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Hope the cat is OK and got a new home

Spotted this sad and sorry sight on the way home recently.

I hope the resident wasn’t injured in the collapse of their home, but then again, it might have been their own fault, and the place just couldn’t stand the strain of all those ‘pussy pound’ bearing down on it, and just gave up one day.

Fat Cat Broken Home

Fat Cat Broken Home

This may be a build defect which the local planning authority has failed to catch during the inspection and approval process, as many similar cases of cats becoming homeless after such a disaster can be found online.

Perhaps it is not actually the cats that are the cause, but poorly designed and manufactured perches.

Perhaps we need the Americans to raise the first multi-million dollar class action against the manufacturers and suppliers of these potentially deadly high-rise structures, so that responsibility for failures can be properly established in court?

Online example of imminent and actual failure:

Fat Cat Broken Perch

Fat Cat Broken Perch

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My Garden – see the cat if you want to argue

This is kind of sad.

The cat is gorgeous white, but was always as nervous as anything – which is actually the norm for nearly all the cats around here, wherever they might be when you spot them.

Very few ever stay still long enough to get within arm’s length, let alone touch.

I’m seriously beginning to forget what a cat feels like!

I never got any closer than this pic – any closer to the fence and all that was left was a white blur, and a pair of ‘eyes on stalks’ watching from behind the shrubs.

Also, I never saw it again after a few weeks, so it was either lost, became a house cat, or maybe went to a new home.

My Garden Cat

My Garden Cat

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Allie is missing

News of another missing cat, this time in Shettleston near Killin Street.

At least that’s where I picked up this pic.

Not much I can add, but Sunday was only a couple of days ago, so this is a new appeal.

Allie Missing Cat

Allie Missing Cat

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Why I hate being forced to use the compact

While I gain the advantage of being able to catch pics on days when I can’t carry a dSLR/zoom combo, I still can’t say I’m happy with having to use a small pocketable compact camera.

While the disadvantages remain outweighed by the fact of catching pics that would otherwise have been missed, it’s still not fun using a camera that takes time to switch on, has to grind the zoom lens out and in before becoming useable, takes ages to focus, and then to take the pic after the shutter button has been pressed. It’s so different from a dSLR, always on and ready to go with no fuss – it’s actually a better point-and-click camera than a… point-and-click camera. I won’t even dwell on the delivery of an image that can’t be cropped or zoomed (as it’s too fuzzy).

But the biggest pain is the lack of viewfinder, and having to hold the thing at arm’s length to use the screen on the back for composing and checking the shot – it’s so discreet and unnoticeable (NOT!).

Even a ‘large’ LCD doesn’t show enough detail to warn of failure of the autofocus, and it’s too late to redo the shot after you get home and see the full-size image.

The first pic was the one I wanted, just for the fun of the ‘First cat spotted outdoors for Spring 2017’, but useless autofocus.

The second pic is focussed, but useless, with the cat behind the fence, and not looking cute on the window ledge.

Cat Focus Fail

Cat Focus Fail

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Cat murals abroad are different (from ours)

I caught some local ‘official’ murals in Glasgow some time ago (3 years ago!), as seen in Glasgow’s graffiti cats, and they’re still there – and I rather like the term that has been coined by some to describe them online, ‘murder mittens’.

Here’s s reminder:

Glasgow Dunlop St cats

Glasgow Dunlop St cats

One thing I’ve noticed is that our murals tend to the realistic, and that’s not a complaint. As a failed artist (despite being told by an art teacher I could and should paint and draw as I had the ability, I still think anything I attempt is fit only for the bin) I love the realism and accuracy of the work, and believe another thing my teacher told me, that cats are a real test of ability – and if you can portray them realistically, you are lucky and talented.

That said, I was browsing through a photo site that just collates random pics it thinks are great, and I spotted a couple of cat murals in a recent dump.

Unfortunately, it just collects the pics, not any of the details, so I have no idea where these are located, but from the ‘feel’ of their environment and surroundings, I’d say they lie on foreign soil.

But it’s really the stylised nature of their depiction of cat faces that caught my eye.

While I love the realistic murals that have appeared in Glasgow over the past few years, and are ‘Tourist trails’, even hidden in odd places so they are hard to find, and a surprise when they are spotted, I also think our artists need to develop some imagination too, and dare to move outside the borders of pure reality, and move into some more stylised and abstract work:

Foreign Cat Mural 1

Foreign Cat Mural 1


Foreign Cat Mural 2

Foreign Cat Mural 2


Foreign Cat Mural 3

Foreign Cat Mural 3

It’s not that we don’t have them at all, but this example (the only one I have of such a thing) is located on a wall facing AWAY from the road AND behind a wall. It’s only visible to people walking the path along the side of the River Clyde, or who may happen to look across from the opposite bank, from a place that is largely deserted.

Big Fire Cat Clyde

Big Fire Cat Clyde

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SUPERCAT flies to the rescue of the Scottish wildcat

I almost missed this one, but it’s nice to see some more publicity appearing.


