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Woolly hat weather is still with us

After my earlier post about the end of the short heatwave of recent days, it didn’t get any warmer.

So far, it’s struggling get over even 13°C today, but at least the rain (which pelted down at lunchtime) seems to have given up since then.

Few, if any, seemed to be trusting the weather, and woolly hats were still a fashion item today, as seen in Argyle Street.

Nobody was being summery… apart from, oh dear, I can’t say, as it’s no longer PC to mention chicken wings, or ‘participate’ in yet another thing the PC brigade invented.

I soon won’t even be able to mention ‘woolly hats’, lest I be accused of ‘body shaming’ the wearer and making fun of them having poor circulation in their heads!

Woolly hat weather

Woolly hat weather

Just to prove I really am a ‘Miserable Sod’, I checked tomorrow’s (Sunday’s) weather, and was disappointed to see no rain forecast, even 3°C warmer than today.

I’m disappointed because the centre of Glasgow and many roads will be disrupted for most of the day (as will my afternoon), just to let some people run through it. A rainy day is what they deserve.

I honestly don’t understand why the council sanction this, and doesn’t force this (and all similar events) to be held in large parks, or venues on the outskirts which do not suffer such disruption as a result of all the road closures made.

This neither the first, nor the last, time we will have to endure this nonsense during the year.

I wonder if they really think about those who are adversely affected?

It doesn’t bother me (apart from the inconvenience and time wasted), but last time out I had to held a wandering old lady with a walking frame trying to find where her bus was going to be, since the street with her usual stop was closed off, and all the buses were diverted around the city centre.

My logic is that if there was ONE such person with this problem, there were more.

And that’s NOT GOOD.

Update (an apology)

Apparently I’ve upset some chickens with my reference to ‘chicken wings’ above, and an apology has been demanded.

Sorry about that, and as per the chickens’ suggestion, I will refer to this unholy sight as ‘bingo wings’ in the future.


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Heatwave 2 – didn’t last as long as heatwave 1

You could have been forgiven for thinking the heatwave of the past few days would have lasted longer than one we had a few weeks ago.

But you’d still have been wrong.

It had already departed last night (Friday) as I was near shivering while out cycling last night, dressed as I been during the day, when it was nice and warm.

There was even rain in the air, although it didn’t actually rain until early this morning, making today’s start even colder.

The graphs tell the story.

Only ONE warm peak day this time, or maybe TWO if being generous, compared to FOUR the last time!

April May temps

April May temps

Since the weatherfolk nailed this one, we can expect the next part of the forecast to be as promised, as they say the warms will begin to return on Tuesday.

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T-shirts, shorts, and woolly hats – I’m not going to get that pic

I have to confess that I can’t even wear a nice warm hat in the depths of winter.

Sure, I can throw one on to dull the effect of stepping out into sub-zero temperatures, but after being outside for about ten minutes I find I have to take it off as my head is overheating, and bursting out into a sweat. I have to revert to lifting the hood on my jacket to keep things a bit cooler.

I can’t understand those people who run around in summer, wearing hats as a ‘fashion statement’, or even fingerless gloves. I sometimes need them for work, and unlike ventilated cycling gloves, I have to get them off as soon as possible, or my hands/wrists soon overheat and get soaked in sweat.

I’ve mentioned trying to get a single shot with folk wearing T-shirts and shorts next to others with woolly hats, gloves, scarves, and heavy jackets.

I’ll have to give that up now, as proper warm weather has arrived, and will stay (or at least not revert to ‘chilly’).

By way of example, I was cycling around Glasgow two evenings ago, and had dumped so much clothing I never got warm during three hours of flitting about 20 miles around (including the city centre). In contrast, last night I could barely cover the same course without breaking sweat if I got too enthusiastic and fast.

While this may not be a perfect catch of the desired subject, I did just manage to collect this example of disparate clothing given the weather.

It will have to be ‘close enough’. I doubt there will be anything similar appearing now.

Woolly hats T-shirts Shorts

Woolly hats T-shirts Shorts



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Weatherfolk predict weather change – looks good too

I’ve refrained from commenting on the chilly weather that came back (and stuck) after the little heatwave enjoyed a few weeks ago.

As can be seen from the graph below, it would have been pointless as the temp has stayed about the same since it fell, until yesterday.

Worth noting that even the graph doesn’t convey the whole picture – despite the slight kick up in the recorded temperature, it’s STILL chilly as air is cold, so wind chill hits when the wind blows, even if it’s just a slight breeze.

