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Today is Happy Mew Year Day For Cats

02 January is Happy Mew Year Day For Cats.

Happy Mew Year for Cats Day is apparently another day created by so cats could have their own little celebration for New Year’s. And why not? Cats are graceful, regal, and all around fabulous, so why shouldn’t they have their own version of New Year Day?

Like the hugely inferior human version of New Year’s Day, it is on this special day that our feline companions can paws and consider the mewness of the brand new season and all of the purrfect possibilities it holds. Perhaps this will be the year their people start feeding them tinned food instead of dry? Maybe that tomcat next door will make his move? Will the useless dog realise that the cat is king in this house? All these questions and more can be pondered by our furry friends today while they go about their normal business of looking aloof and disinterested. After all… cats rule and dogs drool.

(No, I didn’t write most of that.)

I hope I don’t have to go so far as suggesting how best to celebrate this day with your favourite cat!

I tripped over a great meme with a cat asking his serf if his subjects approved of him (‘Of course Sire’) only a few days ago, but it’s gone – so have this instead.

Cat: hmmhh

Human: takes out of bath

Cat: No human I’m not done yet! climbs back in

Human: takes out again


But be careful with those demands though!



The meme I mentioned above re-appeared!




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There are actually good people out there

It’s a shame WordPress doesn’t seem to embed imgur galleries.

But don’t let that stop you visiting this link which looks at some of the cat rescues featured during 2017.

Meet Flame and Friends!



I’m not best pleased with strangers I’ve bumped into recently, as beggars are quite offensive – and let me emphasise I mean ‘beggars’, NOT homeless or unfortunate people.

As an example, only last last night, one of a pair of well-dressed scum on nice new bikes, loitering at a shop door, had the cheek to ask me to ‘lend’ him some money so he could go in and buy a can of juice.


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Season of Goodwill etc etc…

Cats Visit Santa

Cats Visit Santa

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The Yule Cat may have knocked Iceland off my retiral list

I had wondered if retiring to Iceland might be a good option one day – they have some fairly crazy motor sport/hobby there, involving huge engines and massive horsepower, and the odd hill or two.

But then I saw the badge below, and read more about the Yule Cat (the tale on the badge is just one of a number), and think this cats’ Christmas tendency to eat people who have not received any new clothes to wear before Christmas Eve may be a problem for anyone like me.

If clothes still fit and are not ‘offensive’ when I find them lying around the house – I’m good to go.

The word ‘fashion’ doesn’t figure in my vocabulary (unless I’m rolling about the floor laughing at ‘fashion victims’).

Icelandic Yule Cat

Icelandic Yule Cat

Learn something new every day.

I used to think they were just yawning or sneezing.

Now I think they are Yule Cats practicing for Christmas!

Yule Cats

Yule Cats


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Genetic engineering at its best

Some people thing genetic engineering is a bad thing.

They could be wrong.


Baby Catbird

Baby Catbird

On the other hand…

They grow up so quick.

Maybe no so much want…

Adult Catbird

Adult Catbird

See more here:

Cat Birbs

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Today is Cat Herders’ Day

15 December is Cat Herders’ Day.

No, I didn’t believe it either, but it is.

While ‘like herding cats’ has become a popular saying (amongst some) it seems to be a recent creation.

One claim is that an IT expert (Dave Platt) said “managing senior programmers is like herding cats”, and it is said that Cat Herders’ Day was invented in the past ten years.

Whatever the origin, it’s a pretty good metaphor for some tasks.


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Weather forecast says ‘Winter is coming’ with warnings

Last night (or early morning) was weird here.

The weather folk warned of a cold snap, and I watched the outside temperature doing funny things.

Usually it just falls overnight, but last night it went up and down a few times, starting at +2 deg C, then down to -5 deg C, but then back up, to -1 deg C. Time for bed after that, but I did spot some number between those extremes before morning.

Via Britain is braced for a cold snap overnight amid snow and sleet

We will be able to tell where the first snowflake lands – that part of the country will grind to halt 10 seconds later!

These guys appear to be ready for anything.

Fluffy Cats

Fluffy Cats

Left Cat “What’s that?”                        Right Cat “Something to kill!

More fluff here.

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Kedi and the cats of Istanbul

After yesterday somewhat grim video about the fate of unwanted Tibetan Mastiffs dumped by wealthy Chinese who no longer wanted their ‘fashion accessories’, something to lighten the mood and bring back a smile.

