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Faster human, FASTER!

These guys are great.

But this latest clip I found seems to show their human is likely to wake up dead soon, unless it moves a bit faster in response to those bells!


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Cat stickers on a tree


I saw the light mark on the tree from a distance, and went over to see what the mark was.

Whatever I expected to find, little cat pic stickers was the last thing I had in mind.

Had they been a couple of feet (sorry, less than a metre) from the ground, then I would not have been surprised, as some kid might have decided to decorate the tree.

But these were more like six feet (sorry, over two metres) from the ground, so whoever stuck them here was not a ‘tiny person’.

Maybe I just missed the local ‘Crazy Cat Lady’!

I had a look around, but unless I missed any others, this was all that was there – unless any others had been lost to the weather.

Cat Stickers

Cat Stickers

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The sad magic of a ‘fever coat’

I saw a post which featured the development of a kitten born with a ‘fever coat’, and it occurred to me that I’d read about quite a few of them this year, but had never heard the term in this country, and only seen the reference in posts from the US.

I’ve no idea if the term is used here and I’ve just never noticed it, if the condition it refers to is not recognised here, or if we have a different description for the same condition.

If you know better, please enlighten us in the comments below.

This kitten (Sosuke) has a fever coat, and while I think the silvery grey looks great, sadly, it’s a sign which indicates the pregnant mother cat was stressed or has a fever during pregnancy, causing the unborn kittens’ fur to develop  the silvery grey colouration after birth. The colouration should fade over time, allowing the true colour(s) to show later.

@sosuke_kitty Via LoveMeow

@sosuke_kitty Via LoveMeow

Described as looking like ‘a wolf’.

@sosuke_kitty Via LoveMeow

@sosuke_kitty Via LoveMeow

Over the next few months, they saw his fur change from the original silvery-grey to his true colors – a beautiful black coat with a glow of red hue and adorable tufts of white fur.

@sosuke_kitty Via LoveMeow

@sosuke_kitty Via LoveMeow

All pics are from Sosuke’s story on LoveMeow.

LoveMeow has a Twitter feed which I can recommend as it only delivers occasional tweets when there’s a new story to see – but if you are easily reduced to an emotional bubbling pile of jelly, I warn you, most of them usually have sad beginnings, BUT come with happy endings.

You’ll meet some great cats there.

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Sad to see no drop in cruelty as 2018 runs out

I suppose it’s a hopeless hope, even though I don’t go looking for (cat) cruelty stories, there seems to no reduction in the number that make it to the top of the news pages, either directly or indirectly.

A number of outlets picked up on this story which may relate to snares, or worse, around Dalmally.

A cat had to have one of its hind legs and part of its tail removed after being found with unexplained injuries in Argyll.

The one-year-old named Leo was one of several cats found with multiple injuries in the area.

The Scottish SPCA now fear that the animals could have been harmed intentionally as they appeal to the public for information as they bid to establish the full circumstances.

The injuries could also have been caused by a snare but Scotland’s animal welfare charity are yet to discover any in the area and have asked anyone who does see one to contact them as soon as possible.

Appeal as several cats found with unexplained injuries

One Year Old Leo Wth Multiple Injuries Pic Scottish SPCA

One Year Old Leo With Multiple Injuries Pic Scottish SPCA

PDSA pet survivor of the year 2018

On a related subject, a Scottish cat is one of four potential recipients for an award.

A cat which was left fighting for its life after a suspected hit-and-run is in the running for a national survivor of the year award.

There were fears that Maximus might have to be put down after the incident in which he lost his right eye and suffered a fractured skull, split jaw and torn lips.

Owner Sharon Trotter, from Inverkeithing in Fife, asked vets if there was anything they could do to save him as she knew her son Cory, then aged ten, would be devastated to lose him.

Vets at Inglis Vet Centre in Dunfermline devised a special treatment plan for the pet, known as Maxy, which involved a metal pin to go across the front of his face through his nose to keep the two halves of his fractured upper jaw together while they healed, while his lower jaw was also wired into place.

As he was coming round from the operation, Maxy stopped breathing twice and required resuscitation, but pulled through and was eventually stable enough to go home.

Seven weeks after the incident the cat managed to eat his first solid food and is now well on the road to recovery after enduring further treatments and surgery in the months following the accident.

