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Almost perfect supermarket aisle

I have to complain about this supermarket and its male/female discrimination.

The aisles MUST be reorganised to bring the whisky shelves closer!

Crazy cat person supermarket

Crazy cat person supermarket

After all…

Crazy Cat Man has to shop too!

Crazy Cat Man

Crazy Cat Man


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Insomnia visualised!

It’s 1am, and I came across this pic which does a fairly good job of showing what insomnia feels like.



In fact, there wouldn’t be much point in setting that 5am alarm, unless I really just wanted a reminder.

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Cat fall mode – Class: Expert

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What happened to the People’s Palace tenement cat?

I’m not sure if I ever managed to get a pic of the poor old stuffed cat which decorated the tenement flat display in the People’s Palace.

I think I did, but I just can’t think of an easy or quick way to find it. My film pic archive is on another computer since the database system won’t run on anything past Windows 98!

And I don’t seem to have anything digital.

I was reflecting on this during a recent visit, when I tried to see if it was lurking anywhere in the ‘room’.

Unfortunately, they have either decided to keep this exhibit fairly (very) dark, or the lighting just isn’t working.

I decided to take some (very) low light pics, and have a look at the spots where I thought the old cat had been lying, when I could enhance the images.

The average light across these images was very even so, even though the place was almost dark, they were able to record an image that looks much brighter than reality. All the light came from the ‘window’ on the left, and the bed image took seconds to catch, even at a fairly high ISO, which is why it is not very sharp compared to the others.

I hadn’t realised quite how dark it was, or how odd the lighting was – you can see for yourself in the images.

I’m afraid there’s no cat to be seen.

I think it used to lie on the bed, or was sometimes seen sleeping on the edge of the hearth, below the range.

I would ask, but while the staff are helpful, the knowledge is becoming less and less over the years.

The ‘range’ was the name given to the combined fire, oven, and stove fitted into tenement flats.

As you can see, the room served as kitchen (sink is just out of sight on the left), living room, and bedroom – for the whole family.

The communal toilet was outside, on the stairhead – everybody had a key!

People's Palace Tenement Bed

People’s Palace Tenement Bed


People's Palace Tenement Range

People’s Palace Tenement Range


People's Palace Tenement

People’s Palace Tenement

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Christmas casualties started early this year

Recent years haven’t seen the ‘Christmas casualties’ (kids’ stuff just dumped in favour of presents) appear until later than they did when I started noticing them.

It started early this year though.

I hope this one means the cat had a nice present, and not that it was evicted along with its old house.

Don’t think so – I’m sure I’ve found other well-worn cat goodies dumped outside the same houses.

Haven’t seen a cat tree house like this in any shops.

Nice though, as it means the Cat Overlord can watch The Kingdom from an enclosed place of relative comfort and safety.

Christmas Casualty Cat Home

Christmas Casualty Cat Home


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After the cat met the Christmas tree (Updated)

So, the Christmas tree went to assertiveness classes.

Christmas Tree Warning

Christmas Tree Warning


Really Grumpy Cat

Really Grumpy Cat




Christmas Tree Challenge Accepted

Christmas Tree Challenge Accepted

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Have the mice moved on?

Regular visitors may have noticed a lack of mouse-related pics in recent times.

This isn’t because I gave up posting them.

There just have been any since the last one appeared some time ago.

I had cleared away all the greenery and stuff they might have been hiding in, or using as a covered route, but had been disappointed as they carried on arriving. However, it looks as if that clean up might have been successful after all, and just needed the ones that knew the path to die off, or be trapped.

There just hasn’t been even a single one, not even if I happen to leave the doors open overnight.

I just wish I could find something as apparently successful and effective to deal with the damned snail now.

They just seem to appear from nowhere – although I did find one colony had taken up residence behind the rendering on my house. Unfortunately they’re the type with shells, can’t be reached without tearing the rendering off the wall, and leave their shells behind when they die, so have slowly pushed it out and away from the wall.

That’s not going to be good one day. That rendering was already replaced a few years ago. Turned out to be a crap job – I saw the builder concerned pictured in the local paper shortly after the work was done – on his way to jail for 5 years for fraud, after taking money from pensioners.

Oh well, a little reminder from someone who has the tools for dealing with recurring mice, to mark the end of the year and their apparent departure.

Cat And Mouse

Cat And Mouse

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There should be a special hell for people who dump their cats

Reading LoveMeow regularly (follow on Twitter), I’m regularly shocked and saddened to read of people who decide their cat is simply ‘Surplus to requirements’, and dump their ‘designer accessory’ into the nearest shelter, or worse, kick it out into the street (or even worse, which I won’t expand on, but you know what I mean).

It’s something I can’t understand.

Having looked after a pet that was supposedly dear to them, and a companion, they find some fault with it, and out it goes with the rubbish.

