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When your source of food is more important than ‘The Mission’

It’s important to keep your cat fed and happy at all times.

After all, you don’t want its ‘programming’ to revert to the default setting.

Do you?


Sometimes it’s close…

REALLY close.


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Crazy Cat Lady thrown off BA flight to Heathrow

People are weird.

Apparently so attached to her cat, a woman apparently hid it in a box, and then hid it in her bag.


Apparently she needed it for ’emotional support’ – but you have to wonder how much ‘support’ she’d get from her cat, slowly suffocating in her bag and obviously not able to be seen, let alone touched!

The American traveller managed to hide the flying feline in her hand luggage, claiming she needed it for ’emotional support’.

However staff on the British Airways flight to Heathrow refused to entertain her tale and she was told leave the plane, Daily Record reports.

The cat was reportedly hiding in a box in the woman’s bag. She was only caught out because, as she was sitting in an emergency exit row, she was told to put the bag in an overhead locker.

Passenger flung off Glasgow flight for sneaking on ’emotional support’ cat

Frankly, it’s a shame BA staff couldn’t have apprehended her and kept her while the Scottish SPCA and/or police were called to a case of animal cruelty.

As it was, it seems that she not only melted away somewhere into Glasgow Airport, but didn’t even try to catch another flight.

I hope she’s WALKING to London.

Rumour has it her name was Schrödinger, and this is the box they found the cat in.

Schrodinger's Cat


Interesting to note that this story also notes:

A BA spokeswoman said:

Cats cannot travel in the cabin but recognised assistance dogs travel free alongside their owners.

Other animals need to travel in the hold.

So, where’s the campaign to have this inequality corrected?


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Say goodbye to the DVD player now

There goes ANOTHER once advanced tech thanks to the interwebs.

John Lewis pulls the plug on DVD players

No point in me trying to add anything to the commentary in that article.

The funny thing was that just before this story appeared I was watching an archive film about computers, but had to guess it was from the 1970s as I couldn’t see the copyright date at the end.

This is from an online stream I have running most of the time, dedicated to such films from at least the 1950s, and later.

There was no mention of the Internet, so that at least gives a ‘not later than’ indication of its age, and it also had no mention of anything like home/domestic video recording of any type.

But, what was significant was its coverage of ‘convergence’, then name given to the transmission of all information as a data stream, rather than some version of the original material.

For example, radio. Today, this can be played on any PC as it is sent as a data stream over the Internet. But in the past, the only way to receive radio was by using an appropriate radio receiver, and it generally depended on AM or FM modulation of a suitable carrier wave, plus aerials.

Now, you can listen to thousands of radio stations from around the world, with no need for a receiver, or having to be within range of the transmitter.

The same is true of television. You can have Freeview, but it’s also possible to see all the major TV channel online now, or use a smart TV, with no need for an aerial.

This sort of thing was possible back in the 1970s, but unlike today, where we have some sort of Internet or broadband/fibre connection that delivers the data for a subscription fee in the order of tens of £££ per month, the only way to do that back then was by a leased line or similar, and as one who had to do before broadband became common, back the 1990s we were paying anything from £12,000 to £15,000 PER YEAR for a leased data line. AND that only went between fixed points, unlike broadband, which puts you online and you can connect almost anywhere.

Despite its age, even in that film I mentioned, they were already showing how things such as the phone system, television, audio (tapes/records) were already being dismantled, and the forerunner of VOIP was seeing the end of wired telephone networks – so it wasn’t just the Internet that seeing off old technology. Newer technology was ALREADY seeing to this with its own advances, long before the Internet arrived.

I never had a DVD player, mainly due to every computer having a DVD drive and cinema software included.

But I do have a couple, found in the street, and working perfectly when tested.

You shouldn’t really throw them away – they make excellent ‘free’ cat toys 🙂


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News is still bad for cats

I’ve been a bit lax with the ‘Bad News’ stories regarding the deliberate injury of cats, but I won’t be dropping the mentions anytime soon.

Everyone needs to be reminded not only that this is still happening despite calls for those involved to be identified or turned in (and there have to be people out there who know who they are, they MUST be bragging about how ‘brave’ they are), but also that studies continue to find that there is a real danger that those involved are actually practicing their skills, and may advance to children for their next ‘high’.

This from 12 October (with a reminder of an earlier incident).

Police have appealed for information after cats were shot with suspected shotgun pellets.

A family cat was found injured near Tillyfourie and Monymusk earlier this month.

An x-ray revealed it had numerous pellets in its body, however Police Scotland said it was expected to make a full recovery after surgery.

A similar incident was reported to police at the end of August with an injured cat in Leylodge area.

PC Ellen Long said of the latest incident said: “This is the second such incident reported to us in the last few months and so is concerning that domestic animals are being unnecessarily injured.

