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Found cat – Bridgeton or Glasgow Green

Spotted this slightly different poster for a ‘Lost’ cat yesterday, hope it is a genuine one.

Not the usual ‘Lost Cat’ poster, but a ‘Found Cat’ this time.

Unfortunately, like many ‘lost cat’ posters, this one has no date, so there’s no way to tell if it’s new, recent, or old – other than by making a guess based on its condition under out lovely Scottish weather. But with the recent dry spell, it could still be weeks old.

Still, it can’t be that old, as this guessing came of age is often harder of the page is properly plastic laminated.

Some are put in plastic sleeves, but as these are really just unsealed plastic bags, they make things worse since they fill with rain water, which can’t then evaporate, and destroy the paper/print even faster as it never dries once it gets wet.

Assuming this is legit, hope the little tuxedo cat gets home.

Found Cat - Bridgeton or Glasgow Green

Found Cat – Bridgeton or Glasgow Green


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Stop lookin’ at mah damn butt hoomin!

Regulars will know my problem with most cats around here, most of them don’t hang around until you get near them, or stay still long enough for anything more than a pic of their butt as they wander off.

This guy looked tough enough to fend for himself, and stopped (or slowed down) long enough to turn a little and throw a warning glance behind as I was about to take my usual ‘catbutt’ pic.

Semi Catbutt

Semi Catbutt

I haven’t been around the streets much (at all) during the recent warm spell, so don’t know if the cats came out.

I saw another couple before this one, but they managed to teleport during the few seconds needed to get to the camera.

Quantum entanglement has NOTHING on what the cats around here can do!

Clearly, they have all been tutored by Schrödinger’s cat.

Schroedinger Dead And Alive

Schrödinger Dead And Alive

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In Russia, havoc is imminent in 3, 2, 1…

Had to include this Russian pic I found.

The dangers associated with shining laser pointers at aircraft pale into insignificance when compared to the consequences of abusing the ‘Red Dot’ with your cat, or cats.

Imminent havoc

Imminent havoc

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Calton cat caught (me)

If anyone has been watching me wandering around Calton (near The Barras area), they might have thought they’d found some nut. trying to follow a cat.

There’s a nice looking tortie (tortoiseshell or calico) cat I often come across down there, but while it doesn’t actually run away, it never stays still, or, to be more accurate, doesn’t stay still long enough to strike a photographic pose. It just vanishes through fences or gaps in walls, or manages to keep out of sight by wandering through the spaces between the wheelie bins.

It likes to sit on a window-ledge, probably staring at its humans to make them open it – so it can turn around and walk away!

But, more usual is for it to spot me, and start walking.

However, one night it was too busy staring in the window – and I finally got my pic!

Calton Cat

Calton Cat

But, being a cat, it knew I was there, and I ended up being caught too.



Let’s have a little fun with this one 🙂

Got You

Got You

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£30 k – The cost of an unexpected stray cat

I have to give this one a mention.

It’s a bit of a shocker for someone in the UK to see how costs rack up in the US when any pet is taken to the vet, and how they can mount astronomically if any sort of specialist or extended treatment is required to save their lives after any sort of bad accident, or discovery of a serious condition.

Have a look here to get an idea, where some of the cases come with details: LoveMeow

But this one is different.

A football club received a fine of £29,841 for insufficient organisation (plus the throwing of objects and blocked stairways) – lay had to be stopped by the referee until the feline invader vacated the pitch.

Besiktas fined £30k for stray cat hold up in Champions League

My hero (if you know my opinion of football).

We definitely need more cats like this to make this stuff interesting.

Feline Football Invader Picture Credit: BULENT KILICAFP Getty Images

Feline Football Invader Picture Credit: BULENT KILICAFP Getty Images

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Prison cat or Thoughtful cat?

When you’re behind bars, you get the gift of time to think.

The warmer weather is bringing a few cats out, and I’m getting luckier just by keeping away from them.

This one looked as if it was staring out of prison bars first time I passed.

Then it just seemed to look deep in thought (plotting world domination no doubt) when I went back.

Prison Cat Or Thoughtful Cat

Prison Cat Or Thoughtful Cat

But, it was business as usual after I took the pic and tried to walk past gate and say ‘Hello’.

As soon as I got close, it was ‘catbutt‘ as usual, and it had vanished without trace.

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Cat’s eyes are not pleased with me

Even from the other side of the street, I still can’t keep the local cat’s happy.

Even though I was thinking nice thoughts about this big house panther, I could tell it wasn’t happy about me daring to disturb its air.

And just look at those smart, contrasting, WHITE whiskers.

But then take careful note of the eyes, not big wide circles of interest.

But slanted, and reflecting on the plans being made behind them, plotting my death “Who dares disturb my slumber?”

Nah, just kidding 🙂

I’ve come across a lot of black cats with ONE white whisker, but I think this is the first I’ve come across with a set.

Black Cat White Whiskers

Black Cat White Whiskers

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Warmer weather and cats

Two days of ‘heatwave’ (if that was our summer, we’ve had it) brought quite a few cats out.

I won’t say ‘To play’ since they still all have the same problem with strangers, and are off into the distance the moment you get too close.

Well, I’m matching that with longer lenses, and better hunting.

This character was looking none to happy, perhaps thinking I was after those white socks.

That look!

Grey Cat White Socks

Grey Cat White Socks

Let’s try the ‘Look away and he’ll go away’ system.

Look Away He'll Go Away

Look Away He’ll Go Away


THAT Didn't Work

THAT Didn’t Work

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Dammit cat – That’s for my feet!

I managed to catch this typical cat response to some poor old tired feet getting a soak…

Sphinx Drinks

Sphinx Drinks

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Bad fur day

A new addition to my ‘dead’ collection.

So far, there’s been the unavoidable pigeon (or two, or three, or more), the odd squirrel (usually as roadkill, and not fit for a pic), and a few foxes.

First time I’ve come across a cat though, and this one lying on the grass in a local park.

Slightly surprising, hardly just arrived there, and the council gardeners have been busy around here for some time – although I never see them, just the evidence of their work tidying the place up.

Reminded me of an old ginger cat that used to wander around the place, must have been really old, although it was fed it was also always kind of skinny looking. This was the ‘good old day’ when random cats used wander around, visit, and even come in for a snack and a nap.

I wasn’t surprised when it disappeared.

But I was surprised to find its mummified body many years later, curled up in a ball as if asleep, behind some stuff stored in an outside shed where it must have crawled in to sleep its last days away.


Ex Cat

Ex Cat



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Cute old pic (with cat of course)

Just a nice find, while browsing through some really old pics.

Old Pic With Cat

Old Pic With Cat

Pretty sure it’s real, no obvious signs of it being ‘manufactured’.

There are a lot of fake ‘old’ pics around, but most are full of editing mistakes, and a patient review of the detail usually shows them for what they are.

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