Also, clouds are thinning, and you can see the nights are NOT warm, yet.

May temperature change

May temperature change

This plot shows the past four days in more detail, with some more data.

May temperature to date

May temperature to date

And the min/max/averages.

Average temperatures to date

Average temperatures to date

It’s still kind of funny as there’s still the brave souls who THINK it’s nice and warm and throw their clothes off (I’ve never seen so many arms that look like plucked chickens wandering around), while folk who have stuck with their colder weather gear are still saying, “Cauld innit?“when they meet in the street 🙂

I really did try to get pics with half-naked folk next to folk in winter woollies in the street, but they never seem to appear together, so no luck.

Probably no chance now, as the warmer weather is likely to stick when it arrives this time.

It’s been a chilly week in Glasgow, with many of us wondering why May got off to a freezing cold start – but that looks set to change very soon, according to the Met Office.

The weather forecast for next week shows temperatures on the rise, hitting highs of 20 degrees by midweek

It’s going to be a sunny but not so warm weekend by the looks of things, with highs of 14C on Sunday. But by Monday, that creeps up to 17C – and by Wednesday we’re looking at clear skies, lots of sunshine and highs of 20C. We’ll take that.

The Met Office prediction for Sunday onwards reads: “A change to warmer and drier conditions for the following few days, plenty of sunshine and mostly dry.”

Weather forecast looks good for Glasgow next week with temperatures set to rise to 20 degrees

All I can add is that it’s been blue skies and sunshine since around 5/6 am this morning.

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Don’t doubt the weatherfolk

If you were enjoying the relative ‘warmth’ following the wake of our little heatwave, and didn’t believe the weatherfolk’s forecast of cold days to come (and even snow in some places), then I’m afraid you were as wrong as the folk who are still wandering around in T-shirts and short today.

I really do find it hard to believe when I see them, then come across folk buried in big jackets, woolly hats, gloves, and scarves.

It’s some contrast, and I only wish they would walk together, so I could get a decent street pic.

Anyway, we have the real world records from my little weather station, and sad to say, it just confirms it’s still cold, and even getting colder.

Here are the past few days and weeks – I had to dig out an extra layer to wear by the end of the week, having tidied it away the week before!

The straight temperatures…

Chilly May

Chilly May

Yes, that was a dive to almost freezing (0°C) last night, and could well have been freezing on the ground, since the sensor is mounted in an elevated position to avoid influences from its surroundings.

And the recent averages…

Cooling May

Cooling May


Widespread frost and plummeting temperatures forecast in Glasgow for bank holiday Monday

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Heatwave memories

I’m always intrigued at the way the weather can make step changes between conditions, as opposed to just changing slowly over time.

The four day heatwave we enjoyed over the Easter weekend just appeared, and disappeared, as temperatures jumped from 14/16°C to 23/24°C then went right back down to the lower values again – and has stayed there.

Yesterday was a bit odd for me as I found I couldn’t tell if it was warmer or colder – I seemed to be running a slight temperature due to an infection that turned a bit nasty, and was ‘hot’ regardless of the surroundings.

But I noted nobody was wandering around what I’ve come to refer to as ‘T-shirt and shorts’, the woolly hats, gloves and winter jacket had reappeared, except in this case, as somebody walked into my shot as I took pics from the bottom of Byres Road. It’s due to be modified (if complainers stop complaining) to make it friendlier for pedestrians and cyclists, but all the media takes a pic at the top end, not the bottom.

That didn’t go too well, and will need a revisit on another Sunday.

You can see the back end of a white van in that pic – and there seemed to be glut of white vans with extended high roofs parked in Byres Road. They’re really tall, and it doesn’t take many of them to block most of the view along a road.

I couldn’t really feel the temperature, but even at that, I could feel it was at sleeveless level.

Byres Road was not that warm

Byres Road was not that warm

When I got home, I thought I’d take a look at the actual numbers since I’d been unable to tell what sort of a day it had been.

First, I had a look at the actual temperature, from just before the heatwave, up to the current day, which showed things hadn’t really changed and were still at the lower figure.

Easter heatwave

Easter heatwave

Next, the daily averages. This almost shows a rise, but in reality that’s as much due to slightly increased night temperatures as much as it is to any daytime increase, and things aren’t really changing much at the moment. But, it is noticeably better than before Easter.

Averages to date

Averages to date

Not worth a graph, the more sluggish internal temperature is almost flat now, between 13-14°C.


