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It’s all fun… until Murder Mittens arrives

Police cordoned off a house in Tollcross after evidence was found that ‘Murder Mittens’ had apparently gone mad around 3 am and devastated the house and it occupants.

Media reporters and photographers were banned from entry, with suggestions that scene was too terrible to be pictured, and pointed to the first piece of evidence removed from the scene, the remains of Mittens savaged scratching post.

Dead Scratching Post

Dead Scratching Post

Authorities warned that when not running around mad about 3 am, Mittens could appear perfectly normal.



But could be completely transformed at 3 am.

Wanted Cat Photofit

Wanted Cat Photofit


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Who’d have believed it? Catbutt fridge magnets!

Speechless… they only way I can describe my discovery of catbutt fridge magnets.

So, it’s clearly not just me that suffers from catbutt (see here and here for example), and it’s a recognised phenomenon, to the extent that it was worth someone’s time and money to have catbutt fridge magnets manufactured and distributed.

Sadly, a small production makes them expensive for what they are, and they make the dollar to GBP conversion perfectly, being $12 or £12 depending on which country specific Amazon channel you enquire about them on.

A pity, since you can get a card full of crappy fridge magnets from the pound shop for (need I say?)

Spotted as I browsed through my favourite pic-sharing site.

Catbutt Fridge Magnets

Catbutt Fridge Magnets


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Black kitty is still black under yellow light

A terrible pic (you’re seeing what was left after the shake and blur were suppressed), but I can’t let a cat pic I actually managed to get before the cat disappeared go to waste.

(I thought I got lucky earlier in the day when one shot across a busy road and turned to survey its escape from death from a wall in front of some flats – but as I reached for the camera… the little so-and-so just jumped through the half-open window it had sat below, and vanished).

I reckon this is a tiny black cat I’m sometimes lucky enough to spot in a window.

I’d describe it as a kitten but I seem to have been catching glimpses for months turning into years now, so it must just be small kitty is smol.

Spotted the black furball appear as I walked past, and when it settled for a moment – I couldn’t let the opportunity pass, since it had nowhere to go, and transform into catbutt!

Almost STILL managed to escape since the flat wall and even flatter old yellow sodium light in this street all but defeated the autofocus, and I had to trick it into kicking in, since the camera locks out if not focused, and it was too dark to switch to manual.

Pretending to ignore me… and giving away the secret behind the nickname ‘toothless’ for black cats.

Black Kitty

Black Kitty

Though I’d try a B&W version – is it any better?

I don’t know. Maybe.

Black And White Kitty

Black And White Kitty

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Good luck proving 83 yo woman trained her 65 cats to be ‘cat burglars’

Oh wait…

This is in the US – better warm up ‘Old Sparky’ for her!

Columbus, Ohio:

An 83-year old woman was arrested this morning and accused of training dozens of cats to steal jewelry and other valuables from her neighbors.

The Columbus Police Department opened an investigation on Ruth Gregson and her 65 cats in October after several neighbors reported small objects being stolen from their homes.

Several victims reported being visited by Ms. Gregson’s cats before noticing the disappearance of several shiny objects, like valuable cutlery and pieces of jewelry.

Despite their skepticism, investigators began a surveillance operation and were amazed by what they discovered.

According to Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs,  dozens of cats were constantly coming and going, bringing home “anything that shined”.

“She was like Fagin in Oliver Twist, but she was using cats as thieves instead of children. In less than three hours of surveillance, the detectives saw the cats bring home more than a hundred objects.”
Upon searching Ms. Gregson’s house, investigators found $650,000 worth of jewelry and precious metal among piles of worthless shiny baubles.

Chief Jacobs says the elderly woman confessed to training her cats to steal, saying the felines had to “earn their meals”.

Old Cat Lady

Old Cat La

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Should the Scottish SPCA choose its words with more care?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think the Scottish SPCA needs to take more care of the words it chooses to use when referring to those who abandon cats/kittens on its doorstep.

While this is far from ideal, it’s surely unfair to direct comments such as this against those concerned, which we now see in every similar case:

Mr McDade added: “To dump any animal in this way is extremely cruel and they would have been exposed to a potential dog or fox attack.

Abandoning and causing an animal unnecessary suffering is an offence under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 and anyone found guilty of doing so can expect to be banned from keeping animals for a fixed period or life.

That seems to be very unproductive response.

I see a LOT of stories from around the world regarding cats being ‘dumped’ or ‘abandoned’ and ‘suffering’ as a result, none of which victims were fortunate enough to have someone who cared enough to take the trouble to take them to the door of a caring centre such as the Scottish SPCA.

