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Cat shot twice. Turn these dangerous cowards in!

Seriously, if you ever come across these types, just turn them in – there are now enough easy ways to pass on the info anonymously, and they are mentally unfit to be free, so there should be none of the ‘grassing’ nonsense thought of.

The Scottish SPCA is now appealing for information as it investigates the attack.

Inspector Robyn Gray said: “Owning an air rifle without a licence has been illegal since December 2016.

“The society was a huge supporter of restrictions around air rifle ownership because of incidents like this.

“This incident has been deliberate, calculated, and entirely cruel.

“Poor Oreo, the cat, was targeted on two separate occasions.

“In the first instance the wound looked like a scratch and the pellet wasn’t visible, it was only when Oreo received the injury to his eye that it became clear this was a deliberate attack.”

Anyone with information is being urged to contact the Scottish SPCA animal helpline on 03000 999 999.

The only flaw with this story is the Scottish SPCA inspector’s attempt to blame this incident on airgun ownership – a dangerous error as the problem lies not with the airguns, but the people behind them, and licencing has, and will, make little or no difference to these incidents.

Firearms and hand guns have always been subject to licencing, but a look at the news (especially regarding Glasgow at the moment) will show that these are still being used freely by those who have no interest in the law, or having a licence for the guns they are using.

Pointing at the weapon used is a dangerous mistake (but easy choice of soft-target), as it diverts attention from the real problem – the people carrying out these attacks.

Via Cat loses eye after being deliberately shot by air rifle

Wounded Cat Oreo Pic Via Scottish SPCA

Wounded Cat Oreo Pic Via Scottish SPCA


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Soft protest at the Glasgow School of Art

Although the original Glasgow School of Art building (which I really really MUST learn to call the Mackintosh Building) is closed for restoration following the fire, the Glasgow School of Art lives on just across Renfrew Street, in the £30 million Reid Building.

Like most places, it’s closed most times I get near it, but I still get to press my nose up against the glass (and there’s plenty of it in the new building) and stare inside.

There’s also a little shop in one of the side windows, and this trio was smiling back at me last time I looked in.

Cats Protesting Soft Toy Rights

Cats Protesting Rights For Soft Toys

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Today is Hug Your Cat Day

04 June is Hug Your Cat Day.

This one’s nice and simple, and surely doesn’t need any instructions or justification.

The obvious downside to this day as that people without cats might be left out.

Try adapting it to “Hug Someone Else’s Cat Day”.

The cats aren’t likely to objects – so go and find one.

Sad to say, this won’t be happening anywhere near me, because… catbutt!

I was going to go with something naughty because of that, but relented, so…

Hug Your Cat Day

Hug Your Cat Day

On the other hand…

Seems a shame to waste this.

Grumpy Hug Hole

Grumpy Hug Hole

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Not all Australians are rabid cat-hating vote-hungry politicians

I always feel a little guilty when a story has any reference to race nowadays.

Not because I think there is anything inherently wrong with that, and we will be making such reference for as long there are different countries with borders and races within them.

My problem arises only from those who like to jump up and down and play ‘The Racist Card’ now that many lawmakers have unfortunately seen fit to provide them with an option to escalate crimes, and their punishments, if a racist motive can be construed. This, to me, is wrong, as I see many crimes that could be adequately handled by existing laws get picked up by some activist group, hungry for publicity, and demanding that a crime be classed as ‘racist’ so that more extreme penalties can be applied (and they, of course, get their free publicity for championing the cause of the poor neglected and forgotten victim).

So, I was obliged to mention ‘Australia’ last week, and its ‘Cat-proof Fence’, and the politicians who claim cats are apparently driving every other animal species to extinction – while they also want a cat cull, apparently the only way they see to solve their problem.

I thought it only fair to share this story that appeared this week, showing that not ALL Australians want to wipe out cats.

In fact, some are rather nice as regards their feelings about cats.

Originally posted on LoveMeow

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

Blind Kitten Found Alone on Streets Can’t Stop Giving Love and Cuddles for Saving Her Life

A black and white kitten was spotted all by herself near a shop. A kind lady found the little wanderer and quickly noticed that she was blind.

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

The lady reached out to CatRescue 901, a local rescue group in New South Wales, Australia, which is known for saving blind kittens and cats. Despite being sightless, the kitty never slowed down and was eager to give everyone snuggles and kisses.

They named her Elsa, and found her a foster home with Crystal Mackey who had cared for blind kittens for the rescue before. “From the very first photo, I fell in love with Elsa. She was so small and vulnerable,” Crystal told Love Meow.

Elsa was born with a pair of underdeveloped eyeballs. She is completely blind and was in need of surgery to make her feel comfortable and prevent future infections.

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

When Crystal first met Elsa, she was surprised by her petite stature. The tuxedo girl was just the size of her hand. Elsa was very vocal and constantly seeking attention.

“She slept most of the drive home, but at one point she woke up crying. My brother took her out of the carer and cuddled her. I talked to her while I was driving and she was very responsive, meowing back and purring,” Crystal added.

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

“It was then obvious that she had a neurological condition as well – her little head was bobbling non-stop. The bobbling made her so endearing, it was love at first sight.”

Elsa was very brave from day one. She mastered the litter box without the need for sight. Her amazing sense of smell helped her navigate and map the location she was in. “The hardest challenge was that she couldn’t seem to locate sounds. Slowly, she learnt how to play with toys and walk in a (mostly) straight line.”

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

The beautiful blind girl doesn’t think that she’s any different. She maps her area and runs around just like other cats.