Appeal follows shot cat incidents in Aberdeenshire

Still up north, perhaps not targetted, but injury still arising from illegal activity.

A cat has been found caught in an illegally set snare near Nairn in the Highlands.

Police said the pet was discovered in the trap in the Little Kildrummie area near the town last month.

The cat escaped serious injury, but the incident has prompted a warning from police about the setting of snares.

PC Lindsey Baldie said: “Illegally setting a snare like this or failing to dispose of it safely in a (sic) is extremely reckless act.”

The officer added; “The use of snares is the subject of strict legislation and it is extremely important that anyone using them does so safely, legally and humanely.

Cat caught in illegal snare near Nairn

It’s enough to… OH!

Cat Driven To Drink

Cat Driven To Drink

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Righteous cat indignation

Go for it cat!

This sort of cultural abuse should not be tolerated.

We need MORE cats to stand up for their heritage and culture.



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Church – The tenth life?

I wouldn’t normally give a waste-of-skin celebrity as much a moment of my time, but there are exceptions.

Apparently this is ‘Church’, star of a remake of Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary’.

Why we need yet another dire remake of a perfectly good classic film is something I’ll never understand, unless it’s just to collect money from backers and hand it to overpaid waste-of-skin celebrity actors that is.

The trailer is the usual oversell (I saw some comments about it – viewers apparently not impressed), but I already know this cat outclasses any humans in the film, won’t get paid millions, and does pretty good impression of a demon cat back from the grave, and ready to carry on doing what cats do best.

Church Pet Sematery

Church Pet Sematary

Why ‘The Tenth Life’?

Well, since cats have nine lives and Church was resurrected, he must have used all of the, hence the tenth.

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Stop that! Oh, that’s fine, carry on…

Missed this one first time round.

My thanks for the pointer to this gem.


I wonder if this cat actually has a cunning plan, and there are now holes in that TP (that fingers could go through!)


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Cat.exe is borked

I wonder if they know?

I stood and waited for almost an hour – it never moved.

Cat.exe is Broken

Cat.exe is Broken

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Another cat comes home after being shot

It’s nice to see how Scotland’s increasingly restrictive firearms’ law is making sure that fewer and fewer law-abiding people can legally own any sort of gun, while the criminals seem to be enjoying greater ownership AND use of theirs.

Over the past weeks, there have been TWO gun related incidents in the east end of Glasgow, BOTH on streets I walk (fortunately nowhere near the times of day concerned), and one where the home was invaded and the victim in the head, causing serious wounding.

Back to our subject.

A cat was left seriously injured after being shot three times with an air rifle in Falkirk.

The feline, called Ice, was taken to the vet by his owners after he returned home impaired on Saturday, September 8.

Ice required emergency surgery after a pellet was detected in his stomach.

The Scottish SPCA is now appealing for information.

Inspector Robyn Gray said: “Ice must have been in extreme pain but managed to make it home.

“Thankfully his owners acted very quickly and when they became concerned about his behaviour they immediately took him to the vet, which saved his life.

Ice Shot Three Times Pic Via Scottish SPCA

Ice Shot Three Times Pic Via Scottish SPCA

Cat injured after being shot three times with air rifle

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If you only study ONE cat training video

By ‘cat training’ I mean the training of humans to serve their feline overlords.

This one’s a gem.

Not only covers the classic meow/growl combination, but also the much more demanding combination of tail movement and slight body wiggle with those.

Combining all four SHOULD tell the human to immediately ‘cease and desist’ ANY actions that might not meet with the boss’s approval.

Ignore them, and you get what you deserve.


(Sadly, she was never seen again, this video was the last thing found on Maxwell’s human’s phone.)

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Pub-crawling cat emigrates from Campbeltown, and continues in Helelnsburgh

I wouldn’t normally mention anything from a source that aggressively ties to block me from viewing it because I’m using an adblocker (or tries to force me to disable or even uninstall it), so while I’ll return the favour by not identifying the source of the tale, I will tell about the cat (which I should point out only eat there, doesn’t drink).

The cat was being cared for by a lady in Campbeltown, who sadly died, so the cat lost its home.

A couple who had been friends with the lady tool the cat in, and brought it to their home in Helensburgh, thinking/hoping it would settle in with the incumbents.

However, the cat had been used to wandering around Campbeltown, and visiting the pubs.

It wasn’t long before it decided it wasn’t going to change its habits, and it left its new home.

However, far from being lost, it was spotted on a pub’s security camera, they opened the door, the cat came in – and made itself at home!

Long story short – a deal was done, and the move from the couple’s home to the pub became official.

Sorry for the generic tuxedo cat pic (obviously I can’t go with the original) – but Brook is tuxedo lady.

Tuxedo Cat

Tuxedo Cat

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