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Be careful when and where you try cat humour

Never assume everyone else is as cat crazy as you…

Cat Humour Backfire

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Stranded cat? Leave it alone, and it will come home

Fortunately, a cat story with a happy ending.

Began with Bridge cat stuck for six days still stranded after rescue fails

In fact, I’d class this outcome as funny.

Reason being I come from a long line of Glasgow cat owners, who were (in the ‘old days’ at least) very practical.

One piece of advice from those days was not to fuss over a cat that had got itself into some sort of precarious scenario.

The logic was that a crowd of people gathering around it, poking and prodding, and doing various things to ‘persuade’ it to leave that scenario was more likely to get it entrenched, rather than entice it.

This story seems to reinforce that old view…

A cat which was stuck on a bridge for six days wandered home hours after a £5,000 rescue mission was abandoned.

Hatty, a five-year-old Maine Coon-Serengeti cross, had been perched on a ledge of the Royal Albert Bridge, which connects Plymouth, in Devon, and Saltash, in Cornwall for almost a week.

Fire crews and the RSPCA rushed out to rescue her and Network Rail were even making arrangements to close the rail line over the bridge, known locally as the Brunel Bridge.

One rescuer scaled to the top and attempted to coax the feline out with cat treats. Onlookers tried to send food up with catapults.

But Hatty would not be budged and was last seen peering out from behind a crevice under the famous bridge.

Fire crews eventually called off the rescue – which costs the taxpayer about £500 an hour – at 5pm on Wednesday.

However, they vowed to return the next day.

Just a few hours after everyone left, Hatty clambered down and suddenly appeared at home – with evidence she had eaten a seagull to stave off the hunger.

Cat ‘stranded’ on bridge for six days walks home after £5k rescue fails

Made me think of…

A cat, and a bridge:

High Cat

High Cat

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Sad update as cat dies from wounds reported earlier

Unfortunately we noted that the cat which we noted was deliberately wounded in an attack a few days ago has died of those wounds.

A pet cat who was shot in the stomach with an air gun from close range has died.

Rhea underwent emergency surgery after being found with severe abdomen injuries near her home in Falkirk.

STV News told last week how she was fighting for her life after part of her gut was removed.

However, the Scottish SPCA confirmed on Wednesday that, despite the treatment, Rhea had died.

Owner Alan Smith said his family – whose other cat Oreo was shot by an air rifle last year – has been left “devastated”.

He said: “There are no words that can or will help. Gutted does not cover how we feel.

“We have lost faith in humanity after losing Rhea in such a horrific way.

“She did not deserve this, the pain and suffering she must have gone through before her death would have been unbearable, it breaks my heart.

“The person responsible must be brought to justice before they strike again. Someone out there knows something. Our pet died for absolutely no reason.

“The amount of distress and upset it has caused my wife and I is immeasurable.

“This will be with us for the rest of our lives, losing our baby girl in this way.”

The Smiths believe Rhea was deliberately targeted following the previous attack on Oreo.

Owners devastated after cat killed in ‘targeted’ shooting

I can’t really add anything to this, other than a reminder that this sort of person NEEDS to be caught, as studies continue to warn that they are likely to be working their way up, starting with defenceless animals, then moving on to children.

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Use your cat’s litter to teach thieves a lesson

I don’t know what other places are like, but around here it can be a pain if you’re not in to receive parcels.

They usually end up back at the depot if not deliverable, or maybe there’s one retry, then you have to ‘make arrangements’.

I’ve seen various US and Russian videos where deliveries are just dumped and left to lie in public view, and where thieves just wander along and help themselves to stuff lying in front of doors.

I rather like this option, but suggest one alteration.

Don’t leave you special package in front of your own door – the types that steal stuff are all too likely to return it and throw it back where they stole it from, OPENED, so the content spill all over your porch.

Amazon litter box

Amazon litter box

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Seems there is at least one serial animal abuser out there

Not much I can add, other than to reiterate that animal abusers should be turned in.

They have problems in their heads and are NOT trivial, as studies continue to suggest that picking on animals is just practice for picking on children.

A pet cat has been shot in the stomach from close range.

Rhea has undergone emergency surgery to remove part of her gut and is now fighting for her life.

Her owners believe they are being targeted after their other cat was also injured by an air rifle.

She is now the third cat shot within a two-mile radius in Falkirk in less than a year.

The Scottish SPCA believe the shooter will commit more crimes against animals and want to catch them before they strike again.

The Scottish SPCA are now working closely with Police Scotland due to the nature of the act.

If you have any information, call 101 or the Scottish SPCA’s confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.

Owners ‘distraught’ after pet cat Rhea shot in stomach


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Slum landlord revealed in Partick

Can only hope the resident(s) found somewhere better after the old place was condemned.

Partick Slum

Partick Slum

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My Friday nights are now so…

Wild Cat Friday

Wild Cat Friday

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Easter reminder… Chocolate is POISONOUS to dogs!

Just a reminder, which even the cat* wants made public…

Hide the chocolate and make your home a dog-safe zone this Easter

Dogs Trust has issued a warning for dog owners ahead of Easter weekend.

The charity is reminding people to be vigilant and keep the chocolate out of reach of all four-legged friends over the next few days.

Last year 60 per cent of vets reported cases of pets suffering from chocolate poisoning over the period.

As Easter eggs and other tasty cocoa treats find their way into homes, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity hopes to raise awareness of the continued risk the consumption of the sweet treats poses to our canine pals.

Vets issue chocolate warning to Glasgow dog owners over Easter poisoning fears

Chocolate Toxic To Dogs

Chocolate Toxic To Dogs

Sadly, it seems the cat’s motivation was one of selfish warmth, and not any concern for a fellow creature, so no surprises there.

Cat on dog

  • so no surprises there.


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That moment when…

You make an innocent mistake – but realise the chances of dying in your sleep have suddenly increased immeasurably.

Die In Sleep

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What does your cat REALLY do when it goes out?

Not new, but when I was pointed at this and checked the source (for better quality) I was disappointed to see it had evaporated.

So, as this is too good to miss, this lesser quality bit will just have to do.

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Meet Owl Kitty – short but sweet

While I seem to be happy spending ridiculous amounts of time editing still pics, it’s probably just as well I never scored any cheap (or free) video editing toys, or I’d probably never see the light of day.

Chances are I’d be caught up in trying to find suitable clips to make clips like these, which always leave me wanting more, as they end just as they are getting interesting.

There’s quite a few Owl Kitty productions now, so it’s not so easy to pick one, but I rather like this example, where everyone else is already clearly aware that their place in the greater scheme of things is to bow down before their feline overlord.

Find more of the same here:

Meet Owl Kitty. Your favourite movie kitty


Maybe just ONE more…

If you have a cat – NEVER lose you tin opener!

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