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Scottish thrift at its best

Just spotted this afternoon.


Who asks for a discount in a CHARITY shop?

(I’m assuming the sign is not referring to some good-hearted haggling which is probably fair game for special, unique, or ambitiously priced rarities).

I’ve found it hard enough to get a deal on anything that doesn’t cost a fortune, and for stuff that costs only a few pounds, or even pennies, it seems to be a pretty pointless exercise.

It probably says more about the people ASKING than it does about anything else.

Probably another group I’d rather not share air with!

Dogs Trust Sign

Dogs Trust Sign


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Doctor Who in Dennistoun

Might be worth a trip to Duke Street (Dennistoun) if you are a ‘New’ Doctor Who fan (I’m not, the pre-publicity for the 2017 series was the last straw for me for various reasons, and this travesty of the classic series is now firmly off my list), and a collector of goodies.

While they’re not exactly giving the stuff away, it is on offer at charity shop prices, so there’s are bargains to be had for anyone serious.

I couldn’t get a decent pic, sorry, but the reflection of the footpath on the glass was pretty strong, even when I processed a lot of it away.

Raid the piggy-bank, and go…

(Click for a bigger pic.)

Doctor Who Charity Shop

Doctor Who Charity Shop

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Living life in the fast lane

Although there are quite a few charity and hospice shops around, and I do look in the windows, there’s seldom anything of real interest to be seen.

As a latent hoarder whose largely managed to avoid the affliction taking hold, I’ve probably got a house already containing anything that’s on offer.

But I did spot one little gem recently, and ran in to snap him up.

Garfield Skateboarder

Garfield Skateboarder

It hadn’t occurred to me at the time I took the pic, but I later realised that the elasticated ‘things’ around his ankles were actually his skateboarding kneepads (the ‘pads’ are actually hidden from sight, around the back of his legs – that was the way he came), and later views show him more properly attired.

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