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How long will Glasgow’s April heatwave last? Let me get that one, not long!

Our local media asked…

How long will Glasgow’s April heatwave last? Here’s the latest Met Office weather forecast

So, here’s the actual answer, by observation.

While I wasn’t able to get out during the day yesterday, I did have a quick look outside in the evening to try to catch up on some garden tidying.

I think that was a mistake.

It was, sadly, already back to ‘Chilly weather’.

It was not only freezing (again) but this was aggravated by a pretty stiff breeze supported by strong gusts, just to make sure it felt properly chilly.

It wasn’t my imagination either, as this pair of graphs from my records confirmed this morning.

We’re basically back to things as they were last week, with the possible advantage of NOT having the really cold nights as well.


Heatwave End 2

Heatwave End 2


Heatwave End 1

Heatwave End 1

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Could today have been our last chilly day for 2019’s spring?

I hate doing weather posts, they seem like the weather equivalent of ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ where Scotland’s weather is concerned.


The media was off again this evening:

Glasgow to be hotter than Barcelona for Easter bank holiday weekend as temperatures hit 21C

And this time I do have to say that the forecasts I watch and trust have been in agreement with prediction for more than a week.

Today was ALMOST not chilly.

At 6 am it looked grim and grey despite being sunrise.

By 9 am we had sunshine and blue skies.

BUT – poking the ‘test nose’ out of the door confirmed constant gusting winds which ensured things just did not feel warm.

Sadly, that gusting wind persisted throughout the day and into the evening. Things might have already been quite nice but for its chilling effect.

I really wish I could get a decent ‘Compare and Contrast’ pic of the way folk were dressed, but they never seem to come together. Suffice to say that while some seemed to be happy in t-shirts and shorts (not even carrying jackets, just in case), other were still firmly attached to their woolly hats, scarfs, gloves, and heavy jackets.

I’m addicted to carrying pockets full of ‘junk’ I need, so am usually attached to a decent jacket most of the time, and frankly needed it with today’s wind. It just never stopped gusting all day long.

But stepping indoors (to shops or similar) means it has to come off, or overheating kicks in fairly soon.

One irritation from the wind was thinking I’d like to get onto my bike, a thought that keeps arising whenever I’m indoors looking outside.

But then, as soon as I stepped outside, I’d remember the last ride I had in similar weather, which was not fun, especially when a gust came out of nowhere from side streets, or I was in a street where the wind was channelled into a headwind – which seemed to happen regardless of the direction I was travelling. The next few days STILL show gusts up to almost 25 mph, and that’s both significant, and NOT fun, even if the average is less than half of that figure.

I’d like the ‘chilly weather’ to go away now, and make way for the ‘nice tourist’ weather.

Nice Tourist

Nice Tourist

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I look forward to the promise of a few warmer days

I’d been looking at the forecast for next week (which happens to be Easter) and noted the possibility of a few warmer days around the same time – although I also noted that the peak fell to more normal levels within a few days too.

I see that this has been picked up on by the media, which homed in on the same figures with:

Glasgow set for Easter ‘heatwave’ as Met Office predicts temperatures warmer than Barcelona

I don’t see any comparison for Moscow, which might be more useful since Glasgow is at a similar latitude.

I’m still fed up with the current chilly weather – it just seems to go on and on.

I started some grass cutting on Thursday, but had to abort (not weather related).

That had been a nice evening, and I could only get back to finish that job this evening.

I’d hoped it would warm me up, as I’d been freezing all day. Fat chance, I was colder after finishing the job than when I’d started, just gave up, and threw on another layer of warm clothes.

As usual, I had a look at my local temperature record, and it just confirmed we’re not actually getting any warmer.

We do have some higher peaks, but they are cancelled out by colder, cloudless nights. I am, for information, looking at only +4°C outside as I type, with a fall rate of -1.2°C/hour being calculated and displayed.

From The start of March, to date, the temperature has not really risen at all, and for the past few days, has even gone down a little.

Temp March - mid-April

Temp March – mid-April

As you can see, it won’t be hard for ANY increase to happen and be noticed at Easter.

This March/April Max/Min/Ave plot reveals a slight increase, but also show the extremes.

When it gets warmer, it also gets colder, at the moment.

March April MinMaxAve

March April MinMaxAve


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(Young) Scots have no idea how to dress for their own local weather!

I mentioned this same subject only a couple of weeks ago, as I find it fascinating.

I gave up burning money I didn’t have years ago, in other words it would cost so much to heat my house, there’s just no point in trying.