They are thrown from moving cars, sometimes in city traffic, boxed and thrown in rivers, thrown from bridges, or left in open country. The lucky ones in these cases are spotted by disbelieving witness who often go on to rescue the animals – but not always.

THAT is the sort of action which should attract the sort of comment regarding criminalisation – not people who may have become unable to look after their pets for some reason.

Threatening such unfortunate people, whose judgement may already be less than ideal, is only likely to scare them off, leading them to dump their pets in isolated locations where they will not be seen, if they believe they may be chased by the police and face prosecution.

Drug addicts get better treatment that these folk nowadays, seen as being in trouble due to other problems they have, or believe they have, no control over. They get help and treatment, not criminalised.

A better educated and more responsible response and approach other than that offered by Mr McDade is needed, and the Scottish SPCA needs to seriously review its public response to such cases, and lead its staff in this.

If not, expect to see MORE stories of abandoned pets, and NOT in a good places such as the door of a shelter.

Via Three boxes of cats found dumped outside rescue shelter

Scottish SPCA Cat Boxes

Scottish SPCA Cat Boxes – Scottish SPCA Media Pic

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Seriously? He cuddles every cat – all I get is catbutt!

Maybe I should move… to Australia!

Man Catches Cats

Man Catches Cats

Via Man Can’t Have a Cat So He Takes Photo With Every Kitty He Meets and Gives Them Cuddles

He can grab every one he meets.

All I get is (disappearing) catbutts!

Spot the cat

Spot the cat

And, I’m generally lucky to get even that if I dare stop long enough to reach for a camera.

Yesterday was classic example…

Looked down while walking along the street past some houses with garden, and a tabby cat materialises through a hedge.

Reached for camera (well, it’s a waste of time trying to say ‘Hello’ around here – they just take off if you try approaching), checked power switch (start of day, and hadn’t used it) and then looked back the cat.


Empty street.

Empty garden.

Clearly, I was just hallucinating, again.

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Do what cat says – cat never lies

Spotted this variation on a pic that has been circulating for a while, and couldn’t resist pairing it with another.

Press here kid, will be fun” (cat said):

Will Be Fun Cat Said

Will Be Fun Cat Said

Did the cat’s conscience bother it afterwards?

You decide:

Bad Dog Vs Bad Cat

Bad Dog Vs Bad Cat

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Hurricane Ophelia – informational cat supplement

It’s windy out there…

Hurricane Cats

Hurricane Cats

Local weather post.

Windy Cat Post

Windy Cat Post

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Sheldon – another missing cat from long ago

Hunter Street is not (for me at least) a Glasgow street name that rolls off the tongue with any sort of immediate familiarity.

In fact, most days I would have to go find it on a map (which I had to in order to work out where I saw this old missing cat poster).

I’ve no idea how old this one was when I first saw it, unfortunately the rain had got at, despite it being firmly attached with duct tape – it might still be there!

Spread the word…

DATING these posters helps.

To be FAIR – this one does carry the date (9 September), but I’ve no idea if that refers to the year I spotted it,  as I didn’t spot it in September, but some time later, and think the original year was 2015.

It’s interesting to note that most of those I’ve seen recently, and included here, have mostly carried a date to show when the cat went missing, so the idea seems to be catching on.

Sheldon went missing on the old railway in the area of Calton/Bridgeton – I wonder if he was found?

Missing Cat Sheldon

Missing Cat Sheldon

Tripped over the same poster a little later.

Missing Cat Sheldon

Missing Cat Sheldon

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On Friday the 13th never forget that…

Groucho Marx Black Cat

Groucho Marx Black Cat


If that’s too subtle, then…


Friday The 13th Black Cat Awareness

Friday The 13th Black Cat Awareness

Black Cat Alarmed

Black Cat Alarmed

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Long lost cat (Parkhead)

Filing away some recent pics (the lost cat posters), I came across an old one and since I’m on a lost cat poster roll, guess I should mention it.

I didn’t get around to using it after noticing it was dated – and the date was ONE YEAR earlier than the day I noticed the poster and tool a pic when I passed it. This was on Springfield Road, near the houses that had been built there recently (recognisable behind the pic of the cat).

The cat was lost for a year (since July 2015), but the poster and the tape looked brand new in July 2016 when I took the pic.

Coming across the pic again (I’d forgotten all about it) more than a year later, I guess this one was not found.

Long Lost Parkhead Cat

Long Lost Parkhead Cat

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