Cat in ‘hit-and-run’ up for survivor of the year award

I always feel a little guilty over cat and car incidents. Unlike dogs (and I am not saying anything against dogs, lest I be misrepresented), which can be fairly big and run in front of cars, I’ve seen cats dart out and run UNDER a passing car, so the driver has no idea anything has happened (other than maybe some odd bumping noises heard inside the car), and the cat shoots off, maybe after tumbling, so the driver would see nothing if they looked around for a cause.

I hate seeing cats sitting UNDER parked cars, and only say ‘Hello’ (or try to, since all I usually get is catbutt) from the footpath, and never bother with them if I am on the road side.

Worse still, while cats are admittedly resilient and flexible, even if severely injured they can run away before the injuries hit their systems.

I’ve never found one after seeing this happen – they just seem to vanish.

My hope is always that they make it home, or got lucky, and the worst they suffered was rolling around and nothing serious.

He may be getting better, but he still looks mad (just kidding),

Maximus Survivor Pic PDSA

Maximus Survivor Pic PDSA



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Great directions – and an almost invisible long cat mural

“No problem, just head for Victoria’s, and you’ll see it on a wall”.

Remind me NEVER to go looking for something without at least a cursory check on its location.

Glasgow grew a new cat mural last week, but weather and other commitments meant I couldn’t whizz into Sauchiehall Street for a quick pic.

And the “Head’s up” I got to its existence with friendly directions…

First, Victoria’s was a nightclub destroyed by a fairly major fire some time ago (almost taking Glasgow’s famous Pavilion Theatre with it). Victoria’s is no longer there, nor is the building, which was totally removed and became a gap site.

Second, since I don’t frequent nightclubs, those directions weren’t really great.

Third, turns out the new mural is not on a wall as such, but on a wooden fence placed in front of the gap site, presumably to stop the locals falling off Sauchiehall Street and into the gap (as they suck on their Buckie bottles).

There’s a fourth – turns out that the damned thing is currently almost hidden/lost behind some temporary fencing surrounding works in the middle of that particular part of Sauchiehall Street.

I went flying past it when I arrived there, and didn’t even spot in broad daylight.

Consequently, I spent the next two hours tramping along Sauchiehall Street, from end to end, and up and down all the side streets looking for it.

Back at Victoria’s gap site, I was about to give up and go home (it was getting dark, we’d reach around 17:00) when I turned around and looked through the blue netting strung around that temporary fencing in the middle of that part of Sauchiehall Street.

There were playful kittens looking back at me through it!

Yup, I was standing across the road from the new cat mural, and hadn’t even seen it.

The fencing made it impossible to get a clear view and a decent pic (not to mention the folk who stopped to take a pic of a tiny little bit of it with the phones), and when I suggested it was long above, I really meant it – this is one loooooooooooooooong mural.

I had to resort to a few tricks to get pics, in the fading light, so hope they’re not too bad.

These pics can all be clicked to expand them.

Long mural is… long.

Sauchiehall Cat Mural Wide

Sauchiehall Cat Mural Wide

The cats on the left, complete with Crazy Cat Lady’s fetching ankles and cat slippers.

Sauchiehall Cat Mural Left Detail

Sauchiehall Cat Mural Left Detail

And the ones on the right.

Sauchiehall Cat Mural Right Detail

Sauchiehall Cat Mural Right Detail

I tried a shot through the fence, but couldn’t even get in front of the cats thanks to cabins standing in the enclosed area, blocking the view.

Sauchiehall Cat Mural Fenced

Sauchiehall Cat Mural Fenced

Did you spot the Grumpy Cat Wallpaper?

Grumpy Pee

Well THAT was inevitable 🙂

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Cats in the news – and a Scottish SPCA appeal for disinfectant cleaner

Important stuff first!

The Scottish SPCA has launched an appeal for supplies of Anigene.

Its Cardonald Centre needs a large amount of the disinfectant to help fight animal infections.

Every year, the charity cares for thousands of animals that have been abused, injured, or abandoned throughout Scotland, and needs a large amount of the disinfectant to ensure it fights all types of animal infections.

The Scottish SPCA receives no government funding and relies on donations.

Anigene can be donated to our centres through our Amazon wishlist, or by purchasing on a third-party site such as Viovet and having it delivered to our centres. Alternatively you can drop any donations into one of our animal rescue and rehoming centres in person.”

Scottish SPCA Ginger Pic Credit Peter Devlin

Scottish SPCA Ginger Pic Credit Peter Devlin

Next, still serious, but maybe a solution to a mystery

Cat killer mystery solved

While this story originates in Croydon, the subject has no boundary.

It was the murder mystery that kept police guessing and struck fear in the hearts of pet owners.