Cat owners across Scotland are being asked to help protect a highly endangered native species, the Scottish wildcat.

Experts estimate there are fewer than 300 wildcats left in the wild but Scottish Wildcat Action hopes that pet and farm cats will help save the day by becoming “Supercats.”

Scottish Wildcat Action is a national project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, which aims to halt the decline of this native species by 2020. It is led by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and is a partnership of 20 organisations. The Supercat campaign will launch on World Spay Day on 28 February with support from wildlife filmmaker, Gordon Buchanan, and using the hashtag #supercat.

To become a Supercat, a domestic cat needs to be micro-chipped, neutered and have up-to-date vaccinations. This helps wildcats by reducing the risks of cross-breeding and disease that are wiping out the last few wildcats in Scotland. Vaccinations, in particular, also help give Supercats themselves better protection from a range of threats.

News Release – Originally published by Scottish Natural Heritage.

Supercats are pet or farm cats that have been micro-chipped, neutered and have up-to-date vaccinations.


And in the media:

New campaign launched to save Scotland’s elusive wildcat

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Catbutt – the usual view

I spend more time than I should flicking through other people’s pics, however it has shown me some interesting things.

One of the glum observations is the number of abandoned (or apparently abandoned or lost) cats wandering around, and the difference between the US and the UK – or perhaps I should be more exact and say the burbs of Glasgow.

While I usually see US pics with stories of how they have been taken by someone who found a lost kitty wandering around and it immediately attached itself to them for life – here in Glasgow the norm seems to be vanishing cats, or cats that run away, if found wandering around.

I seldom even get the chance to grab a pic before they evaporate just after I bump into them, unless they are a safe distance away with some sort of barrier between us. Take the example below – after I danced around the vehicle in the foreground for a couple of minutes trying to take a pic of the cat concerned, it ‘vanished’.

In this case, I was lucky, and came around the right side of the vehicle to see its butt just about to vanish from sight – had I been a moment later or slower looking around the opposite side, it would have been gone completely.

You can play ‘Spot the Cat’ with the pic:

Spot the cat

Spot the cat

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Bespoke cat furniture is a thing!

I was lucky recently, and just managed to catch this pic before someone jumped in and it drove away.

There’s not much I can really add to this, the sign on the van tells you all you need to know, and there are plenty  of pics on their web site.

Crrailiso Cats

Of course, I had no way of knowing it at the time, but the nice lady that jumped in was the “mad cat lady” (interesting variation on the more usual ‘Crazy Cat Lady’) behind this business, and her other half was driving, as I learnt after visiting their web site to see the goodies on offer, and their cats of course.

Not sure where, but also from reading their story, it seems their workshop is somewhere in Glasgow.

I’m not as smart as I sometimes mistakenly think I am – despite a pic of gate to their unit, I don’t recognise the surrounding area, so it’s probably not on one of my walks. Beside, the sign on the gate is big enough to wake me up from the semi-trance I wander around in.

Crrailiso cats van

Crrailiso cats van

I know the question in yours minds, so here’s quote from their 2017  site:

There is not a set price as each creation is different. The cost depends on the material used, the size, complexity of the design and time taken to create it.  As a general guide, a 6 foot  tree is in the range of £375 – £525.

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Big fluff

I suspect this big lump of fluff is not so much fat as just enjoying ‘big fur’ for the winter season, it was freezing.

Given that most of out local cats have the ability to teleport, or become invisible, when approached, I decided to catch the pic rather than disturb anyone – you can’t take a pic of something that is no longer there.

I’m guessing the closed steel gate (not visible in the pic) is what gave this character the confidence to stay still and undisturbed while I stopped for the shot – but any closer, and the step would have been empty.

That cheeky little peak in the fur at back!

Fat cat

Fat cat

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Familiar face seen in Rutherglen

I don’t know if anybody else spends any time looking at cats on the Internet, but I can recommend it as a way of triggering the phrase “HOW LONG???

I thought I was safe while out for a walk, but while passing the Mecca Bingo Hall in Rutherglen I found myself face-to-face with a familiar cat, as seen below:

Mecca Bingo Internet cat

Mecca Bingo Internet cat

The poster is/was on the entrance to a former 1930s cinema in Rutherglen Main Street, The Vogue, now one of the lucky ones to have survived even as a bingo hall, as even these were beginning to fall out of favour at one point, leading to still more of these marvellous buildings being razed, something that is still happening to those which have failed to find new uses or owners.

As for the cat…

Find it here:

Stock Photo – Portrait of gray shorthair British cat with bright yellow eyes on a white background

Since this is on a site that wants its ‘palm crossed with silver‘ for using that image, I’m not going to risk any hassle, so that’s why there’s just a text link.

I wonder if Mecca… Nah, they wouldn’t do that, would they?

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Can’t let a day for cats pass


It’s that time of year again:

National Cat Day

National Cat Day

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