I reckon I’m used to the cold life now, so I usually find it amusing to be out without things like a woolly hat, scarf, winter jacket (obviously over load of jumpers), gloves etc etc.

I actually wonder how people like that survive, as I break out into a sweat if it’s just a little cold (as opposed to freezing) and I try wearing a woolly hat – it usually ends up stuffed into my pocket. I also can’t understand those who wear such hats, usually paired with fingerless gloves in summer – I’d MELT if I tried that.

Yesterday may have looked nice, but unless the Sun was actually shining on you, the actual temperature stayed below 10°C.

I’d been in Largs for a while, clear blue skies and sunshine, and that meant it didn’t feel cold, but I was still amazed at the number of folk wandering around in T-shirts, some even on the beach and dangling their toes in the water. I poked a tentative exploratory finger in… it was FREEZING. That said, plenty of folk were wrapped up, a good idea since the sea breeze can be chilly.

Back in Glasgow (by then it was nudging 8 pm) I was standing in a queue beside a girl with nothing more than tiny white shorts and a vest on (and canvas shoes). She wasn’t the only one around.

I know the temperature then was  a ‘sweltering’ 8°C, and falling, and I was feeling the cold by then.

Pity I don’t dare take obvious pics, but she was standing right beside me. This is the sort of gem a phone would be handy for. Oh well.

Ah! Maybe I did catch just one example.

Compare and contrast: guy on the extreme left, with the group at Nardini’s entrance.

Click for bigger.

Largs Nardini

Largs Nardini

Not a pic I expected to take, ever.

Apart from being priced off the road, the last pics I tool of this place were of a virtual derelict that seemed to be in danger of being lost – so now you know when I was last able to get to Largs.

I can’t see any pics stored of those visits, so I guess that’s so long ago they’re locked away on film.

There are some pics dating back to 2006 and 2008 in Zak’s Gallery if you want to see this place in the past.

Comments are always fun, and while a family dispute led to the ultimate closure, it’s amusing to see someone have a dig at the council for not keeping the place (a private family business, not related in any way to the council or its budget) open 😉

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Anyone else just plain fed up feeling COLD!

After enjoying the few days that masqueraded as the apparent end of winter a few weeks ago, when it really was nice enough to go outside and walk around, it’s just got steadily colder and colder since then.

By the time I got around to anonymising this pic for some fun, we were freezing again. I could barely keep my face straight and not burst out laughing as the owner of that skirt (I thought it was shorts at first) spent all her time trying to pull it down a little lower as it went the opposite way with every step.

That's a skirt?

That’s a skirt?

It feels like we’ll never get to wear ‘warm weather’ clothes again!


I dropped a layer two weeks ago, and took advantage of the apparent start of better weather to get the ‘winter warmer’ off and into the washing machine as I much prefer hanging stuff outside to dry, as opposed to ‘cooking’ in a costly tumble dryer (kept for real emergencies).

Since I didn’t dig out proper replacement I’ve not been warm at home since – thank goodness I’ve had reason to go out and loiter in other people’s warm spaces.

Don’t even let me start moaning about my bed, usually a warm retreat, problems with the mattress mean temporary changes that mean even that happened at the wrong time, and I’m almost reaching for an electric blanket! (But I’m just a bit too lazy to move that much, even if I really should).

Again, as I thought I was maybe imagining this chilly weather, I’ve gone to my little weather station, and this time done a quick plot of the outdoor temperature from the start of November 2018 (just before it began to get chilly) to date 06 April 2019.

Yup… this week HAS been colder than last week, and it was WARMER before that.

Probably the most intriguing line to follow in the graph is the one for +4°C.

Temperature Nov 18 - Apr 19

Temperature Nov 18 – Apr 19

In recent days I’ve been admiring the folk who are still out on their bikes, having been out myself regularly until about two weeks ago, I really stayed in because of the rain, bit since it dried up, every time I poke my nose out the door, it’s that degree or two below what I consider it to be fun to ride in.

I did almost go out today, but the weather forecast said rain was set to arrive mid-afternoon, and I didn’t fancy having a nice day ruined not only by rain, but COLD rain.

The forecast is usually right – and it was spot on today.

There is good news, I hope.

After accurately predicting the past week’s return to rather cold weather – I’m hoping the accuracy is maintained, as the coming week looks like it might be leaving the deepest temperature dips behind.

I can’t wait.

Being cold isn’t funny any more.

Cold Tail

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