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Signmaker’s grammar and spelling is as good as tattooist’s

I don’t seem to know anybody with a tattoo (good or bad), but thanks to the Internet it would seem that tattooist’s spelling and grammar abilities aren’t anything to boast about, and are on a par with many signwriters.

I find it hard to believe that so many people entrust their cash or their skin to either, without proofreading and multiple checks beforehand.

I didn’t realise I had this little gem on hand, until I happened to be doing a little bit of archiving and was reviewing images I’d never edited.

I grabbed this purely for novelty value one day, just as a local sign, and didn’t even read it.

Now, I see not only the usual grammar failure by the signwriter (clue: apostrophe – at least one missing), but that they couldn’t spell ‘functions‘ either.

I hope the girls didn’t have to pay for this, or got a discount for having three mistakes on their sign.

Glasgow Girls FC Millers Sign

Glasgow Girls FC Millers Sign

Interestingly, Miller’s Bar’s own sign is fine, but I should probably add that it has been replaced since my pic below was taken.

While the word ‘Bar’ has been dropped, the new sign is fine too.

Miller's Bar

Miller’s Bar



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At last – a cat pic!

It’s been a bad summer for cat pics, just not sunny or warm enough to tempt them away from the nice, dry, indoors.

I’ve seen a few, but no chance of catching a pic.

There was the black one I saw sitting behind a gate – pitch dark night, of course.

A slinky long-furred redhead last night, which I know would bolt as soon as I moved near as it was obviously wound up like a tight spring and ready to run.

And I even saw one setting up an alibi, and had clearly just been involved in some crime, as it sped out of one house, across the road like a blur, only to reappear seconds later in the distant back garden, licking/washing its paw and looking as if it had been sat there all day, and was completely innocent.

But I got lucky and found a settled sitting in a window, and unlike most did not stand up, stretch, and walk away as I reached for a camera.

Classic black cat, two furballs stuck together with a pair of ears and a pair of eyes stuck on. If it’s a Scottish Fold you can forget the ears, and if the eyes are closed, you can leave them out too!

Hope its right eye is OK, as there is dark patch at the bottom, maybe just a recent injury.

Black Cat Odd Eye

BBC – Budhill Black Cat (Odd Eye)

There was an irritating black wire hanging across this window, which ruined it, and I couldn’t avoid.

I decided to give a semi-automated tool I picked up for dealing with such intrusions a try. I don’t usually bother as dealing with such things invisibly can burn up silly amounts of time, but for a less than careful use of this little toy, and only two minutes’ worth of effort, it seems to have done a fair job of ridding the pic of that particular distraction.

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