Now, Scotland Yard says the so-called Croydon cat killer, thought to have bludgeoned and decapitated cats across the UK, never existed.

Instead, cats were being run over and their dead bodies mutilated by foxes, they say. So what can you do to keep your cats out of trouble?

Cat killer mystery solved, but how do we keep our pets safe?

I have to say I’m surprised we don’t have a similar investigation underway up here, if this solution to the so-called Croydon cat killer is accurate.

Here (in the burby east end of Glasgow) we are inundated with foxes, so either the foxes don’t like them, or our Scottish cats are more road savvy than their English cousins.

I do walk a lot, and have not come across a lot of roadkill – although I’d also say that wandering cats are the exception nowadays.

But in recent years, I seldom go out and don’t spot a fox, either directly, out of the corner of my eye, or just by the disgusting cries they make while hidden in undergrowth and gardens. It really is a horrible noise. Sometimes I can pass as many as three or four in an hour.

I never get a pic though (unless they’re dead), as they may not be all that shy, but you can’t generally raise a camera and still have them in view if they’ve wandered out in front of you.


Ever spot outdoor spots and floods in gardens, apparently coming on at random during the night?

I used to think ‘wandering cat on rounds’ – now I know better (they’re probably too small, and too furry) and have seen that this is usually a fox.

If only… that had been a Buckfast bottle!

Happy Boozy Fox

Happy Boozy Fox


He’s behind me, isn’t he?

Goodbye world.


He’s behind me

And lastly, ‘Odd News’

Cat incident is last straw for man abused by wife for 60 years

After sixty years of controlling behaviour and physical violence, Jim changed his blood-stained shirt and walked back to his wife who was making them a coffee after smashing him in the face.

He had asked her to let the cat in while he cut the grass outside.

But instead of turning left to the kitchen, he turned right, walked out of the door and kept on walking away from his life of abuse.

With only the clothes he wore, he didn’t look back, and at the age of 78, he started his life again.

Jim is one of a growing number of men telling other men it is okay to admit to being abused by women.

‘My abusive wife battered me over letting the cat in’

There are some things I just “Don’t get”.

Amongst my sins are loyalty, and a resistance to change.

But after the first hit/abuse incident, I’d be off and the abuser (if an abuser, as opposed to ill) would be being collected by an ambulance and/or the police.

(I do speak from experience, but that’s all you get.)

This could all have been resolved years ago, if only they’d left the cat out during a winter night…

Cat Sleep Kill Repeat

Cat Sleep Kill Repeat

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Scotland to outlaw designer dog and cat breeding

The breeding of designer pets is to be effectively outlawed in Scotland under new licensing regulations

The Scottish Government plans to tighten the licensing of dog, cat and rabbit breeding activities in Scotland to stop people breeding these animals in poor conditions and then selling them on.

Part of the new approach would involve prohibiting harmful breeding practices by discouraging the breeding of pets with a predisposition for genetic conditions, which can lead to health problems in later life. As a condition of licensing, breeding practices likely to cause the offspring suffering in later life will be prohibited.

In recent years, there has been a growth in demand for pets with particular physical features such as short noses, protruding eyes and long ears. This has incentivised breeding for extreme characteristics in some breeds, but it heightens the risk of harmful genetic conditions and can seriously affect the future health and wellbeing of the animal. It can also place unexpected financial strain on the owner as many of those pets will need on-going and costly veterinary care.

The Scottish fold cat, which has a genetic defect preventing it from forming cartilage, the absence of which causes long term arthritis.

The munchkin cat, which has disproportionately short legs

Designer dog and cat breeding to be ‘outlawed’ in Scotland under new regulations

This can’t come soon enough.

Callous breeders and ‘farmers’ who exploit the lack of regulation, and the waste-of-skin celebrities who splash their cash to look ‘kewl, or get one up over their attention-whoring neighbours are the only people who will be upset by this.

It’s sad to read comments from these breeders, posturing their ‘love and care’ for their ‘products’ while steadfastly ignoring advice from vets.

The BBC ran this story last year – generating a whole THREE comments back then.

Should Scottish fold cats be banned?

I found that article only confirmed what I had read about some months before, when I discovered discussion between concerned vets who had been trying to publicise the problem which the Scottish Fold suffered, as the condition which produced their ‘folded’ ears was not restricted to their ears, which flopped or folded due to a lack of cartilage, and affected all their joints, which rely on the presence of cartilage for proper, pain-free, functioning.

