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Cute and sneaky trick allows council to introduce waste collection charge

Did you think your council introduced different bins for waste collection because it wanted you take part in recycling?


Highland Council has just given the game away as it get set to introduce a new charge to collect BROWN bins. From the beginning of July 2017, council tax payers can expect to pay an EXTRA £30 per year for the collection of garden and food waste. The service will be optional – take it or leave it.

The council says it expects to make an additional £660,000 through their clever lyengineered additional charge – saying it would have stopped the brown bin collection altogether otherwise:

“The garden waste collection service is not a statutory function which the Council has to provide.”

And who can argue with the council?

Via: Highland Council to charge for brown bin collection

I think this is a dirty and underhand trick, which we may see more councils adopt if nobody in Highland challenges the legality of this collection charge and the council’s claim that the collection concerned is not one of its statutory duties towards its council tax payers.

Beware segregated bins and collections

If your council has given you different wheelie bins for different classes of rubbish, then I suggest you ask your council if it is planning to divide its collections into statutory collections, obviously covered by what you pay for in your council tax, and non-statutory, for which they may introduce an optional additional charge, or you get to keep your own waste, for FREE!

Wheelie Bins - Wheelie Pricey?

Wheelie Bins – Wheelie Pricey?

Seriously council…

If you can pick and choose what you do and don’t charge for…

Can I pick and choose which council services I have to pay council tax for?

I’ve already been told I have to pay for services I don’t use, and never will, because that’s how council tax works.

Heads you win – tails I lose!


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