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Just a reminder about… lilies and cats!

Just a little emphasis.

Lilies Kill Cats

Lilies Kill Cats


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Lilies – not even once!

I’m not sure how prevalent this problem is, and I’ve seen some who say even mentioning verges on hysteria, but the problem with lilies and cats is something I only came across recently, but as it seems to be so dangerous, especially to the unwary, it seems like something worth mentioning.

It seems even a small ingestion of the plant can cause renal/kidney failure, and that the lily’s pollen is particularly dangerous.

It can cause weeks of problems, and death if not dealt with rapidly.

Lily Danger

Lily Danger

A reminder in the run up to Easter that most lilies are deadly to cats. Ingesting any part of the lily plant will cause renal failure within a few days and death follows shortly thereafter.

I’m fine because my cat doesn’t even eat plants.” WRONG.

While any part of the plant will kill felines, the pollen is in fact the most poisonous part. Brushing up against the plant, smelling it, or even walking past it can transfer pollen which is later ingested during cleaning. Many cats have met their end this way.

My cat might have eaten part of a lily, what do I do?

You have a maximum window of 18 hours window to get the animal treated. The longer you wait, the less likely its survival. It’s thought that as the poison dehydrates the cat, the toxins become more concentrated in the kidneys, and after a short time this leads to renal failure. Because of this, by the time most people notice symptoms, it’s already too late.

A vet will most likely induce vomiting, medicate the cat with binders (activated charcoal), and most importantly force fluids intravenously (probably for several days) to keep the cat hydrated and the kidneys flushed.

Sadly, it seems even most dedicated cat owners are unaware of how lethal this plant is – spread the word.

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Detroit kitten mural

A little weekend bonus, found while wandering around.

I’m not sure of the geography, but after searching some comments made near the original image, I’m reasonably sure this can be found somewhere near Detroit.

Kitten Mural  Detroit

Kitten Mural Detroit

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Today is World Sleep Day

Good luck with this one!

16 March 2016 is World Sleep Day, but it’s not always on the same date as it takes place on the… Friday before Spring Vernal Equinox.

Worrying about getting that right should be enough to keep anyone that CAN’T sleep awake.

While I’m not going to be worrying about it, I will probably be awake for most of that, and most other nights.

I reckon I must have done all my sleeping as a baby. From stories, it seems that while all the other babies in the hospital were screaming, crying, and other spending their own (and apparently everyone else’s) night doing anything but sleeping, I was curled up fast asleep. Unless it was feeding time, at which point somebody had to make sure dinner was to hand when my eyes snapped open, or I’d be the loudest baby in the ward and wakening anybody that had managed to fall asleep by then!

Later, sending me to bed was pretty pointless, and compared to other kids, I was always up late.

By the time I was out of school and at university, same story, and I’d be studying into “The wee small hours”.

Now I’m ‘old’ and supposedly my sleep requirements should be reducing.

Well THAT’S not really going to be happening, I already see too many dawns arrive during summer.

Contrary to popular mythology, those classed as insomniacs don’t stay awake 24/7 – they just don’t sleep much, and don’t seem to suffer for it. Well, those of us who do it naturally don’t – but those who are truly sleep-deprived do, and probably have another problem that needs diagnosis.

I think the people who REALLY suffer are those who try to adhere to the “8 hours of sleep MUST BE HAD!” routine, as they try to force themselves to get those 8 hours by any means necessary, including doping and drugging themselves.

I’ve never even though of going down that road.

As far as I’m concerned, your body will tell you when to sleep, and if you want a guide, look out the window and see if it’s dark – if so, probably a good time to go lie down, don’t fret or worry about getting those damned ‘8 hours’ and just catch what your brain/body take.

Humans were sleeping long before clocks and hours were invented, and I suspect got along just fine.

Get advice here, but don’t get hooked on some detail, just go to bed if you are sleepy:

World Sleep Day

On a more light-hearted note, it’s a pity imgur galleries don’t work in WordPress blogs, so although this is pretty accurate, especially the last graphic, you’ll have to click on the link below to see it at all.

How to sleep “properly”

I say it’s accurate, but only if you start off your night following the steps in the opening graphics, trying those methods just seems to generate anxiety, and that starts off a self-fulfilling loop, as you begin to worry about not falling asleep. So, as I noted, I just don’t bother, and leave it to nature to knock me out when I’m ready, not when I ‘should’.