At least one Scottish Fold ‘Knows what you did’.

Scottish Fold Revenge

Scottish Fold Revenge

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This time, I’d like to see the abandoner found

I generally don’t agree with what appears to be an automatic ‘knee-jerk’ response of our animal care services to call for a witch-hunt every time there is a story about an abandoned animal.

Circumstances vary, and there’s a world of difference between someone leaving a pet on the doorstep of a shelter (or some other obvious spot), and someone who does their best to hide the animals they are getting rid of.

I’ve no problem with hunting down the latter, but in the first case, I’ve been in (or close enough) to a place which altered my thinking patterns, and can easily see how someone who is there would be afraid to approach any sort of authority, but still has the presence of mind to place pets they can no longer cope with where they will be found and cared for.

This seems to be a case of dumping and hiding though.

Two cats were rescued after being dumped in a lay-by.

The cats, named Lucy and Julius, were discovered in Larbert on Wednesday, August 22.

The Scottish SPCA said they were found in a very distressed state.

Scottish SPCA animal rescue officer Stephanie Kirk said: “We were called out to rescue two cats that were both very distressed but fortunately had not been injured.

“The cats were not close to any houses and were found on a quiet country road so we feel they may have been abandoned.

Two cats rescued after being found dumped in lay-by

I think that ‘officer’ also needs a little more training, after stating “we feel they may have been abandoned” – although to be fair, somebody might have been re-arranging their luggage while in the lay-by, forgotten about their cats and driven off, then forgot where they re-organised the stuff in their car too, so couldn’t pop back to pick them up.

Abandoned Cats Lucy And Julius Pic Via STV News

Abandoned Cats Lucy And Julius Pic Via STV News

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New Remnant Kings kills Glasgow’s giant cat murals

Probably goes without saying that I’d rather see the giant cat murals of Howard Street and Dunlop Street than a Remnant Kings shop.

Have a look at the original view here.

Just look the replacement – what were they thinking?

Howard Street Remanat Kings

Howard Street Remnant Kings

I don’t usually slate Glasgow City Council’s planning department, but…

How could they pass the plans that took this away from the people of Glasgow?

Glasgow Dunlop St cats

Glasgow Dunlop St Cats

Coincidentally, the original Kings of Remnant were our neighbours when I was a tiny person.

My old dad came in laughing one day – it seemed he’d heard a woman shouting for help earlier, and when he went for a look eventually tracked this down to the Kings’ garage, where the elderly Mrs King had got stuck under some cardboard boxes that had tipped over and fallen on top of her. No actual problem, nobody hurt, just the boxes had landed in such a way that they jammed in the space they landed in.

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And so to bed – The cats of the Purrple Cat Cafe

Although I generally pass the Purrple Cat Cafe at times well after opening hours, if I’m nearby I like to make the effort and detour past the window, just in case I get lucky.

However, it seems the chances of catching any of the residents is lower than I hope for – as they’re probably all tucked up in bed after a busy day entertaining their visitors.

On this pass, I found a sign in the windows.

And so to bed... The Purrple cats

And so to bed… The Purrple cats

Incidentally, I wasn’t too sure earlier, but later passes have confirmed that the sign above the door IS illuminated.

Unfortunately, taking a pic and processing what amount to a ‘low light’ shot means it no longer looks illuminated.

I know how to get a pic that shows, but it needs proper darkness, so can’t happen for some weeks.

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Purrple Cat Cafe is… Purple at night!

While the nights are currently too light for me to be in Glasgow when it’s dark at the moment, the nights are “Fair drawin’ in” now, and evening are catching up with me.

Coming back through Glasgow last night, I took a small detour along Trongate to pass the Purrple Cat Cafe after it was ‘closed’ for the day.

While not dark enough to show it well (you can see the lights are on), the cafe windows are equipped with, you guessed it, built-in purple lighting.

There must have been something on, the place was still pretty full of happy cat lovers.

It’s more vivid in real life than the slightly wishy-washy rendering of the compact camera I have to carry these days – I really have to do some reorganising so the dSLR can fit in better. The larger sensor does a much better job of colour capture once the light starts fading.

Purple Purrple Cat Cafe Evening

Purple Purrple Cat Cafe Evening


Purple Purrple Cat Cafe Evening

Purple Purrple Cat Cafe Evening

I got lucky this time, with one of the residents looking from their side, into the human zoo on the other side of the window.

Purrple Resident

Purrple Resident

And then there were two.

Purrple Residents

Purrple Residents

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