I just can’t comprehend the mental attitude, as I’d have done just about anything for any cat I’ve looked after, regardless of its nature, habits, disposition, attitude, problems etc. They’re all part of the deal, like them or not.

Just look at this guy – can you believe the owner dumped him because he was a lap cat?

Jacque was three years old when he was dropped off at Michigan Cat Rescue. His previous owner no longer wanted the ginger cat because he constantly sought attention from her.

“All he wanted was a lap to sit on. She didn’t want him to cuddle with her and she didn’t want him any more,” Michigan Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow.

After a year, he was turned away and given up. The ginger boy was confused by the sudden change in surroundings, but as soon as he got to curl up in a warm lap, he started purring again.

They shared his story on their Facebook page, in the hope of finding him a perfect home. Soon, hundreds of adoption applications came flowing in. People were stunned by how a sweet cat like Jacque became “unwanted.”

“Sad that he lost his home, but glad has a chance at a home that will forever love him… with a lap to snuggle on,” Siobhan commented on the page.

“If he is a lapcat that’s what I’m looking for. I will apply for him,” Abby added a comment.

“Who in the heck doesn’t want a lap cat? He is so handsome,” Brandy wrote on the page.

“A giant cat that is orange and demands to sit on laps? Sounds like a dream come true,” Cathy added a comment.

Cat Who Was Rejected for Being a Lap Cat, Finds Family that Loves Him and Can’t Stop Cuddling


Most folk I’ve ever known who had cats would have PAID to have a cat like that!

Isn’t THIS what you WANT your cat to do?

Jaque Michigan Cat Rescue

Jaque Michigan Cat Rescue

THAT face.

How could anybody throw it out after living with it FOR A YEAR!

Jaque Michigan Cat Rescue

Jaque Michigan Cat Rescue

Disgusting owner, as are all who take a ‘Designer Pet’ and dump it when it no longer suit their current whim or fashion.

On the other hand, Jaque is better off being separated from them, and in a loving home.

It’s just a pity the original owner can’t be dumped somewhere equally appropriate!

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After last year’s Bottom Sniffer Beer for dogs – it’s Pawsecco Wine for Cats

While scoping out the stock (or lack of it) in our new Aldi, I came across the partner to last year’s offering for dogs (Bottom Sniffer Beer), it’s Pawsecco Wine for Cats (and Dogs apparently).

So, the Sales and Marketing Department’s opinion of the nation’s favourite pets is… Dogs go around sniffing backsides, while judgemental Cats sip wine and watch them.

Cat Judge

Cat Judge

Pawsecco is described as a specialised blend of Elderflower, Nettle, Ginseng, Lime flower and carrot, created with the advice of veterinary experts.

The treat is said to be non-alcoholic, non-carbonated and grape-free, since grapes can be dangerous for pets.

Suitable for all dogs and cats over the age of 4 months.

Instruction say to ‘Pour over food’.

You probably won’t want to share this along with your pet – unlike your tipple, this one is laced with chicken!

Comes as ‘Pet-House White’ and ‘Pet-House Rose’.

Aldi Pawsecco Cat Wine

Aldi Pawsecco Cat Wine

Although I spotted this in Aldi, after looking online, I see you can pick it up in other shops.

In detail, in case you want to be sure it’s OK.

Pet-House White Composition – An infusion of Elderflower, Linden Blossom, Ginseng, Water, Caramel (Natural), Citric Acid. Preservative: Potassium Sorbate.

Pet-House Rose Composition – An infusion of Elderflower, Linden Blossom, Ginseng, Carrot, Water, Caramel (Natural), Citric Acid. Preservative: Potassium Sorbate

Massive pic fail

I did take a pic of this stuff in our new Aldi – and failed miserably.

I don’t really know what went wrong here, autofocus should preferentially lock onto the nearest item, with a bias towards the centre of the frame.

I have absolutely no idea why this shot is perfectly focussed on the bottle in the background!

Pawsecco In Aldi

Pawsecco In Aldi

My best guess is that in my haste, and having the camera on its side (while those taking pics with their phones seem free to snap away all day, those of us with ‘real’ cameras seem to be frowned upon if we try the same thing in shops, or anywhere), I half-pressed the shutter button and triggered the exposure/focus action before I framed the shot.

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Cat humour

I’ve been getting a little serious recently, but I’ve also been coming across some nice cat related humour too, so this might be a good time to share a couple.

One that needs no explanation, but could make the world a better place.

Graffiti Cats

Graffiti Cats

If cats could caption pics.

Pick it Up

Pick it Up

I can’t think of another post where I could put this one, so…

Poop Play

Poop Play

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Well raised kid

So, it seems not ALL kids are brought up by terrible parents.

Magic happens when you start young.

Well Raised Kid and Cat

Well Raised Kid and Cat

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