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Wild Cat Friday

Wild Cat Friday


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Easter reminder… Chocolate is POISONOUS to dogs!

Just a reminder, which even the cat* wants made public…

Hide the chocolate and make your home a dog-safe zone this Easter

Dogs Trust has issued a warning for dog owners ahead of Easter weekend.

The charity is reminding people to be vigilant and keep the chocolate out of reach of all four-legged friends over the next few days.

Last year 60 per cent of vets reported cases of pets suffering from chocolate poisoning over the period.

As Easter eggs and other tasty cocoa treats find their way into homes, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity hopes to raise awareness of the continued risk the consumption of the sweet treats poses to our canine pals.

Vets issue chocolate warning to Glasgow dog owners over Easter poisoning fears

Chocolate Toxic To Dogs

Chocolate Toxic To Dogs

Sadly, it seems the cat’s motivation was one of selfish warmth, and not any concern for a fellow creature, so no surprises there.

Cat on dog

  • so no surprises there.


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That moment when…

You make an innocent mistake – but realise the chances of dying in your sleep have suddenly increased immeasurably.

Die In Sleep

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What does your cat REALLY do when it goes out?

Not new, but when I was pointed at this and checked the source (for better quality) I was disappointed to see it had evaporated.

So, as this is too good to miss, this lesser quality bit will just have to do.

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Meet Owl Kitty – short but sweet

While I seem to be happy spending ridiculous amounts of time editing still pics, it’s probably just as well I never scored any cheap (or free) video editing toys, or I’d probably never see the light of day.

Chances are I’d be caught up in trying to find suitable clips to make clips like these, which always leave me wanting more, as they end just as they are getting interesting.

There’s quite a few Owl Kitty productions now, so it’s not so easy to pick one, but I rather like this example, where everyone else is already clearly aware that their place in the greater scheme of things is to bow down before their feline overlord.

Find more of the same here:

Meet Owl Kitty. Your favourite movie kitty


Maybe just ONE more…

If you have a cat – NEVER lose you tin opener!

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Murder mitten

I’ll just leave this here (for Caturday)

Obvious partner to…

Apologies – this really should be looped, but WordPress doesn’t offer the option, and I can’t locate the gif.

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Félicette, the first and only astrocat that went into space and returned alive

Félicette was the first cat  launched into space. She was launched on 18 October 1963, by France, and is the only cat to have survived such a journey. A second feline was launched on 24 October, but the mission resulted in a fatality when the rocket exploded as it reached about seven miles (11 kilometres) above the Earth.

Félicette Astrocat

Félicette Astrocat

Unlike the various chimps, dogs, and even insects that were sent into space, Félicette’s story is not generally known, and there is no memorial to mark the event. It’s said that there was little publicity as Félicette had electrodes implanted in her head, and with the various animal welfare groups and campaigns that were coming into being at the time, the pics would not have gone down well.

The following video promotes a campaign to raise funds for one such memorial statue.

Aiming to raise £40 k, the fund’s web page shows it reached £43 k back in 2017 – but there seems to be no further information or progress reported after that (at the time of this post). I may have missed something, but couldn’t find any more mentions after 2017.

A statue to Félicette, the first cat in space

See also:

First cat in space Félicette to get memorial statue after successful crowdfund

While the video tells the story of Félicette’s successful launch and recovery, it omits details of the hero’s subsequent fate.

After being studied for a couple of months following here return, the researcher carried out a more detailed examination of Félicette to find out if there were any physical effects from her trip into space, so she was ‘put to sleep’, permanently.

Would’t have happened in Turkey.

In Turkey, people stand in public transport so the cat can have a seat.

Cat in Turkey

Cat in Turkey

And some people wonder…

Why this book is such a best-seller.

Cat plotting to kill

Cat plotting to kill

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A traveller and her feline overlord

I usually like to do at least a little research and find out some of the background behind interesting items I’m pointed at.

In this case, I have to admit failure, and giving up in defeat as the hours passed and I got nowhere.

This pic illustrates (just) one of the reasons I hate things like Pintrest and Instragam (plus other similar sites of course) – they make it so easy for mindless people to copy and share an image (with no information about the subject, its source, or the owner) that they can make it impossible to find information about it.

In this case I gave up after tracking down hundreds of instances of pics of this subject, only to find they were all just shares on social media, with no useful info, and filled the top pages of search results on all my web searches – making it pointless to look at any of them as they were just copies of the same useless shares.

Even when I did seem to be getting somewhere, and identify the artist/sculptor, this usually tuned out not to be the subject, but something similar, which was no use at all.

There comes a time when the law of diminishing returns kicks in, and you just have to give up.

All I can do is ask that if anyone does have actual information or details on this installation, to add something in the comments below, to help the rest of us.

It really is a great piece of work.

The only bit of info I picked up, and which I think can be trusted, was the single hint that this statue lives in Belarus.

The Traveller and her Cat

The Traveller and her Cat

A few more views.

The Traveller and her Cat

The Traveller and her Cat

I’m tempted to say “All we got was ‘Winchers Stance’ in Buchanan Bus Station!”