Hundreds of thousands of Turkish cats roam the metropolis of Istanbul freely. For thousands of years they’ve wandered in and out of people’s lives, becoming an essential part of the communities that make the city so rich. Claiming no owners, the cats of Istanbul live between two worlds, neither wild nor tame — and they bring joy and purpose to those people they choose to adopt. In Istanbul, cats are the mirrors to the people, allowing them to reflect on their lives in ways nothing else could.

Critics and internet cats agree — this cat documentary will charm its way into your heart and home as you fall in love with the cats in Istanbul.

See the home page: Kedi

And: The cast of cats

Kedi poster

Kedi poster

While there is a standard trailer for this pay to view documentary, I came across the same trailer with an extra few minutes of material from the documentary.



Someone’s daughter made a video of Istanbul’s cats as their homework in 2016.

And shows you don’t need a huge great expensive documentary team to produce a decent video:

After looking at these (and there are quite a few more ‘Cats of Istanbul’ videos to be found along with those noted here), not sure if I should just go live there, or if we should arrange for some Istanbulian cats to be imported to the east end of Glasgow, so I can get my hands on them in the street, and not have the dubious pleasure of little more than ‘catbutt’.

Also Odyssey Turkey: Cats of Istanbul

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When the wind blows – send your cats out to work

This one had a personal touch.

The weather recently delivered a few windy days here (windier than when a couple of recent big storm passed) and I do have one car hidden under cover. I didn’t realise the cover wasn’t fully UV stabilised, so its age, plus some fairly extreme wind speeding through the gap between houses here meant that half of that cover gave up, and recently began to disintegrate and fall apart.

The only good news was that only one end is exposed, so I can get another year two out of it before it dies completely, just by turning it round.

I just use some non-specified weights to hold it down. I tried tying it, but it’s so light it just tore where I added the ties (it’s job is really just to keep dust off, since it is under cover even though outdoors).

This pic shows our friend across the pond have trained cats to do the same job.

Good idea, as the hard/solid weights I use also damage the cover eventually – nice soft furry bodies would avoid this problem.

Working Cats Car Cover

Working Cats Car Cover

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Looking down their noses and judging us since… forever! (You know who)

I was going to use these pics later in the week, but since it’s National Cat Day I suppose I should move a little faster.

‘Judgemental cat’ seems to appear more often in shared images these days, and while I was sitting in George Square recently, I noticed I was in line with one of the lions, and it was looking down on me, did not seem to be particularly impressed.

I wandered over and grabbed a pic of the pair, but the flattened perspective of images loses the effect when these are seen from a similar perspective for real, in normal 3D. Their long noses and downward gaze are just lost in the flattened perspective of a 2D image.

I suspect something similar happens with the ‘new’ Rolls Royce. For me, at least, this car makes a terrible model, and ever since the current body style and nose appeared, I’ve thought it looks terrible in pics. Seen for real, again to me, it’s almost a completely different car/shape as the shape takes on its proper 3D view. I find the effect somewhat unsettling, but it has taught me to be careful.

The long noses and gaze of the lions don’t make it through the 2D conversion in a flat pic.

Pity, this aspect looked a lot more impressive in the flesh… er… stone.

I guess some sort of off-centre view which catches their profile as well is what is needed, so I will have to revisit this view one day.

Until then…

George Square North Lion

George Square North Lion


George Square South Lion

George Square South Lion

Maybe it’s just me, but Judgemental (black) Cat from the Interwebs seems to look alarmingly similar.

Judgemental Cat

Judgemental Cat

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When it’s National Cat day – and nobody tells you!

Well, THAT’S typical.

No credit to any of my reminders or feeds (which, to be fair, are nearly all down as I work on evaluating Firefox58 Nightly and its new style add-ons), but…

DIS ME when I learn today, 29 October, is National Cat Day!

Again, I was also diverted digging up stuff for (not) Glasgow’s Cat Café, as posted a few hours ago.

Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary

I managed International Cat Day back on 08 August, purely by chance of course, but Black Cat Appreciation Day slipped by unnoticed, being so close on 17 August, I wasn’t even thinking about it, and of course, no automatic reminders at the moment.

I must remember to connect to my reminders soon.

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