“Neither condition affects her ability to be a normal, playful kitten who uses her litter trays perfectly. Most of all, she is the best cuddler and kisser I’ve ever met. She really won’t leave you alone when you’re sitting with her,” Crystal added.

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

Elsa is an indoor cat but she gets excited every time she goes on walks in the backyard with Crystal.

Once she learned that she could run freely on the grass without bumping into furniture or walls, she ran at full speed and hopped around on the lawn in pure bliss.

Video: Elsa enjoys getting some of her pent up energy out!

“I nicknamed Elsa, velcro cat, as she was often attached to Crystal’s neck,” Jenny Storaker, Co-director of CatRescue 901, told Love Meow.

It’s her favorite perching spot.

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

When Elsa was ready for adoption, Crystal thought that it was time to find her her forever home.

“It wasn’t until Crystal was faced with someone meeting Elsa that she realized that she couldn’t let her go,” Jenny said. “It was obvious that they were meant for each other.”

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

LoveMeow/Crystal Mackey

It’s been almost two years since Elsa was found. She has been Crystal’s most loyal companion. When they had a new baby in the family, she showered him with snuggles and all the love she could give.

“Elsa is a little miracle kitty – she grew into such a precious girl who is grateful for every day. She never stops cuddling, kissing and playing,” Crystal told Love Meow.

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Australia has built a cat-proof fence

Good luck with that Australia 🙂

Australia really does seem to have ‘Lost the plot’ when it comes to cats, and claims that it can’t deal with them by means that don’t involve killing them all, and justifies its approach by claiming that they’re killing everything.

Funny that other countries can manage a bit of co-existence and control.

I wonder if they took advice from SCROTUS – and made the cats pay for it!

There seems to be a problem with the claim though.

Cats kill 1 million Australian birds a day, study shows

Rather than being a single, properly peer-reviewed and independent study, it seems to cleverly combine a number of other studies to arrive at a final ESTIMATE for its numbers.

Reminds me of the claim that thousands of birds are being killed by wind turbines – while it turns out that there’s probably only one or two, but they’ve been watched thousands of times on YouTube.

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Cat Rules

I wonder if passing cats would come in if I had this printed and mounted at the bottom of my outside doors?

Cat Rules

Cat Rules

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Cats – STILL on top after thousands of years

Another gem spotted online.

Cat Worship

Cat Worship

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Today is Hairball Awareness Day

27 April is Hairball Awareness Day this year (2018).

Another ‘wandering’ day, this falls on the last Friday of April.

While some may consider cats to be purrfect, lots of personal grooming is required to keep their beautiful, regal, exquisite, superior, etc etc look.

Newborn kittens get groomed to within an inch of their by enthusiastic mother cats, and personal hygiene becomes ingrained as part of their daily routine, ranking above everything except food.

Inevitably, all that effort mean loose fur has to go somewhere, and sooner or later, in a most unbecoming way, the haughty, dignified feline will hack up a hairball.

If you’re new to cats and have NEVER seen this, then the first time can be alarming – for YOU!

But after that, you can laugh – yes, you can, since you’re also going to be the one that inevitably stands on a cold, wet, hairball while wandering around the house at night, in the dark.

Hairball Awareness Day is an opportunity to become aware of the phenomenon, and to practice preventative measures to help your little furball through that nasty process.

Groom them regularly with a pet brush to help reduce the amount of fur being ingested. Ask the vet about diet too, as some treats are said to be able to promote the passage of hair through the stomach, instead of just building up all the time, and keeping their coat in good condition helps too, as that mean less lost fur.

Also, be aware that while occasional hairballs are a hazard to be expected, frequent hairballs could indicate a problem.


Too good to miss.

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Just a reminder about… lilies and cats!

Just a little emphasis.

Lilies Kill Cats

Lilies Kill Cats

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Lilies – not even once!

I’m not sure how prevalent this problem is, and I’ve seen some who say even mentioning verges on hysteria, but the problem with lilies and cats is something I only came across recently, but as it seems to be so dangerous, especially to the unwary, it seems like something worth mentioning.

It seems even a small ingestion of the plant can cause renal/kidney failure, and that the lily’s pollen is particularly dangerous.

It can cause weeks of problems, and death if not dealt with rapidly.

Lily Danger

Lily Danger

A reminder in the run up to Easter that most lilies are deadly to cats. Ingesting any part of the lily plant will cause renal failure within a few days and death follows shortly thereafter.

I’m fine because my cat doesn’t even eat plants.” WRONG.

While any part of the plant will kill felines, the pollen is in fact the most poisonous part. Brushing up against the plant, smelling it, or even walking past it can transfer pollen which is later ingested during cleaning. Many cats have met their end this way.

My cat might have eaten part of a lily, what do I do?

You have a maximum window of 18 hours window to get the animal treated. The longer you wait, the less likely its survival. It’s thought that as the poison dehydrates the cat, the toxins become more concentrated in the kidneys, and after a short time this leads to renal failure. Because of this, by the time most people notice symptoms, it’s already too late.

A vet will most likely induce vomiting, medicate the cat with binders (activated charcoal), and most importantly force fluids intravenously (probably for several days) to keep the cat hydrated and the kidneys flushed.

Sadly, it seems even most dedicated cat owners are unaware of how lethal this plant is – spread the word.

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Detroit kitten mural

A little weekend bonus, found while wandering around.

I’m not sure of the geography, but after searching some comments made near the original image, I’m reasonably sure this can be found somewhere near Detroit.

Kitten Mural  Detroit

Kitten Mural Detroit

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