th and 8th in Hall 4 of the SECC.)

Full details of Satellite 4, its programme, and its Guests of Honour – including British scientist Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell – can be found on the official web site:

Satellite 4

The BBC also mentioned it, and I found it there last night:

Sci-fi fans descend on Glasgow for Satellite 4 convention

Space explorer

Space explorer

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