There’s another gallery I’d like to have stuck in here, but same problem, so this is one of the sleep ‘experts’ as seen there.

So, you’ll have to click this link for the full set.

I Can Sleep Purrretty Much Anywhere

Sleeping Door Cat

Sleeping Door Cat


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Feline paralysis – recognise the symptoms

Feline Paralysis

Feline Paralysis

Plan ahead!

More important than leaving snacks and drinks nearby…

Stuff kitty litter down your pants – you’ll need it sooner than them when this strikes 🙂

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Cats can can-can

Not mine, unfortunately, and as far as I can see, is a photograph of a photograph, but once seen, could not be ignored and forgotten.

It was probably featured in one of those glossy coffee table books.

I would quite like to have this taking up space on one of my tables.

That’s the lamp, not the book.

Cat Can-Can Lamp

Cat Can-Can Lamp

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Knife confiscation video update

The ‘Thought Police’ updated the video clips we shared a few days ago, when a cat almost managed to get revenge for being subject to the Cone of Shame.

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Are you SURE your cat is not…

Trying to kill you?

For applying the cone of shame…

Or it remembers the day you aimed a kick at it…

Watch the guy’s foot go over, and how the cat goes over to laugh at him as it knows he can’t get up quickly 🙂

Then there’s plain and simple… honest revenge.

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Flat Earth fun Friday

Following Monday’s news that flat-earthers have insulted the people of Scotland by taking over a shop in Inverness, I can only do my own bit and have some fun for the rest of the week.

Cat Destroys Flat Earthers

Cat Destroys Flat Earthers

For the benefit of Flat-earthers who can’t read, cat demonstrates the same in pictures.

Cat Demonstrates Flat Earth Problem

Cat Demonstrates Flat Earth Problem


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Flat Earth fun Thursday

Following Monday’s news that flat-earthers have insulted the people of Scotland by taking over a shop in Inverness, I can only do my own bit and have some fun for the rest of the week.

Flat-earthers try to explain earthquakes using cats, probably after reading Terry Pratchett’s comic fantasy book series.

Flat Earth Quake Cat

Flat Earth Quake Cat


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Unfair to cats

This started of as a ‘fun’ post, but as I considered the example of my own garden, I realised that cats are probably being blamed for lots of things they don’t actually do, and are being treated much like their owners were, in the days when they were  considered witches’ familiars, and the unfortunate ‘crazy cat ladies’ that they kept company were burnt as the stake, since it was ‘obvious’ they were the source of all village ills. Somebody’s crop failed? Or a stillborn? Go find a witch, fetch a stake, and things will be better next year.

I’ve always found this period to be a remarkable example of how gullible the ignorant appear to be, when a few powerful thugs or bullies were able to terrorise entire communities. All it seemed to take was an accusation of WITCH! and they could pluck anyone from the community, blame them for all its woes, subject them to days of torture that lasted until they confessed and admitted their evil doings, or to ‘trials’ that killed them if they were innocent, or to death if they didn’t die during the ordeal.

That’s what I call win-win for anybody that wants rid of an enemy, or to gain favour by promising to deal with a problem.

But back to the poor old cat, just out for a walk, and likely to be blamed for every dead plant, every dead bird, and every ‘mess’ that appears in someone’s prize garden.

In reality, cat’s bury their mess and are generally tidy and discreet, leaving only scent markers if they wish to mark their territory.

As for the bird nonsense – if so-called ‘natural’ foods are so good, and promoted for us all, then what’s wrong with cats doing what comes naturally? They are born carnivores and predators.

Foxes are more likely to be the problem – they just seem to drop their ‘mess’ behind them and walk away. I’m fed up finding it, and almost stepping on it lawns. And there are probably more foxes wandering around suburbs these days than cats. I see more foxes than cats these days. Every night I am out, they come out of drives – and shoot back in immediately as they’re really wary of humans.

As for good old doggies… I think the Hound of the Baskervilles’ big brother must wander around here, as I’ve found occasional mounds of steaming ‘mess’ left in the middle of my paths some days, almost as big as a cat!

No sign of fox repellent or ‘training aid’ in this selection.

But I do like the look on the cat’s face… “I will kill you when you sleep if you buy this” 😉

Unfair To Cats

Unfair To Cats

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