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Kitten dies after being dumped with family in cage near A71

The Scottish SPCA is appealing for information after three cats were found abandoned inside a cage on Allanton Road in Shotts, North Lanarkshire, last Monday.

The mother cat and her two kittens were riddled with fleas and had numerous health issues.

One of the kittens was too sick to recover, and had to be put to sleep.

Animal rescue officer Dawn Juma said: “The female cat was found with her two offspring inside a cage off the A71.

“They had been left on the eastbound side of the road heading in the Edinburgh direction.

“We are very grateful to the person who alerted us to the cats and stayed with them until we arrived.

Abandoning an animal is an offence under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006.

Anyone found guilty of doing so can expect to be banned from keeping animals for a fixed period or life.

If you have any information, call the Scottish SPCA’s confidential helpline on 03000 999 999.

Kitten dumped with family in cage had to be put to sleep

Abandoned - The cats were riddled with fleas - Pic credit Scottish SPCA

Abandoned – The cats were riddled with fleas – Pic credit Scottish SPCA

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Six-week-old kitten dumped in Milton bin

In a deliberate act of animal cruelty, a six-week-old ginger and white kitten was stuffed into a paper bag and dumped in a bin on Ashgill Road, Milton.

While I don’t support the sort of witch-hunt called for by some when animals are dumped at shelters, the obviously no similarity between that and instances where people deliberately hide animals in places of danger, with the clear of aim of having someone unwittingly injure or kill them.

An appeal has been launched after a kitten was discovered inside a bin on a Glasgow North street.

The Scottish SPCA was alerted to the incident after a passer-by on Ashgill Road heard the young cat in distress on Wednesday, September 11.

The male, ginger and white kitten, who is around six weeks old, was found inside a white paper bag in a big.

Now, the Scottish SPCA is calling for anyone with information about the incident to come forward.

Animal rescue officer Ryan Cannon said: “The kitten was discovered inside a white paper bag in a bin.

“The bin is on Ashgill Road near the bus stop at Scaraway Street in the Milton area.

“He is a male, ginger and white kitten and we estimate he is around six weeks old. At this age, he should still be with his mum.

“We are thankful the member of the public heard the kitten’s cries. Who knows what would have happened if he hadn’t been found.

“He is now receiving the care he needs at one of our animal rescue and rehoming centres.

“Someone deliberately put this kitten in the bin and we want to find out what happened.

“If anyone has any information, we would urge them to call our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”

Six week old kitten found abandoned in bin on Glasgow street

So, let’s identify who this was, and turn them in (before they start doing the same to children one day).

Abandoning an animal is an offence under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006, with anyone found guilty of doing so facing a ban from keeping animals for a fixed period or life.

Appeal - The little kitten was dumped in a bin Pic credit Scottish SPCA

Appeal – The little kitten was dumped in a bin Pic credit Scottish SPCA

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Judgemental Cat

Nearing home in last night’s damp gloom, I stopped for a moment thanks to that feeling of Somebody’s Watching.

Turned out to be catbutt’s creepy cousin – Judgemental Cat.

Harder to spot as he (more likely she) sits in places where she can overlook you, and decide your fate.

Sure enough, a careful check of the surroundings, and I was able to match the feeling to a pair of feline eyes looking down on me, passing judgment.

Lurking under cover, in the shadows, and out of the rain.

Judgemental Cat

Judgemental Cat

I’m not having much luck with cats this year.

There was a gem the day before, when the Sun was beating down on us.

This one had found a nice safe place to sunbathe, surrounded by metal railings around a grassy patch, so nobody get near and disturb the mood (or get a pic).

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Unfortunate cat scoffs treats AND packaging – earns trip to vet

Looking quite like the black and white cat in the related animated advert for his favourite treats, and sharing a similar unstoppable desire for those treats, it seems Poppy was just a little too quick…

Four-year-old Poppy ate the clip along with some packaging while gorging on a packet of his favourite cat snacks which he found while his owner was out of the room.

Owners became worried when he stopped eating, was being sick frequently, and struggled to go to the toilet. After several days with no improvement, and unable to keep even water down, it was time for a visit to the PDSA.

Vets at the Glasgow PDSA Pet Hospital on Shamrock Street examined Poppy and performed X-rays, which revealed the metal clip in his stomach.

PDSA vet Emma Bates carried out an hour-long operation to remove the clip, which could have led to a ruptured bowel and potentially fatal sepsis if it had not been removed.

Ms Vandal said: “Poppy has a big appetite and he can’t get enough of his Dreamies, so we weren’t surprised when he stole the pack. But I couldn’t believe the X-ray results.

“We knew Poppy had not been himself, he is usually full of energy, but we had no idea that it was down to him swallowing the metal clip and part of the packaging.