It looks a bit chunky now, after seeing The Traveller – but that’s just me.

And there’s no cat.

Buchanan Bus Station Statue

Buchanan Bus Station Statue

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Return of the cat man of Aleppo

Guess I don’t watch enough TV.

Actually, I hardly watch any nowadays, and I used to be a real addict, sometimes having four recorders running when programs overlapped.

Nowadays, the people on TV are mostly disgusting ‘celebrities’ or wannabes, and I’ve watched all the repeats from the ‘Golden years’. Thankfully, there are a few new Sci-fi and fantasy series worth a look (although they seem to be based on old comics and similar), so there is still something new to look at, although I have to confess to still watching out for ‘new’ finds of old TV series.

So, I didn’t catch the original 2016 BBC video referred to…

The cat man of Aleppo, Mohammad Aljaleel, touched the hearts of millions when his sanctuary featured in a BBC video in 2016 (above). He had to leave the city when it fell to Syrian government forces, but he’s now back – in an area nearby – and helping children as well as animals, reports Diana Darke.

Just weeks after the video was filmed, Mohammad Aljaleel (known to everyone as Alaa) watched helplessly as his cat sanctuary was first bombed, then chlorine-gassed, during the intense final stages of the siege of Aleppo.

Most of his 180 cats were lost or killed. Like thousands of other civilians he was trapped in the eastern half of the city under continuous bombardment from Russian and Syrian fighter jets.

As the siege tightened, he was forced from one Aleppo district to another, witnessing unimaginable scenes of devastation. Yet throughout, he continued to look after the few surviving cats and to rescue people injured in the bombing, driving them to underground hospitals.

Return of the cat man of Aleppo

Cat Man of Aleppo Pic Credit BBC

Cat Man of Aleppo Pic Credit BBC

Some people are just amazing.

Find others along similar lines here…


They may be rescuing cats/kittens one, or a few at a time as opposed to hundreds, but getting tweets of new stories from LoveMeow make my day better, after reading about some of the dross I have to share the streets of Glasgow with.

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Another cat dumped, clearly meant not to be found, and die

I usually make a case for NOT slating owners who are condemned for leaving their cats in boxes or carriers at the doors of organisations. I tend to think (having been there) that their circumstances led to them thinking that they are doing the best they could. Sadly, you can’t always think things through properly when under pressure.

This is quite different from situations where people box up the animals, and then dump them out of sight, or in isolated places where they are unlikely to be seen or found. THAT sort of action is deliberate, and THOSE people should be prosecuted for deliberate cruelty – but that’s sadly almost impossible.

Here’s an example of the latter, and someone who should be caught (but how?)…

Clover, a one-year-old female cat, was found inside a plastic carrier inside a bin liner covered in urine and faeces.

Inspector Sarah Gregory described the incident as “deliberate and cruel”.

She said: “This little cat is lucky she was discovered by a vigilant member of the public who knew something wasn’t right as she could have easily been missed.

“We are unsure how long she was left outside for and we are keen to find the person responsible for abandoning her in this deliberate and cruel way.

“She doesn’t appear to have any signs of injury but was covered in urine and faeces when we found her. She is currently being cared for by the staff at our centre in Edinburgh and has been named Clover.

“If anyone in the area recognises her or has any information on who may have abandoned Clover, we would urge you to call our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”

Cat dumped in carrier and abandoned at side of road

Carrier and Cat Pic Credit Edinburgh Scottish SPCA

Carrier and Cat Pic Credit Edinburgh Scottish SPCA

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Amazing survival story of cat who crawled into an engine bay for warmth

It’s now becoming more common for campaigns to be run to alert drivers, and appeal for them to check their engine bays for cats which may have crawled into them for some heat after the vehicle has been parked.

Unfortunately – cats can’t read, and continue to make themselves at home in these warm retreats.

While some escape almost unharmed, and others suffer some burns from hot exhausts, we’ve no way of knowing how many are lost if they fall out at speed (into traffic). But we have video of terrified cats suddenly appearing on the road in the midst of traffic, and being rescued by observant pedestrians, drivers, and bikers.

This is Henry.



Unfortunately, Henry tried to find warmth and shelter under the hood of a car, and suffered major injuries to his head after the car was started.

The Sauk County Humane Society found Henry under the hood of a car entangled in the engine. They took him to the Veterinary Emergency Service & Veterinary Specialty Center in Middleton for treatment.

A chunk of Henry’s skull is completely gone, he’s at risk for meningitis, and had a buildup of grease and chemicals embedded in his fur. The surgery involved cutting off both ears and stitching up the salvageable skin. Henry has 20 visible stitches on his head and about 14 beneath the skin.

The Humane Society had originally posted on Facebook asking for donations so Henry could get surgery for his injuries that would cost $2,500, but the veterinarians decided Henry couldn’t wait much longer.

The surgery ended up costing around $3,000. Sauk County Humane Society said they need help through donations to cover the cost of Henry’s surgery

Henry has a long road to recovery, but vets say, despite everything he’s been through, he’s eating on his own and even purring throughout the day.



Source and original images: After near decapitation in trying to seek shelter from cold, Henry the kitty needs your help

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