“I can’t thank PDSA enough for everything they have done for Poppy – I know he wouldn’t be here now without their fantastic treatment.

“Poppy is back to his usual self – this incident hasn’t put him off his favourite treats but we now keep a close eye on him and make sure he can’t steal anything he shouldn’t.”

Glasgow cat who swallowed metal clip while sneaking treat rushed to life-saving surgery

Nice one PDSA, which added:

PDSA advises people to speak to their vet as soon as possible if they think their pet has eaten something they should not have, as some substances can be poisonous and even small objects can potentially cause a blockage.

Please NEVER CONFUSE PDSA with Peta, a huge animal killing machine masquerading as animal lovers, but really just some horrible people grabbing money, and attracting waste-of-skin celebrities for publicity

Poppy the cat who swallowed a metal clip while stealing his favourite treat has made a full recovery after life-saving surgery (Image PA)

Poppy the cat who swallowed a metal clip while stealing his favourite treat has made a full recovery after life-saving surgery (Image PA)

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Cat vs Dog

Cat vs Dog

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I’m going to bed early tonight

(Actually, that’s not really me.)

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I’ve warned you before – your cat IS plotting to kill you!

A rather unfortunate tale about a woman from Glasgow, and although not actually resulting from the cat injury as such (the usual problem is infection from a cat bite, due to the content of their saliva), events did begin with a small scratch by the cat.

A mother almost died after developing toxic shock from a cat scratch.

The cat barely tore through Moira Brady’s skin but within days her body was closing down.

Ms Brady, from Glasgow, lost a finger on her left hand as medics battled the disease, and doctors say is lucky to be alive.

She tried to shoo away cats fighting in her back garden when one of them swiped at her.

Although the scratch was minor, she developed MRSA, a deadly condition, and Streptococcus A, which can cause serious bacterial infections.

She thought nothing of the scratch at the time but it had punctured her skin and about a week later her hand swelled up and one of her fingers turned blue.

Dr Emilia Crighton, consultant in public health and head of health services section at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said: “If it is just a scratch clean the area and only seek medical attention if it gets infected.

“If it is an actual bite and the skin has been broken I would advise people to seek medical attention as the area could become infected.

“Your own GP or local pharmacy would be the first, easy to reach, point of contact.”

Woman nearly dies from a tiny cat scratch as infection spread through her body

One of the things I take excessive with care with nowadays is cleanliness after doing any sort of work in the garden, particularly if I have my hands in the soil, or handle it -or get one of the aforementioned scratches.

The simple reason is that I’ve watched many small furry animals (and birds) doing their various forms of ‘business’ in the soil, and began to notice the smell on my hands afterwards. I should add this is usually NOT down to cats, who always get the blame from haters, but actually do their business out of sight.

These days I prepare food/meals, and NEVER touch any of the ingredients until dirty gardening hands are nice and clean.

Still, you should really keep a close on what ‘fluffy’ is doing…

Signs of cat plotting to kill you

Signs of cat plotting to kill you

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YE5 5HUG – You CAN win a £1,000 ‘bonus prize’ with that plate

I had to move fast (for me) to catch this one as I was lucky enough to spot it catching up with the bus, and about to pass.

While the spacing on the plate makes it look good, as usual, I have to wonder if the potential bonus of a fine of up to £1,000 for illegal character spacing is worth it if they meet a police officer having a bad day.

2011 Honda 1.4 i-VTEC SE [YE5 5HUG]

2011 Honda 1.4 i-VTEC SE [YE5 5HUG]

YE55 HUG plate


I’m sure there’s a cat out there that would be quite happy to have it with its legit spacing 🙂


Cat needs HUG5

Cat needs HUG5

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Don’t miss Lil BUB’s 8th birthday

Still on the theme of “Things only happen when I’m away”, I see LiL BUB turned 8 recently, and had a party.

I don’t see much of the ‘Internet cats’ these days, as the original sites that tended to focus on them have gone downhill, and I just don’t visit, so almost missed this too.

And I’m still a bit down over the loss of Grumpy. Did you realise both were girls?

But this is about smiling, and just look at the faceplant as soon as BUB get near the cake, even before it’s ready.

Couldn’t be there, but let’s not forget the sight of them together.

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Cat with sound effects

Sound on, smile on…

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That cat looks like a dog – OH!

The time it takes to take a pic can really spoil it.

By the time the camera came to life and actually took this pic, the dog had moved from the place it had been lying, and no longer looked like a great big tortoiseshell cat.

I did a quick look online, and it seems I should be referring to this as ‘brindle’ when it appears on dogs and other animals.

Tortie doggy

Tortie doggy

Not to be outdone, and in a spooky coincidence, I came across an old friend later in the day – a tortoiseshell cat that lives near the Barras.

Doing a ‘catloaf’ impression.

Tortoiseshell catloaf

Tortoiseshell catloaf

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